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International Movers to Saudi Arabia

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International Movers to Saudi Arabia 

Many American expats move to Saudi Arabia for work because it boasts the largest economy in the Middle East. Besides, in the KSA, you can forget about income tax. On many fronts, it offers successful career and job opportunities for foreign workers who are willing to contribute to the kingdom’s economic growth.

SDC International Movers to Saudi Arabia has helped many Americans and returning citizens move their personal belongings to Jeddah, Ad Dammam, and Riyadh, the country’s hubs. We can ship your household items and car to any destination. Should you need additional services like packing, door-to-door delivery, and others, we are ready to offer you a full-range service.

Move Your House 

We’ll come to estimate the volume of your goods and offer you either a full container load or a shared container. The price of your shipment will be determined based on many factors. You can fill out our online quote to know the approximate shipping cost, but our logistic specialists will create a more custom quote based on a more detailed survey of your goods. 

Move Your Small Home in LCL

What is LCL? This shortening stands for less than Container Load. It’s also known as consolidated shipment. In other words, your cargo will be loaded with other multiple shipments in one container, which is an affordable solution as you pay only for the space your items occupy. 

At SDC International Shipping, we work with the best partners to ensure fast delivery and safety. 

Move Your Large House in FCL

Unlike LCL, a Full Container Load (FCL) is designed to transport large houses with several bedrooms. The advantage of FCL is that you don’t share the space with other customers’ boxes. Plus, you can also ship your vehicle or car in a solo container along with your personal effects and belongings. It’s also an economical and reliable transport mode.

 Move Your Car 

SDC International Movers to Saudi Arabia move thousands of cars each year. So when you choose us, it means you receive comprehensive service. We’ll send a shipping crew to your home to pick up your car and transport it to our warehouse to prepare it for export in the USA and import in Saudi Arabia. Please note that you should own your vehicle for at least six months and no more than five years so it can qualify for import in the KSA. 

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5-7 Weeks To Ship By Ocean to Saudi Arabia 

Ocean freight is the most affordable and popular way to move household items and cars and the longest one. Depending on the port of origin, it may take 5 to 8 weeks. Here are some examples in the table below: 

Port of Origin – Location in the KSA Less than a Container Load (LCL) Full Container Load (FCL)
Atlanta to Ad Dammam 35 days 41 days
Chicago to Ad Dammam 42 days 45 days
Long Beach to Jeddah 40 days 45 days 
Miami to Jeddah  32 days
Miami to Ad Dammam 41 days
Net York to Jeddah 36 days

1 to 5 Days to Ship By Air

If you are in a rush and money isn’t a problem, you can choose air freight. Usually, we don’t recommend shipping by air consignments that weigh more than 100 kg because it is costly. However, if we ship your stuff from Houston to Riyadh, you will get your cargo in as little as one day. Airfreight from Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Miami to Saudi’s capital and other main cities takes about 5 days on average.   

Hands-Down Packing 

Packing is one of our essential services which you can book. So instead of surfing the internet for tips on how to pack your things, you can entrust this job to us. SDC International movers to Saudi Arabia comprises professionals, including employees who have been providing expert packing for many years.

They apply wrapping and packaging techniques based on the items’ material and other specificities. Especially if you are sending high-value possessions, like artwork pieces or antiques, you need to ensure that they are packed professionally to endure long-distance ocean transit. 

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Protect Your Stuff 

The comfort of our clients is our number one priority, so we are ready to assist you in any possible way. Whether you need full-value coverage of your goods or a more flexible solution, we can arrange international moving insurance for your personal belongings or vehicle to protect it from loss or damage. 

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Forget About Paperwork 

When we say forget about paperwork, we really mean that! You can guess that the success of a shipping process hinges on the precise knowledge of import and export regulations concerning household items and vehicles. All required documents should be filled out correctly without a slight mistake to ensure streamlined customs clearance. You are our client with your unique needs, and we are adept International Movers to Saudi Arabia who can help you navigate all the paperwork and customs forms.  

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Piano Shipping 

Are you a musician who needs to move his piano to Saudi Arabia from the USA? We are international movers to Saudi Arabia who know how to ship your baby grand. Our pros employ the best packing and crating knowledge to prepare for overseas travel. 

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Why SDC International Shipping?

We are tasked to deliver the best moving experience

First-class Management 

We manage everything for you, from packing, loading, picking up, shipping to customs documentation and clearance. 

Committed to A Schedule  

When you become our client, and we agree on the day of packing or pick up, we commit to a schedule for making it a reality. 

Custom Protection

We can find the best marine insurance for you to ensure that your prized possessions are protected to the penny. 


“When looking for a shipping company, I was in doubt regarding SDC. Now, I know they are excellent international movers. They shipped my piano, and I got it without a single scratch or damage! Thank you!” 

“SDC International Shipping moved my household goods to Berlin. I appreciate their professional packing service that saved me many hours. When I was unpacking boxes at my new home, I was surprised that none of them were opened, dumped, or damaged. Their service exceeded my expectations. They did an excellent job.” 

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