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International Moving to EL Salvador

When you move to El Salvador from the United States, you will want an experienced company to move your household there. SDC International Shipping has been relocating families to El Salvador for decades.

International Moving to El Salvador

Are you moving to El Salvador? Every year SDC International Shipping helps families relocate from all over the states to El Salvador.

If you are more comfortable speaking Spanish, please call the number at the top of the page and ask to speak with a Spanish speaking representative. As such a large portion of our business is in helping families return to their native countries, we try to maintain Spanish speaking staff in our sales, logistics and moving teams.

Almost all of our El Salvador bound shipments are from El Salvadoran citizens who are returning to their home after having spent several years in the United States. If you are not a citizen of El Salvador, you will need to arrange for your legal status there before you will be permitted to send a shipment to the country.

International Household Moving to El Salvador

We assume that you are well familiar with El Salvador, its cities and dwellings, and have visited there many times if you haven’t lived there in the past. We hope that your time in the USA was good for you, and that you are returning to El Salvador in a comfortable situation. Our past clients to El Salvador have usually sent full container loads. It makes sense, as the cost of less than full container loads to the country can be quite expensive because of inspection fees at the port.

The furniture that you bought in the USA will probably be better than anything you will be able to buy when you return to El Salvador. We recommend that you take with you as much you need for your new home. Keep in mind that anything that you send to El Salvador should have been in your possession for six months before you move there. If you will be purchasing anything new to equip your house in El Salvador, make sure that you do so early so as not to get into any trouble with the customs authorities. Just to be on the safe side, retain receipts for anything fairly new. Things that look older are not typically questioned at all.

As El Salvador uses the same plugs and current as they do in the USA, you can send your American electrical appliances, both big and small. Compare prices in El Salvador and you will find that sending your American appliances is a really good deal, especially if you are sending your own container and will have room in it. Kitchen appliances, cleaning equipment, even specialty appliances like steam cleaners will work properly and can be sent.

Some other things that you should either send in your container or take with you are small electronics. Get yourself the latest routers, etc. that will come in really. There are also some things that you probably didn’t think about but will be hard to find in El Salvador like alarms, surveillance systems and rubber floor cord protectors. Gaming consoles, computers, TVs, monitors and streaming devices and audio equipment should all be sent to your new home.

International Moving to EL Salvador

International Car Shipping to El Salvador

You can send your car to El Salvador. The country does not charge special import duties on automobiles, but they are subject to the same taxes as cars in El Salvador. If you are want to send your car, you will have to provide an updated copy of your driver’s license, the car’s title, the original purchase receipt and the latest emissions inspection report. The car must be registered the person importing it, who must be physically present when the car passes through customs in Acajutla.

You will need to send us all of your original documents early so that our legal team can clear them for export. These will be returned to you before you leave the country. Keep them with you as you will need to present them again at the port in El Salvador.

You are also permitted to send motorcycles to El Salvador, following the same guidelines. Motorcycles are best crated before sending.

El Salvador Customs and Regulations

You should have lived outside of El Salvador for 3 years at least to qualify for the duty free import of your possessions. These possessions should have belonged to you for at least half a year.

Your shipment needs to arrive in El Salvador within 3 months of your arrival. As the shipping time to El Salvador is not great, we can usually coordinate this with you easily. You are supposed to be present for customs clearance. In El Salvador this is a process that might take several days.

Your inventory will be checked. Our movers will prepare a shipping list when they load your belongings. This does not officially need to be translated to Spanish, but it is not a bad idea.

International Moving to El Salvador Checklist

  • You will need to visit the closest consulate of El Salvador to request a certificate of residence abroad. While you are there, make sure that all of your family members have valid passports. If you had children born while you were abroad, got married, divorced, or widowed, all of these should be reported there at the same time. If you married an American who is moving to El Salvador with you, they are typically granted permanent residence status, but it must be requested.
  • If you have American citizenship, make sure to update your American passports before leaving the country.
  • If you have school aged children, you will want to travel to El Salvador early to make sure that you can get them registered in schools. Private and religious schools in the country are considered very good, but have limited spaces.
  • Will you be closing your American bank account, or continuing to use when you live in El Salvador? Speak with both your bank in the USA and in El Salvador, and make sure that you will be able to make bank transfers and access your account.
  • Consult a Salvadoran tax advisor who understands US tax law. There are cases where it will be very beneficial to you to have dual citizenship, and others where it will be a burden. There might be implications for both sending and receiving money from the USA to El Salvador, and you need to understand these.

International Shipping Options

All sea shipments to El Salvador enter via the port of Acajutla. We recommend sending full container loads. Less than full container loads can be sent to El Salvador. However, we have had past difficulties with these, and are unable to give our clients an accurate estimate of the costs because of unknown factors at the port of entry. Full container loads to El Salvador are relatively affordable and should be the preference.

20’ containers are sufficient for most households. When our expert movers load your container, they can usually fit the full contents of a 3 bedroom house including clothes, furniture and personal effects.

If you are sending an automobile or motorcycle with your shipment, you will probably prefer a 40’ container.

Air cargo is a good option for those sending smaller amounts or who need a portion of their things very quickly. Door to door deliveries via San Salvador International Airport take about a week.

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