Moving to The Bahamas from the USA

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Moving to The Bahamas from the USA

When moving to The Bahamas from the USA, choosing the best overseas moving company is essential. SDC International Shipping is one of the international movers in California that delivers the best and most affordable shipping solutions. Thanks to our extensive experience with worldwide relocations, we can offer you and your family a straightforward move to any destination in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. 

We ship household goods, personal effects, and motor vehicles to New Providence, Paradise Island, Freeport, and Family Islands. Read our guide below about the services we provide. 

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Packing Services for you

Our packing services take the worry out of preparing for your move! SDC international household movers offer a professional packing team skilled for your personal belongings and are happy to pack your four-bedroom house or just a studio apartment. If you want to pack your things yourself, we can provide you with packing supplies. 

You can also protect your consignment by purchasing marine insurance

Motor Vehicle Moving to The Bahamas 

Shipping a car overseas can be very convenient. So if you wish to send your auto to New Providence, we can arrange a suitable shipping method. However, you may prefer to buy a used car upon arrival on an island because the government charges up to 25% of duties and 65% of the value of your vehicle. 

To import your vehicle into The Bahamas, you must adhere to the following requirements: 

  • Your auto should be insured.
  • A right-hand drive vehicle should be adjusted to a left-hand drive.  
  • Your vehicle must be inspected after clearing customs. 
  • Provide a copy of the title and invoice for the recently purchased vehicle. 
  • Pay duties based on the value of the auto. 
  • Have a valid driver’s license. 

We’ll ship your car via RORO vessel or in a container. Make sure to get in touch with our logistics agent to get a free instant auto transport quote. SDC International Shipping will tailor a service to fit your needs. 

Piano and Artwork Movers

Our international movers are also capable of moving pianos and artwork overseas. They are highly trained in any piano relocation. And, regardless of your artwork, we are ready and have the tools to provide the expert move. We’ll ensure to pack, crate, and transport your precious possessions properly. Discover more about our specialty services: 

A Storage Solution

There are many reasons why you may need storage for your household goods. At SDC, we have experience and knowledge about various storage options. You can expect the following storage service from us: 

  • Pricing you can afford
  • Long-term storage
  • Climate-controlled facilities
  • Inventory management
  • A monthly-based payment

Shipping to The Bahamas By Sea and Air

The typical shipping method for household goods is ocean freight. Although it takes a few weeks, it is the cheapest. When shipping by sea, personal belongings are transported to their destination in a 20ft or a 40ft container. 

Sending your stuff by air is very short in terms of timeframe (it may take 3-5 days without customs clearance), but it is also the most expensive shipping mode. On the other hand, the flight from Miami to Nassau is only 40 minutes!

If you are unsure which transportation method or container you need, talk to our shipping coordinator for professional advice.

How Long Does It Take to Ship to The Bahamas? 

The shipment transit time by sea varies depending on the origin and destination. For example, sending a container to The Bahamas from Long Beach will take anywhere from 20-30 days. If you are shipping from the east coast of the USA, the whole process may take 20-25 days, while shipping from the west coast takes longer. 

Our logistics agents will provide you with the estimated arrival time as soon as the ship leaves. 

Bahamas Popular Destinations

Most expats move to Nassau, New Providence, the capital of The Bahamas. Paradise Island is a top choice for families with kids, and it connects to New Providence by two bridges. We also ship to the following “out” communities: 

  • Rose Island
  • Abaco Islands
  • Eleuthera Island
  • Long Island
  • San Salvador
  • Cat Island
  • Exuma Island
  • And other islands!

What to Know Before Moving

  • The Bahamas consists of 700 islands.
  • The country is located north of Cuba and southwest of Florida. 
  • The main language is English.
  • The official currency is a Bahamian Dollar (BSD). 
  • You will enjoy sunshine all around the year. 
  • The cost of living there is twice as expensive than in the USA.
  • You can drive in the Bahamas with your local driving license as a US citizen. 
  • The Bahamas don’t have a personal income tax, company income tax, and capital gain tax. 
  • The country has an excellent healthcare system. 
  • Locals love music and cricket. 

Start Your Move with SDC

If you are ready to start your international relocation, contact SDC International Shipping. We’ll make your move to The Bahamas seamless by providing premium shipping services for all your needs. Fill out our online quote today!

Moving to The Bahamas from the USA

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