Moving to Ukraine from the USA

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With the right help, you’ll enjoy every bit of the moving process. 

If you are moving to Ukraine from the USA and need an international mover, call SDC International Shipping. We arrange container shipments of all types and sizes, from household goods to vehicles and cars.

Whether you want to send your items by air freight or ocean freight to Ukraine, we’ll pick up your shipment anywhere in the USA and deliver it to your new home. 

Moving to Ukraine from the USA with SDC

International relocation to a totally different country might seem very complicated. However, with our knowledge and experience, you can be sure that you’ll get the best guidance for your move. 

SDC has been moving internationally for almost ten years; therefore, we can operate any move stress-free. To learn about the process of shipping household belongings or cars, read our guide below. 

How to move to Ukraine: 

  1. Single point of contact 
  2. Receiving a quote 
  3. Packing and goods removal
  4. Transport 
  5. Customs clearance and unpacking

Single Point of Contact

Your logistics manager will plan every step of your international move. They will take care of all the aspects, from arranging packing and removal teams to transportation, customs clearance, etc., and ensure that the crew arrives on time. 

Receiving a Quote 

After we estimate the size of your move, we’ll offer you the best quote for your move either through a Less than Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL). If you opt for the first option, the shipping cost will depend on the actual space you need in a shared container. A solo container (FCL) is possible in a 20ft or 40ft container. 

Packing and Goods Removal

Packing is an additional service you can book with us. SDC packing techniques meet the highest standards in the industry. The packing process also includes labeling the contents of each box. Depending on the size of your shipment, we can schedule removal on the same day or on the specific dates you desire. 


We move house goods to Ukraine via two transportation methods – sea freight and ocean freight. Sea freight is the most cost-effective mode, and, plus, it allows delivery of a large number of personal belongings to Ukraine. However, this isn’t the fastest way; it may take two months. On the other hand, although air freight is the fastest transportation mode, it is also the most expensive. 

Customs Clearance and Unpacking  

Upon arrival at the Ukrainian port, our logistics agents will start working on clearing your container from customs. They will let you know when the clearance is completed. 

Once your shipment reaches a destination in Ukraine, we can also arrange unloading and unpacking. Like packing, it’s an extra service that will be part of the general quote. 

Shipping a Car to Ukraine from the USA

Shipping a car to Ukraine from the USA  is easy if you have all the documents prepared.  

At SDC International Shipping, we offer these shipping options: containerized via sea, RoRo via sea, and air freight. Each method has advantages and drawbacks. You can discuss the details of your relocation with our logistics agents, and they will help you make the right decision.  

 To ship your vehicle, we’ll need the following from you:  

  • A copy of the original registration document
  • Original Commercial Invoice 
  • Info about your auto’s frame/chassis number and motor number

Should you have more questions about vehicle shipping or shipping costs, please don’t hesitate to call us today. Or, please fill out an online quote form

Moving to Ukraine and Marine Insurance

With marine insurance, international transit of household goods and vehicles via the ocean is covered. The policy will cover for the loss or damages occurred during transportation. 

At SDC, we can advise you on marine insurance that isn’t necessarily high. However, it depends on the type of items you are insuring. In any scenario, marine insurance is important to keep the safety of your costly items intact. 

Shipping Costs to Ukraine from the USA

The shipping cost to Ukraine rests on many factors, such as the size of your move, transportation mode, and additional services you will choose. For that reason, we provide custom costs for each move. 

You can fill out our quote form to receive the price of your move, or you can contact us directly to speak to one of our international moving agents. 

Other Services: Moving to Ukraine from the USA

At SDC International Shipping, we also move what we call “sensitive” shipments, such as pianos and artwork objects. It involves packing, storing, and transporting your precious belongings. 

We are international piano movers and an overseas artwork company, which means that we have a separate trained crew who knows how to pack and transport grand pianos and artwork. For example, it’s more than physically lifting the piano; it is about the proper skill and the correct equipment. 

Why Moving to Ukraine from the USA with SDC

We continually strive to improve our trustworthiness. “I had a lot of items to move out of my two-bedroom apartment on the 4th floor. Their professionalism and caring approach to my things made my moving experience so positive. I was feeling low when thinking about relocation, but with SDC, my worries disappeared. I can’t be more thankful.” –Jane S.

Moving to Ukraine from the USA

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