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International Moving Company to Luxembourg

Moving Company to Luxembourg

There are many great reasons to relocate to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. While the country is small, it is in the heart of Northern Europe. With the combination of classical European landscape and architecture and world-class, modern medicine, the country is also a preferred destination for retirement relocation.

If you are relocating to Europe as a representative of an American company and looking for a good base, Luxembourg is a natural choice for many. The “lux” of “Benelux” as the northwestern area of Europe is unofficially designated by many businesses, it is perfectly situated. With open borders to France, Belgium, and Germany, the country is ideal for those looking for a convenient, yet quiet, location to do business in Europe.

Moving to Luxembourg will be an exciting life-changing event. Challenges will accompany the move, and SDC International Shipping is here to help. An international moving company to Luxembourg, we have experience in relocating customers there and will get you there easily.

International Household Moving to Luxembourg

Many Americans select Luxembourg as the destination of choice for their European relocation. When moving from the United States to Luxembourg, you will want to bring many of your household items and personal goods and effects. You have chosen Luxembourg because it is the country where you want to live, but you have of course become accustomed to many American things not readily available in Europe, and you will want to bring or send them with you.

In general, it is prudent to take most of your American furniture with you when you move to Luxembourg. While you can find furniture there easily, it will be of lesser quality and cost more than what you already own. Also, getting furniture in Luxembourg typically takes some time, so you would have to rent furniture for some time until yours arrives. In the final cost, sending your existing furniture to your new home will be the most cost

International household moving to Luxembourg is one of SDC International Shipping’s specialties. Knowing how to move your household items to Luxembourg is essential. Your belongings need to be protected, and your space and budget need to be carefully planned. The legs and stands of most tables and beds will be carefully removed by our movers and wrapped for protection. While many trucks and a long sea journey promise at least some minor damage, SDC will wrap all your furniture with quality materials to prevent as much as possible.

Taking personal effects with you to your new country is done by everyone. In addition to clothes, consider sending a supply of toiletries and kitchen stuff in your shipment. Eventually, you will get used to the products available in Luxembourg, but you will need a supply of things like shampoo and shortening at least for a while. Don’t forget to bring books and materials for your hobbies and a good supply to hold you over.

Do you bike? Luxembourg has an advanced and still developing network of dedicated cycling paths. If you like cycling, bring several bikes. To import things tax-free into Luxembourg, they will have to be in your possession for six months. Go ahead and buy new bikes, but keep the receipts and take them for a ride. New bikes in Luxembourg will cost far more than in the USA.

SDC’s professional packing service should be used rather than packing on your own. Items packed by you won’t be insured against damage. Our moving team brings boxes specially designed for mirrors and artwork. When needed, crates of custom sizes that will protect your special items can be built for unusually shaped items or particularly valuable possessions.

Small appliances that have external power adapters usually will work well in Luxembourg, as will most electronics. The major appliance will not and should not be marked for shipment.

Moving to Luxembourg

International Car Shipping to Luxembourg

Sending an automobile to Luxembourg will one of the most effective aspects of your move. Depending on your exact point of origin, sending a car to Luxembourg will cost a few thousand dollars if sent separately. This will be far less than money than the difference between what you will get for selling your used car in the USA and buying a similar model in Europe. The most cost-effective measure overall for most clients who want to send a car will be to send a private container with an automobile in it. Your SDC International Shipping relocation specialist will be able to advise you about the right international car shipping to Luxembourg for you.

If you ride a motorcycle, they follow similar rules to automobiles. The official policy for vehicle import to Luxembourg is available here. Also popular for those who love it is the import of a recreational vehicle. While those are sent using a different method, if you want one, send it.

Luxembourgian Customs and Regulations

As a part of the EU, most regulations and customs in Luxembourg are governed by the official European Customs Union policy. This website provides current official policies on the Luxembourgian customs authority. It is always recommended to contact the Luxembourgian consulate closest to you with specific questions.

You will need to fill in a form downloadable here for tax relief, otherwise, you will be charged an estimated VAT on your shipment. The VAT rate in Luxembourg is 17%. Our team of movers will prepare for you an inventory of the items you send. You must check this list and make sure that it is accurate, as it will always be the ultimate responsibility of the sender to ensure that the list reflects what you are shipping.

There are few impediments to importing used belongings to Luxembourg. You should ensure that what you are shipping is legal and belongs to you. If you do this, importing your goods should not be difficult. This list is also important for your shipment insurance, so it is a good idea to put the time into making an accurate list.

Packaging materials used by SDC International Shipping, are suitable for shipments to Luxembourg. Do not use new wood, or wood from crates or pallets, as these often contain mold inhibiting products or humidity preventing chemicals. These will need to be declared and conform to safety and health regulations set by the European Union.

If you are sending a commercial shipment, please obtain an EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) before you ship. If you are sending to Luxembourg or setting up an entity there. If you already have an EORI number from any EU country, you don’t need an additional one.

Moving to Luxembourg Checklist

SDC International Shipping is ready to relocate you to Luxembourg. Now it’s time to prepare the necessary things:

  • Immigration visa. If you are a citizen of any EU country you won’t need this.
  • Documents for the whole family like birth certificates, passport, marriage or divorce certificates, driver’s license, medical records.
  • Immunization records. You should get immunized before you move.
  • If you are shipping a car or motorcycle, you will need to send us the documents for these early.
  • Transcripts of school records. Don’t overlook primary school records, as these will be important for obtaining US citizenship for children or grandchildren
  • You should make sure that you have a credit card with “no international fees”. Undoubtedly you will want to continue to use your American bank account, this will be the best way to do it.

International Shipping Options

There are several different options for international shipping to Luxembourg offered by SDC International Shipping. Luckily for you, Luxembourg is one of the most affordable relocation destinations in terms of the shipping costs.

Though Luxembourg has no seaports of its own, it is very close to major ports in neighboring countries, and we can deliver all types of cargo. You can choose a full container load (20’ and 40’ containers are available), or a less than full container load. Oversized freight for special items that don’t fit into containers and air shipments are also available

Importantly for you, you don’t need to feel that there is a maximum amount you can send, or that you need to be confined to the contents of a container. As we send so many containers to Europe each month, we can offer even better rates using our groupage consolidations. We send several of the largest available containers to Europe each month, allowing our clients to combine their shipments and enjoy low costs.

If you are currently in the process of moving from the United States to Luxembourg, there are some things you may need to consider before moving. Luxembourg can be a somewhat expensive place to live in. It is best to try to learn about how much things cost there before moving so there aren’t any surprises. Also, the understanding currency is a very important thing so that you don’t spend too much you don’t have to.

When it comes to finding a home or an apartment to stay at, there are sites available to look for places that are available. Unlike the United States, the rental agents in Luxembourg are limited to the number of places they handle. In the United States, rental agents can sell or rent any place that is available. So you may have to contact more than one rental agent to find the place you are looking for when you move.

The next step is to find a job. Finding a job before you move will be easier, so you know that you have work available when you get there. A lot of jobs can be found online and be set up before the move.

Life in Luxembourg is known to be slow-moving. This is perfect for those that want to enjoy each day and get the most out of it.

Please plan early as it will help us offer you more.

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