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Moving Tips

Moving to a new home can be an unpleasant experience if you don’t prepare yourself and your family for it. From packing your entire home into boxes to choosing between different international moving companies, it can be confusing and exhausting. Being one of the top international moving companies to and from Los Angeles, among other locations around the world, we’ve listed below some useful tips for you, hoping it would make your moving experience much easier and maybe even enjoyable.

Choosing a Moving Company

This is one of the first steps you should go through when moving to a new home. Ask your family, friends and neighbors about moving companies they’ve worked with and try to determine which is best and most suitable for you. Whether you are looking for something local or perhaps international moving companies to and from Los Angeles, it’s very important to pick the movers at least a month and a half to two months before your desired moving time, especially before the summer.

Get an Estimate from a Professional Consultant

Once you are done with choosing the moving company, make sure they send in a relocation consultant. Their job is to estimate the number of boxes you are going to need and the costs of the move. When the consultant arrives, show them everything that you are about to take with you so you can get a good estimate for the costs.

It’s a Team Effort

Once you are done with the estimates, sit with your family and make a list of the things that you are about to take with you. The next step is to sort out the list, arrange it by rooms or any other system that works for you. The final stage is to pack everything up as listed, and if you all work together, this shouldn’t take too much time. It might even be a fun activity for everyone to enjoy together.

Important Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget

Another aspect of moving, is dealing with all sorts of bureaucracy. Don’t forget to open a bank account in your new living location and close the account at the old place. Make sure to notify the post office and check their options for following you up with your mail. Also, remember to shut off all the utilities (gas, electricity, etc.) once you are done with everything at your old place.

Please feel free to consult with us regarding any other question you may have. Good luck!

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