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International Moving Company to Asia

For decades SDC International Shipping has been helping Americans, and returning Asian citizens move across the Pacific. When you consider an international moving company to Asia, look for a company with extensive experience shipping to Asia, who works in Asia every day. Look for a company that knows major Asian ports like Manila, Kolkata, and Port Klang and sends shipments there regularly.

Asia is the largest continent in the world and home to around 60% of its population. Opportunities abound for American expats throughout Asia. Including the Middle East, India, the Far East, and the island nations, Asia is home to myriad languages, cultures, landscapes, and climates. It includes economic powerhouses like South Korea and China, with most of the world’s trade passing through Asian waters.

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With so much of the global commerce coming through it, ports in Asia are many and efficient. SDC International Shipping can relocate clients to almost any location in Asia. 

SDC is an international moving company to Asia based in California. Though we send many, many shipments to Asia, we can also move clients from Asia to the United States. If you are moving to the United States from Asia, give us a call and see how we can help you.

International Moving Company to Asia

When you relocate to Asia, you will want to send many of your household goods with you. When you do your international household moving to Asia, you will need to carefully consider what you should leave behind and what is necessary? Of course, the specific location will determine the answer to this question, as some locations have traditional dwellings that can’t accommodate a lot while many modern suburbs are similar to comparable American housing.

Try thinking about the things you love the most in America and what things you will want in your new home. If you are an American being sent abroad by your employer, you will probably want to have a more inclusive list of things to bring with you. Also, think about leisure activities at your destination. Is golf available? Get a new set of clubs and lots of balls. Do you fish? Bring your equipment (but be sure to clean it thoroughly). Don’t forget your bicycles either. In general, you should only be shipping used goods when moving your household to avoid paying import taxes, so if you know your destination, purchase early.

International Household Moving to Asia

One thing you will probably want is American furniture. Every container we send to China is full of quality, wooden American furniture. Notably, American kitchenware is superior to similar versions that are readily available in Asia. For most shipments, weight is usually not an issue, and the cost is determined by volume. It is a great idea to get American plates set, flatware, cast iron pots, and pans. You’ll be happy to have them with you.

Your pets are an important part of your family. If you want to take your pets with you, we recommend that you check your destination country’s regulations early. You will always need to provide a recent medical report. If you can, translate this.

Most modern electronics purchased in American will work well in Asia. Any that has USB chargers will be fine, as will almost anything with external chargers, including computers, monitors, TV screens, and most small appliances.

When your shipment arrives in an Asian port, the local importation forms will need to be provided. Our professional movers prepare a list of the contents of your shipment when we load your shipment at its origin. This list will need to be appended to the forms in your destination country. Though not always necessary, we highly recommend that you translate this list into the language of the company to where we are sending.

Asian Customs and Regulations

Asian customs vary greatly. If you are a returning citizen, you can usually import used household goods without paying customs. If you have a valid immigration or work visa, this will usually also be true.

VAT (value-added tax) is charged in most Asian countries. This is the tax that you will be charged on new items that you purchase and is similar to American sales taxes, only it is regularly included in the price instead of added afterward. If your shipment contains new items, then they might be charged VAT. The VAT in Asian countries is amongst the lowest in the world, usually in the single digits.

However, import taxes are not limited to the VAT on new items. Check the regulations of your destination and make sure that you qualify for duty-free importation.

International Car Shipping to Asia

For some of Asia, shipping a car from the United States is an attractive prospect. Many countries drive on the left with the car’s steering column on the right. Notably amongst them are Japan, Thailand, India, and Malaysia. For these countries, the import of an American automobile is not a practical option. You can still check the automobile import regulations with the consulate of your destination country. For other countries sending your American automobile is an option to consider.

However, if you have a motorcycle, those can usually be sent. In many Asian cities, the motorcycle is the ideal form of transportation. If you ride, send your motorcycle in your shipment. Bikes over 50CC need to be registered to the shipment assignee, and the original title needs to be supplied before picking up the shipment. It is a good idea to translate these.

Moving to Asia Checklist

Are you a returning citizen of your destination country? Some countries have a range of visas, and at times more than one might be appropriate for you. If you and/or your spouse are citizens, make sure that your passports are up to date. If you married a citizen, there will usually be a different process. If you are relocating for business, your employer usually helps you obtain work visas.

You will likely be required to get certain records translated into your new country’s language. These include your marriage certificates, your children’s birth certificates, your divorce certificates and change of name documentation when applicable, and health documents for the whole family.

If you are coming with children, start thinking about their schooling early in the process. Many major cities sport international schools where they teach in English. If you are a returning citizen and your children speak the local language, get copies of school records and translate them.

International Shipping Options

There are many international shipping options to Asia available from SDC International Shipping. For some locations, notably parts of China, it almost always makes the most sense to send a full container load. For other locations, internal logistics dictate that the contents of every container are transferred to moving vans, and there is no inherent advantage to sending full containers.

20’ and 40’ containers can be sent to any port. If your shipment is small, we can send a less than full container load (LCL). Our clients often ask us to send oversized vehicles that are too wide to fit into shipment containers.  Large cars, trucks, and boats are sent using a method called RORO (roll on roll off), where items are placed on the deck of a boat and secured in place.

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