Moving to Iceland from the USA

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If you are moving to Iceland from the USA and need a service to move your house or vehicle, we are here to help you. 

This page has been created to give you an overview of our moving solutions. It covers packing, customs requirements, information about international moving insurance, and much more. We’ll be happy if you pick us for shipping your household items and for our part, we’ll do everything possible to make your shipping experience easy and convenient. 

How the International Mover to Iceland Can Help

SDC International Shipping has expertise related to packing, insurance, international customs, and regulations of Iceland. We are aware of many other factors associated with your shipping. With that knowledge and experience in the industry, we can handle every aspect of the overseas move. In particular, we can help you with the following. 

Advice You On the Best Shipping Method

When moving to Iceland from the USA, the common shipping method is a containerized option. It can be either a Full Container Load (FCL) or a Less than Container Load (LCL). So when it comes to choosing the right one, we’ll look at a few factors. One of them is the amount of your items. For instance, general loads from 250 lbs. to 45,000 lbs. are best shipped in a solo 20 ft. or 40 ft. container. Shipments less than 20,000 lbs. can fit in a shared or LCL container. However, if you are shipping many high-value and breakable personal effects, our recommendation will always be a solo or FCL option. 

Now, what about a shipping method, you may ask? Airfreight or ocean freight? Well, most of our clients opt for sea freight for one main reason – its cost. But if you need to get your things fast to your destination and don’t mind paying a much higher transportation cost, then why not go for it. 

You can always talk to one of our shipping experts to assess your items when they need to arrive at destination, what your budget is, and see how each mode can affect your goals. 

Wrap, Pack, and Upload Items

At SDC International Shipping, we offer client-tailored packing services. If you want to save money and do your own packing, that isn’t a problem. We can still schedule a pickup service when your items are ready. Yet, we recommend that you hire professionals to pack your stuff for maximum protection. 

Our trained packing crew can professionally pack anything, from furniture to delicate and fragile items, such as paintings, sculptures, and pianos. We have a whole array of packing solutions for large and valuable objects, like artwork and antiques. 

Provide Storage Services

Shipment on the way to Iceland from the USA sometimes goes through the warehouse. If, at some point, you will need to store your possessions in Iceland, we can arrange storage in facilities that can’t be affected by the weather, lighting, temperature, or humidity. 

You can always discuss the details of your relocation with the logistics operator to receive advice on the logistics activities of your shipment.  

Help with Moving Insurance 

At our moving company, you will have the option to get different levels of international moving insurance. These are the full value coverage for repair and replacement and the Released Value Protection. Or, we can offer you an additional package to the Released Value Protection at an additional fee. With the insurance agent, you will be able to discuss how to determine the value of damaged items and many other nuances to get the best protection of your personal property. 

Handle Customs Paperwork 

Many conditions have to be met in order to import household effects to Iceland. This link will give helpful insight into customs requirements. But if you feel intimidated by the process, customs handling is also part of our service. 

We have customs specialists who know how to make correct calculations, submit eligible documents and include crucial information to avoid red flags and delays.  

Move a Car or Motorcycle to Iceland 

SDC International Shipping provides vehicle and car shipping overseas from the United States. You can ship your car in a container via ocean freight. Any vehicles with tires, like automobiles and motorcycles, can be sent via RoRo. This is a type of shipping method when your car rolls on and off the ocean vessel. 

As with shipping household effects, your car will have to satisfy many conditions to qualify for import in Iceland. You can find out more info here. But, again, if dealing with customs paperwork is too overwhelming for you, we can take care of that.

Moving to Iceland from the USA

Seamless and Safe Artwork & Piano Shipping

If you are looking for types of shipping like artwork pieces and piano, you can contact our team of highly skilled experts. They are ready to craft and create customized ocean or air freight services for high-value, fragile, and rare items. 

Recent Reviews of Our Customers

 International Mover to Iceland

 “The service team was friendly and professional. They were very careful packing and moving my heavy piano to protect the musical instrument and floor from damage. I would recommend it.” John G. 

“Everything was great, including the estimate. The crew worked like hell to make packing and uploading perfect. Communication was excellent, so I give them all five stars.” Lacey R. 

Moving to Iceland from the USA

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