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International Moving Company to Hong Kong

SDC is an International Moving Company to Hong Kong that has been relocating clients from the United States to the southern Chinese territory of Hong Kong since it was still a British Colony. As a leading international business powerhouse, Hong Kongese citizens and companies traverse the world and require frequent moving services.

Hong Kong has seemingly been in constant upheaval since its glory days as the British Colony ended. Its life as a semi-autonomous province of the People’s Republic of China began under “one country, two systems” that will remain in effect at least until 2047.

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01 | International Household Moving to Hong Kong
02 | International Car Shipping to Hong Kong
03 | Hong Kong Customs and Regulations
04 | Moving to Hong Kong Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options

Uncertainty over political freedoms and independence has not stood in the way of business, and what was known as the world’s freest economy that leads to unprecedented prosperity continues today as before. Returning citizens of Hong Kong and Americans traveling there for several years is common.

Please note that though Hong Kong is officially a part of China, many visa and import rules will be different. Importing to Hong Kong is far less regulated, though you will still require a visa for a long-term stay.

International Household Moving to Hong Kong

Most of our client’s apartments in Hong Kong will seem smaller than what they are used to in the United States. As an international household moving to Hong Kong company, SDC International Shipping can help facilitate your move with the logistics that make sense for a move from the United States to Hong Kong. For many, this will mean shipping a portion of your household and storing a portion for a few years until you return.

We recommend a pilot trip to Hong Kong before your move. Think about the size of the house you will move into Hong Kong. Will your current furniture fit into your new apartment? If so, bring it. It will be of superior quality and much more affordable than what you will find in Hong Kong.

Do not ship major electrical appliances, they won’t fit or work properly. The electricity in Hong Kong is identical to that of the United Kingdom, both in current and plug shape. Most of your small electrical appliances will work if they can accommodate 200-240 v current. We recommend that you bring your computers, monitors, phones, TV screens. Check if your American cell phone will work in Hong Kong, only some will.

You can bring your pets with you to Hong Kong. You are required to obtain prior permission for bringing your dog or cat with you. Details of the process for sending your pet to Hong Kong are available here.

Recently bike-sharing companies have been appearing in downtown Hong Kong. But if you love cycling, this won’t suffice. Even though the image of Hong Kong is that of an endless city, there are hundreds of kilometers of biking trails, and we highly recommend that anyone who loves cycling send their bike with them. If you love golf or tennis, send your equipment and a supply of balls.

Send a good supply of toiletries, personal hygiene, etc., in your shipment. It will be difficult for you to find everything you are accustomed to in the United States. Also, try to stock up on prescription drugs (make sure to bring your prescriptions with you).

International Car Shipping to Hong Kong

You cannot send an American automobile to Hong Kong. Unlike China, they still drive on the left hand side of the road, and cars with a driving column on the left cannot be imported.

In most cases, you can ship a motorcycle to Hong Kong. Those wishing to send need to obtain prior consent. We can send a crated motorcycle within your shipping container. Please consult the Hong Kong Transport Department for official rules.

You can also send a boat. Depending upon boat size, it can either be put in a container or sent separately. Please consult the Hong Kong Marine Department to obtain before sending your boat.

Hong Kong Customs and Regulations

Hong Kong does not levy customs tariffs on imports outside of tobacco, alcohol, and fuels.

Hong Kong customs and regulations are few. Things such as pornographic materials, illicit drugs, and the such should not be placed in your shipment. But outside of that, you can send most of what you’d like.

There will be many minor things, such as don’t feed the pigeons, that you will learn about when you get there but don’t sweat it.

Moving to Hong Kong Checklist

Before the SDC International Shipping moving van arrives at your home to pack and load your things for shipment, consider the moving to Hong Kong checklist:

  • An American can stay in Hong Kong for 90 days and conduct business there. If you are not a citizen of Hong Kong, get a job there before applying for a long term visa. Detailed information about immigration to Hong Kong can be found here.
  • If you are an American citizen, it is a good idea to renew your passports before leaving.
  • Doctor’s in Hong Kong will all speak English. This does not include all staff. If you do not speak Cantonese, you will probably want to arrange for private medical insurance. The public healthcare system is competent, but not quick, and available to anyone with a valid visa. Dental care is not public.
  • You will need to bring a copy of immunization records or blood tests showing immunizations for each family member. MMR is required for entry. Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccinations are recommended by the US CDC, but not required by Hong Kong. Flu and tetanus are also a good idea to update.
  • Professional credentials and distinction certificates, diplomas, and degrees should be gathered, don’t forget to make high quality digital copies.
  • Make copies of any birth, marriage, death, or divorce certificates that you might have. Don’t forget to arrange for school records for the entire family. You are not required to translate these into Chinese.
  • You can bring your cat or dog with you from the United States to Hong Kong, and they will not require quarantine. If you do not already have it, they will be microchipped when they arrive.

International Shipping Options

Not everyone sends full container load shipments (FCL) to Hong Kong. While both 20’ and 40’ containers are some of the international shipping options to Hong Kong, you can still send smaller shipments, starting at 100 cubic feet, about the size of one fully loaded pallet.

Door-to-door service is available from origination locations anywhere in the United States to destinations throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories.

Times for sending sea shipments door to door to Hong Kong is about six weeks from most locations in the United States. Speak with your relocations specialist to get an estimate of the exact length for your particular logistics.

If you require more urgent delivery, then we can send your shipment via air cargo. This is a very efficient method of shipping, available only for the door to door delivery. Sea cargo is calculated by volume, and unless you are sending something particularly heavy, weight is not usually a concern when sending something overseas. This is not the case for air cargo, where cargo is charged preliminarily by weight. Air cargo can be costly and is not appropriate for household moving, but it is usually a perfect option if you have a commercial shipment.

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