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We start every day with a concerted effort to make the unmatching moving experience.

SDC International Shipping operates as Sacramento overseas movers. Initially, we had commenced our business as a regional sub-contractor for international relocation companies. As time passed, we have developed into a full-fledged international freight forwarder with the Federal Maritime Commission license to run shipping of household and commercial goods. 

Our warehouses are located in the vicinity of Oakland, and we regularly dispatch moving trucks to the Central Valley. So don’t hesitate to call us if you need to move elsewhere from California. 

Start With a Free Quote

No matter the reason you are moving abroad, SDC proffesionals will get your possessions to your new home intact. You can find out about a shipping estimate by filling out a free online quote. For more clarity, contact our logistics specialists to supply them with details about your shipping items.

For the best result, we can send our representative to record your belongings. Only after we gather all the substantial information will we be able to give you a fixed quote. 

Things We Won’t Move

All shipping containers go through inspection at Customs in the USA and the destination country. This is done to make sure that shippers don’t move prohibited items. To be safe, we have made a list of things that we won’t ship: 

  • Aerosols and any containers under pressure
  • Flammable materials and toxic substances
  • Weapons, explosives, and ammunition, including imitation firearms
  • Plant and animals  products
  • Fur, skins, or products made from it
  • Cleaning agents
  • Perfumes 
  • Prescription drugs
  • Drinks
  • Any food

What Items We Can Move

We can ship general household items, such as furniture, clothing, jewelry, photography equipment, pianos, artwork, libraries, appliances, electronics, vehicles, and much more. Although import policies and regulations differ by country, the standard requirement is that you must have used them for at least one year while abroad, and you don’t intend to use them for commercial purposes. If your households meet these requirements, you won’t need to pay duties and taxes

How We Prepare Your Shipping

Moving things overseas, whether by air or sea, always involves a risk of damage. To protect your stuff, our company offers packing services. Our crew performs a custom-built packing solution for each object you are planning to put in your container.

For high-value objects, we employ crates and a host of other techniques. Our carpenters can design an ideal box to ensure the safe transportation of precious belongings

Also, if you need to move your piano or get your artwork shipped overseas, we are here to help you out.   

International Relocation by Air

Airfreight isn’t the most common way of shipping household goods due to its price, but it is the most convenient freight mode. You won’t need to wait weeks before you get your things. Therefore, if you can afford the air freight cost, this is the best bet.

International Relocation by Ocean

However, if the shipping speed isn’t a decisive factor in your move, you can opt for ocean freight. It’s the preferred transportation mode for most of our clients because of its affordability. If you plan your move ahead, then four weeks will just fly by like one day

Overseas Vehicle Shipping 

Your car has been such a great companion, and you don’t want to sell it or leave it behind even if you are moving for a year. We can relate to that very well! 

As Sacramento International Movers, we’ll do our best to get your car to your new home as long as it qualifies for import. You can get in touch with one of our car shipping agents to find a personalized solution. 

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Service Areas in Sacramento

Here are our service areas in Sacramento, CA, and nearby cities: 




Fair Oaks

Granite Bay

Elk Grove


West Sacramento

La Rivera


North Highlands

Rio Linda

Rancho Cordova

Foothill Farms

Citrus Height

Moving Insurance 

Do you need protection for belongings you are shipping? Yes, you clearly need it. We highly recommend international moving insurance if you are sending your stuff via ocean freight. It is such a long journey that we consider unexpected situations when your boxes get wet or damaged. There is no need to get emotional over that because you can take advantage of the different insurance options. You will be able to invest either in basic or full replacement coverage. 

Households Storage 

Suppose you have moved to a new country but haven’t yet found a new home. Then what to do with your arrived belongings? Again, you don’t need to worry about that because we can store your cargo for as long as you need. Talk to our customer service to find out about storage conditions and cost.  

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Benefits of Hiring SDC

There are many benefits of hiring SDC International Shipping for your move. Firstly, it’s about our trained team which knows how to prepare and pack your things for an international move. Secondly, we know important information. So when it comes to paperwork to import goods, we can prepare documents based on the up-to-date information of particular regulations. Finally, having international movers by your side saves you time and effort. The result is always safety and efficiency.  

Trust Makes Big Difference in Our Business

“I think the SDC guys did a phenomenal job. It wasn’t storming on the loading and pickup day, but the wind was still very annoying to drive you nuts. Despite that, they took great care with all of our furniture and crates. The delivery was also superb. They were quick and very polite! I highly recommend SDC International Shipping.”

“Without exaggeration, dealing with SDC International Shipping was a very pleasant experience. In October, we moved from Fair Oaks to the UK. The crew picked up our stuff on time and carefully handled our boxes. The delivery dates they gave us did materialize. I am satisfied with the quality and outcome of their service.”

Sacramento Overseas Movers

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