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International Movers Las Vegas

Published on Feb 09, 2020 by Kfir Cohen

If you are moving to another country from the Las Vegas area, please read this guide from SDC International Shipping about moving abroad from Nevada.

International Movers Las Vegas

If you have decided to move to another country from Las Vegas, SDC International Shipping is here to help with your relocation. Las Vegas has become an international business location, and many people have moved there for several years and are ready to return to their home lands.

Overseas shipments usually leave the USA via the Long Beach Port in Los Angeles and are sent there by trucks from Las Vegas. Our Nevada crew will do the packing and loading, onto a container sent there on a truck. If you are moving to Canada or Mexico, your possessions can only be sent by land, regardless of where you are moving to.

International Household Moving from Las Vegas

If you have lived in the Las Vegas area for a few years, you undoubtedly know that homes are of a comfortable size. Even the typical condominium in Las Vegas is spacious compared to homes around the world. There is a good chance that not everything that you currently have in your house will be crossing the ocean with you.

We hope that you already have visited your destination several times and know exactly where you are moving to. If not, we hope that you have time to make another trip in the near future. Try to meet with real estate agents and find a suitable home for your family. Take note of room sizes. In some countries, you might not even be able to fit your bed into all bedrooms!

One of the things that is nice about living in Las Vegas, is the plenty and affordability of just about anything. Depending upon your destination, you will want to stock up on many things that you will need in your new home. Some of the things that you will want to stock up on include furniture, towels and linens, clothing appropriate for the climate you are moving to, and underwear (don’t under estimate the quality of the socks that you can get in the USA). Cookware is also far better in the USA than available abroad. When you send via sea shipment, you don’t usually have to worry about the weight.

Your best furniture should all come with you overseas. Sofas, bedroom furniture and dining room furniture should all come. If you are sending something easily breakable, like a pantry or buffet and hutch with glass doors or mirrored backings, these all need protecting. At times we will remove or disassemble pieces to minimize potential damage. These pieces should be sent empty, but it is okay to fill drawers with very light things like pillows.

If you choose our packing service, which we highly recommend, the contents of these will be packed into special cartons that will help prevent damage. If you plan on purchasing an insurance policy that includes damage protection, you must have us pack your belongings. If you decide to pack by yourself, you will only be able to purchase an insurance policy that covers total loss.

Depending on your destination, your things are liable to be handled and moved many times after our experts load them onto your container. They will be moved through customs inspections, the container shifted many times in the ship, and possibly manually checked again. For many locations even those sending private containers will have them transferred to trucks and smaller moving vans for final delivery according to the local regulations and delivery conditions. SDC International Shipping will do their best to protect what we send, but insurance is a good idea.

Other things you should consider sending are equipment for your personal leisure activities and hobbies, not always readily available overseas. If you love American sports like baseball or American football, bring the equipment. If you love watching these performed professionally, find out about how it can be done through streaming services while you’re out of the country. Bringing an American streaming device with you if permissible.

International Customs and Regulations

Import customs and duties are quite similar throughout the world. Most countries will allow returning citizens to send used possessions without levying import taxes. For most countries there is a waiting period that you had to have been out of the country to qualify for the exemption. For some countries this can be as short as six months. The longest period is three years. For member countries of the European Union, you need to have lived at least two years abroad, not including any other EU member nation.

The acceptable practice for the tax exemption is usually that the immigrant or the returning citizen should have had these items in possession for at least half a year prior to sending. GCC nations don’t have an exemption, but they also have a very low tax rate, unlike the typical 20% you should expect throughout Europe.

Some things that you need to be careful of are the regulations on the import of items specifically prohibited in your destination country. Do not violate these. There are some countries that do not allow for the import of communications equipment like phones and TV’s. There are a few countries that don’t allow for the import of seditious materials. For instance China doesn’t allow for anti-communist books to be imported, and just about the only thing prohibited to be imported to Taiwan is literature that supports communism.

International Car Shipping from Las Vegas

If you want to send a car from Las Vegas, it usually makes the most sense for us to include it in your container. When necessary, we will send a 40’ container instead of a 20” so that there will be enough room for both your vehicle and your household goods. Most SUV’s and sedans will fit into a shipping container. We will send a special car lift that will put the car in the container after our movers have prepared it.

At times we will use car carriers to pick up your vehicle, but this is expensive and not our preferred method.

Moving from Las Vegas Checklist

Ready to leave Paradise (or Henderson) for your family’s new paradise? You might have a lot to do, so get started early.

It is likely that you will need to visit the closes consulate of the country you are moving to. For most of you, this will mean a trip to San Francisco or Los Angeles. If you are a citizen, you will need to report on any changes in your family status including births, marriages, and divorces. If necessary, you will have to arrange for the legal status of your spouse or children. Immigrants will have to get their visas. There are countries where much of the work is done for you by your employer if you are relocating at their invitation.

If your beloved pet is moving from Nevada overseas with, you will need to look into the specific regulations of the country you are moving to. Typically you will need to have your pet examined a short period before your move. Every country demands that your pet be vaccinated against rabies and have a chip implanted. The USDA APHIS site has more information, choose your destination country, most will have unique forms.

Learn the language of your destination country. Many Americans think everyone will speak English, they won’t. Even foreign citizens who live in Las Vegas should practice their language before moving back. The English they picked up here will be a great asset when they return, but  they’ll want to speak the local language without an accent.

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