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providing stress-free world class shipping with competitive pricing and rapid response times. We are more than just your typical international moving company. Our team has extensive training, in-depth background checks, years of experience, professionalism and a multitude of other top-notch qualities. We offer everything, from Moving shipping household goods by air to sea freight and oversize shipping. Each moving consultant will assist with the proper paperwork to get you where you need to be. If you are seeking an affordable moving shipping company with a proven track record of success, look no further. Contact SDC International Shipping for a free estimate today.

When working with SDC International movers, you can quickly ship with air freight. If you are looking for international moving specialists, you’ve come to the right place. This method is great for those who need their belongings transported quickly. Although a bit more costly, Moving internationally shipping your household goods by air is an extremely safe method and you can take advantage of our 24/7 shipment tracking, so you can always keep an eye on your goods.

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If air freight doesn’t work for you, take advantage of our sea freight shipping. When moving household goods by sea, you will save a bundle of money and can ship those difficult, bulkier items. Our international moving company has custom crates and plenty of room for your valuables. We have storage units which you can use that are constantly monitored.

More often that not, travelers who are seeking a permanent move need to haul over antiques, furniture, fridges and any other household item imaginable. When these items cease to fit in regular boxes, our oversize freight shipping is just the ticket. Explore this method of transportation as SDC International Shipping has years of experience shipping any item you can imagine.

Speaking of oversize items, if you are looking to splash around in your boat or roam the streets in your Lamborghini, our vehicle shipping is the perfect solution. We can ship every type of vehicle and handle each automotive with the utmost care and attention. You won’t find a scratch on your car with our trained professionals. With our Ro-Ro Shipping methods, we understand how to safely get your car on our cargo ship and bring it across the seas without any damage. Call us today to find out more about our shipping options – We are your #1 international relocation specialist!

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Gregg S.

These guys are the most professional, friendly and efficient lovers I've ever used.  I like the team so much I requested them a second time within a few weeks when I needed to move into my permanent residence. Highly recommend.  First class

Alhambra, CA

It's refreshing to meet professional and genuine people. Igor and Emir worked efficiently and were very careful handling my furniture. I will definitely be using them and highly recommend their services.

Dylan H.

They basically saved me yesterday!  I hadn't done any packing of my room or stuff, and in two hours they had everything I owed packed up and in the truck!  Thank God for them!  Igor was super-human in how fast he was able to pack and move everything, as was Emir!  I highly recommend them for your next move.  I know I will use them again next time I move!
Thanks again for all your help!!!!

Olumakin O.

Igor and Amir are absolutely fantastic. There are now my goto movers here in LA and I recommend them to all my family and friends. Very professional and personable. Dependable in every way. If you need something moved I recommend giving them a call.  10 Stars if possible

Heidi A.

Great moving company. Great price and they were very professional. Would def use again !Thank You Igor and Emir. You two made my stressful moving experience a breeze!

SDC International, Inc., Freight Forwarding, Van Nuys, CA

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Why You Should Move to Spain

There are so many reasons why Spain should be your country of choice. Here are just a few of them: 1. The People What stands out most of all is the Spanish hospitality. Spaniards are warm, like the weather, and their congenial and pleasant attitude is visible not only at home but extended also to visitors. They love to eat, so if you’re moving to Spain, you’ll fit in perfectly if you love food. Spain has a rich food culture that includes tortilla, pesto and paella which are on the menu in many Spanish homes and present in most Spanish restaurants. 2. The Language Where else to learn Spanish than in Spain? Spanish is part of the Indo-European family of languages and one of the world’s most phonetic languages. If you know how a word is spelled, then you probably know how to pronounce it. If you speak English then you’ve already got a step up if you’re learning Spanish, as both languages share a lot of vocabulary. Adelante! Go for it! 3. Healthcare If you’re looking for comprehensive health care, your decision about moving with a moving company to Spain is made easy with well-equipped modern hospitals in all major Spanish cities, a large organ donation bank and professional medical staff. Called Sistema Nacional de Salud, the Spanish healthcare system is free and open to all, and rates high on the WHO list. 4. Location and Weather With a mild Mediterranean climate all year round, this is one of the main reasons why you might consider moving to Spain. You can bask in sun, sun and more sun at the beach and enjoy outdoor dining, swimming and cycling almost every month of the year. In addition to the Mediterranean coastline, Spain has diverse landscapes, forests, mountainous regions and volcanic islands. 5. Fiesta The Spanish love to party and many holidays, Saint’s days and Feast days are celebrated with gusto, color and fervor. 6. Siesta You might not be used to napping in the afternoon, but if you’re moving to Spain, it’s quite acceptable to rest during the hotter hours from 2-4pm, and many, but not all shops are closed at these hours. Spain is the place to be. It won’t take you long to join the party. The easy-going lifestyle in Spain will soon become addictive, so don’t be afraid when you move to Spain, just slip into fiesta after your afternoon siesta. Why You Should Move to Spain5 (100%) 1 vote[s]

Top Shopping Destinations in Poland

Moving to Poland You’re moving to Poland and whether it’s for business reasons or mere pleasure, the first thing you’ll notice is that even though the taste of the fall of the communist regime is still strong in the minds of many Polish people, entry into the European Union and influences from the West, have brought about a wave of modernism and freshness to the country. This can be seen in the dramatic growth and improvement in shopping destinations all over Poland which often surprise those who are moving to Poland. The center of Poland and particularly the capital city of Warsaw have blossomed over the last couple of years to become a popular and common destination for shoppers. This city is swarming with shopping malls, notably the Zlote Tarasy which contains possibly every chain shop imaginable. Other popular malls in Warsaw include Arkadia galleria Mokotow and Wola Park. Whatever brand you’re looking for you’re likely to find it here. If you head further out from the capital city to Cracow, which is the second largest city in Poland, you should start at The Market Square which is a popular destination, full of boutiques, souvenir shops, clothing stores, bookshops, restaurants with local cuisine and more. The shopping center in the middle of Cracow is called Galeria Krakowska, filled with cafes and restaurants, clothing shops and a whole selection of other shops. There is also a shopping mall in Cracow – the Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) which is a frequent tourist attraction and is filled with jewelry stalls, handicrafts, lace, embroidered cloths and souvenirs. If you like buying antiques then Gdansk is your next stop. Antique lovers will be thrilled to browse the local flea markets and antique fairs. The annual Dominican Fair is a must-see. While you’re in Gdansk, you’ll enjoy visiting the Amber Market on Amber Fifth Avenue. The market stalls here are filled with jewelry shops, art galleries and workshops where you can go ‘hands-on’ and experience yourself to see exactly how the amber jewelry is made. If you’re looking into designer clothing, there’s a large Designer Outlet Centre in Gdansk with all well-known brands. If that hasn’t satisfied your shopping appetite, and you’re contemplating moving further away from the center, then it’s worth the seven-hour train journey from Warsaw to Zakopane, where you’ll find traditional Polish cheese. Try out the Oscypek salty sheep-milk. It’s a strong flavored, smoked cheese and gets its name from the region. Oscypek cheese goes well with a large glass of Polish beer! In Zakopane you’ll also come across sheep skin rugs and they have a large selection of leather goods. If you’re lucky you might even be able to pick up a carved wooden chess set and other wooden boxes and figurines in this quaint, picturesque town. The main square in Wroclaw attracts the younger generation as there are many pubs and bars in this area. The older crowd can also enjoy an array of restaurants which provide local Polish delicacies as well as international dishes. Fast food is also available here. When you’re tired and hungry after visiting the shopping centers in Wroclaw, such as Pasaz Grunwaldzki or Galeria Dominikanska, you won’t have any trouble finding a suitable place to eat. After moving to Poland, your shopping extravaganza won’t be complete until you’ve shopped at Stary Browar in Poznan. This popular shopping destination is located in Poznan and dates back to the middle of the 19th century. It is filled with numerous shops, restaurants and cafes and there is a special arts center – The Stary Brower Gallery, which hosts local and international exhibits by artists and photographers. Rumor has it that all shops in Poland will soon be closed on Sundays. The law hasn’t come into effect yet, so you’ve still got time to shop to your heart’s content every day of the week. The transition of moving to Poland will be much easier when you know that all your shopping desires can be fulfilled. Top Shopping Destinations in Poland5 (100%) 1 vote[s]

Fun Facts About Germany

Germany is known for being very welcoming towards immigrants and different cultures. It is a mix of different people from different places, but it is still Germany. In that spirit, we ask you, what do you really know about this magnificent country? Did you have any idea Berlin had more bridges than Venice? If you are into learning some super fun facts about Germany, read on! What Do You Know About Berlin? So as said, Berlin has 960 bridges and about 59.8 square kilometers of water, in the shape of lakes and navigable waterways. It houses Europe’s biggest inland water network. Now let us continue to other fun facts about Germany, like the fact that it is illegal to run out of fuel in the Autobahn. Yes, you read right, motorists are only allowed to stop for emergencies and running out of gas is not good. The punishment in these cases can come as a fine or as a license suspension. Another weird fact is that the legal system in Germany has a say on what you can name your babies. Continuing with that train of thought, prison escape is not punishable by law. The German law maintains that prisoners kind of have the right to attempt to escape from prison, on the basis of the human instinct to be free. Prisoners who do attempt such actions though, are punished and held liable in cases they cause property damage or harm other individuals during their escape. Historical Fun Facts About Germany If you find yourself planning on moving with a moving company to Germany, it is kind of important to know at least a little bit of historical facts about the country. It can always be a conversation starter at your new workplace or in other social situations. Did you know that Germany was the first country ever to adopt the daylight-saving time system? This occurred in the midst of WWI in order to conserve energy. Another thing that came as a direct result of a war, in this case World War 2, is the origin of Fanta. Because of the trade embargo that prevented the importation of Coca-Cola into Germany, the head of the German branch of the company at that time decided to use some leftover products in order to create a new domestic product. Today Fanta is the second most popular drink outside of the US, as people around the world consume it 130 million times every day. Important to Know Facts Before Moving to Germany It is important to know that the education system in Germany is open and free, even for internationals. Back in 2014, politicians brought a big change and cancelled college tuition fees. They explained that they thought it seemed to them as a social unjust, to have to pay for higher education. Regarding language, German still remains the language with the most native speakers in Europe. Aside from having the largest population in the European Union, a long time ago the German language was the common language around central, eastern and northern Europe. The German education system is one of the top systems in the world, as students score higher than the average OECD’s PISA scale. In Germany, 86 percent of adults between the ages of 25 and 64 have completed at least upper secondary education, which means that most of Germany’s citizens have finished high school. It is well above the entire EU average of 74.2 percent. When it comes to employment, according to reports from 2016, more than 50 percent of people in the ages between 15 and 64 had a paid job, as unemployment went down to a record of 4.2 percent. Men are the primary full-time workers, while women tend to work part-time. Despite everything mentioned above, Germany adopted the concept of minimum wage only in 2015, for the first time. Moving to Germany If you feel like Germany could be the right place for you to spend the rest of your life in, or at least the next few months or years until your next adventure, make sure to check for all the permits and requirements of becoming a legal citizen of this amazing and beautiful country. Rate us

Work in The UK With British Work Visa

The United Kingdom is generally very welcoming towards immigrants and expats. In any case, if you are currently planning on moving to the UK, it is important to make some preparations. You will need to check the possibilities you have of getting a work permit or a work visa that will allow you to work in the UK legally. Working in the UK and living there can bring a refreshing change to your life, so it is time to get excited and get ready with everything you need to know.   Visas and Work Permits for the UK In the UK, a visa ensures your entrance to the country. In order to get a visa, you will need to apply for it at the British embassy in your country of living. If granted, the clearance certificate will be added to your passport. The visa is something separate from the work permit, and in addition, if you are not a citizen of one of the EEA (European Economic Area) countries, you may be in need of a travel visa in order to visit the UK. Citizens of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, are able to work in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland without needing to get a work permit. Citizens of Romania and Bulgaria might need to apply for a work permit before they are able to begin working in the UK. If you are moving to England from the USA, check your work rights and obligations before you make any big decision.   What You Should Do for Getting A Work Permit For people outside the European Economic Area there are certain requirements for getting a work permit and visa. There is a Point Based System that manages the migration process for everyone who wants to enter England and work or study there. One of the things you must have in case you wish to work in England, is a job offer from a licensed business and a valid certification of sponsorship. Your potential employer needs to apply for your work permit, and they need a sponsor license for allowing them to bring workers from countries outside of the EEA. You will need to apply no less than four weeks before the permit is needed. Regarding documentation you should prepare, you will need your passport, birth certificate, copies of previous work permits, entry visa, proof of qualifications and references.   Moving to England from the USA and Other Countries As a citizen of the USA, you will need to obtain the relevant visa for a stay of six months or longer. There are a few kinds of visas available for people who are planning on moving to England from the USA, and it requires your full attention and consideration. Take your situation into account, in order to determine the type of visa you should apply for. You should be clear about the reason you want to move, if it’s for family, work, study or other kinds of business, you will need to apply for the visa that would make what you do in England legal. If you have relatives who are living in the UK with a British Citizenship, settlement or asylum status, then you might be able to apply for a settled person or family visa. It is possible if you are moving to the UK for six months or beyond that time period. The most you can stay with this visa is up to 33 months, and at that point you will be required to extend your visa. The requirements for a family visa are: you should be over 18 years old, you should be able to prove that your relationship with the person you will be joining is legally recognized, and that you will remain with this person during your stay in the UK, as they must have the required space for you to live in. You might also be required to show your English language capabilities. After reading all of this information and realizing what’s required from you in case you plan on moving to the UK, It is time to start the process and hope everything goes well. Work in The UK With British Work Visa5 (100%) 1 vote[s]

Fun Facts About Poland

When you decide to relocate to a new country, it is far from being an easy task. It could come as a result of a work opportunity or for love and family requirements, and either way you should do this when you are fully prepared. It is recommended to do some research and find the time to learn a little about the country you are relocating to. If Poland is your destination in this case, this article is exactly for you!   Basic Things to Know About Poland Before moving to Poland, there are some basic details to know before your big move. For example, did you know that Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe? Yes, it is not a small country, and it is actually pretty large, bigger than the UK and Italy. The name of the country originates from the Polanie tribe name, which means “people who live in open field.” Poland’s history is something that might remind you TV shows like Game of Thrones. The country’s medieval history is very complicated, and even in later times Poland faced attempts to be invaded and had to fight for its freedom for over 40 times. It even came to a time when Poland wasn’t showing on world maps, between 1772 to 1795. During the Second World War, Warsaw was almost entirely destroyed. The old town in Warsaw these days is not the original one from before the war, as it was heavily bombed. The Poles rebuilt the old town after the war, they used Bernardo Bellotto’s highly detailed paintings, and this is actually the cause it resembles the way it looked in the 14th century.   Additional Facts You Should Know Before Moving to Poland Nature in Poland is very diverse. The country has almost 800 km of seashore, and a few mountain chains. A lot of divers like to come to Poland specifically for diving expeditions and exploring old shipwrecks. Poland also has the one and only central European desert, and its name is Pustynia Bledowska. Poland had the world’s tallest structure, until it collapsed in 1991. It was the second tallest structure that was ever built, and it reached 646.38 meters. Poland also has the world’s biggest castle, named Malbork. In total, Poland has 16 world heritage sites. Poland also has its own version of Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated on June 21, and it is called ‘Feast of St. John the Baptist Day’. On this day, as part of the traditional celebrations, men jump over bonfires and women hope for wreaths. Another important thing to remember is that Poland is one of the most religious countries in Europe, and religion is not separated from the state.   Moving to Poland Once you have officially decided to move to Poland, you will have to make some very important preparations aside from learning about the country. Make sure to choose the right moving company to Poland and get all the permits needed in order for you to live and work legally in Poland, and have an exciting new adventure. Fun Facts About Poland5 (100%) 1 vote[s]

Why Should You Move to Germany?

Moving to a new country is not a simple task at all. When deciding to take this big step, whether it’s for work, or maybe even love and family, there are many preparations to be made ahead of time. One of the most basic and important things to do, is to get familiar with the country you are relocating to. If you are moving to Germany, you will need to take care of some bureaucratic issues before you can actually move. Among the requirements you will have to meet, you will be asked to come up with your visa, work permit and \ or residence permit. If you have a German citizenship you can of course scratch all of the above, as you already have the legal right to relocate, live and work in Germany. Once you got all of that covered, one way or the other, you are good and ready to explore the German country. Basic Things to Know When You Plan Your Move You have probably heard people say that Germany is the European land of opportunity, and in addition has amazingly beautiful cities to explore and sights to observe and adore. Once the idea of moving becomes a reality, you should have some more basic knowledge of the place before you relocate there. Let’s start from the language in Germany, which is German of course. Germans speak other languages like English, but knowing some basic words, phrases and sentences is always preferred. If you are planning on staying as a resident in one of the cities of Germany for a long while, you might want to eventually learn more of the language in a local school for expats. Regarding the currency in Germany, the Euro is the official coin there. Make sure to exchange some money before moving to Germany from USA or other countries, and check the options you have with the different banks that you can move your account to. The second option is obviously using a credit or debit card, if you have a local or international one or even a few. The Benefits of Moving to Germany Like in any other place, life is very busy in Germany. However, there is something in the air in the great cities and towns of Germany, that induces a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Germans really do appreciate quiet times and their silence, except for the clubs, where they will rave all night long. No matter where you are from, you will probably feel amazed from the moment you start using and taking advantage of Germany’s great public transport system. The busses and trains are absolutory always on time, and they are well maintained and cleaned constantly. It is a great experience and it is something you can blindly count on, so don’t use public transport as an excuse for being late in Germany, because it will not be accepted. Aside from public transport, the roads across Germany are built for all kinds of transport and vehicles. The roads are also bicycle friendly, as it is the cheapest way of transporting around the German cities. It is very encouraged to use a bicycle in Germany, and almost all of the main roads have bicycle lanes for your convenience. Education and Work in Germany The educational system in Germany is well-known for its high quality. As a great bonus, you most likely won’t have to pay any kind of tuition if you decide to attend university in Germany. At most, it will maybe cost a few hundred Euros for every semester, only in certain places. It is an amazing thing, especially when you compare it to other educational systems around the world. In the USA, for example, you will most likely end up in debt that you will have to pay, after graduating from college or university. When talking about working in Germany, you will immediately notice that employees are deeply valued. If you are moving to Germany from another country, you will probably see it and feel it in a short time. Employees are very organized and protected, so if there is any issue you feel you have to complain about, there will be someone that will hear you out. Food and Beer in Germany Germany might be known as the land of sausage to the outside world, but there is a wide variety of delicious foods there. Germans love to eat meat, as well as deserts, so you can expect to find some familiar foods from back home, but it might not be that easy. In any case, there are a lot of new dishes for your taste buds to enjoy chewing upon, with ingredients you might have never tasted before. It goes without saying, but let’s mention it anyway, the beer in Germany. This is the crown jewel of Germany, everyone knows this. There is a huge selection of beers that are brewed perfectly, with the kind of attention only Germans can give. When moving to Germany, a new and exciting world of beers will open up before you. It is important you note that all stores are closed down on Sundays. It starts on Saturday evening and lasts until Monday morning. For some people, it might sound familiar, but it is not acceptable in all countries. It is a time to rest and restore your strength for the upcoming week, so when moving to Germany, remember not to wait until Sunday with your grocery shopping. Why Should You Move to Germany?5 (100%) 1 vote[s]

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