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Moving to Iceland from US

Published on Jul 09, 2021 by Kfir Cohen

SDC International Shipping is a company that is a specialist in the shipments of household goods, personal effects, automobiles, and commercial goods to Iceland.

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02 | International Car Shipping to Iceland
03 | Iceland Customs and Regulations
04 | Moving to Iceland from US Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options to Iceland

There are many great reasons to relocate to the island nation of Iceland. While the country is small, it is renowned for its beauty, safety, and lovely people. Iceland is not a member of the European Union, but it is a Schengen country, which means that citizens of most European countries can move there without a visa. If you are not a citizen of a European country, you will need a residence permit before you move.

Moving to Iceland will be an exciting life-changing event for your whole family. Though there will be challenges that accompany the move, SDC International Shipping is here to help with the complexities. An international moving company to Iceland, we have experience in relocating customers there and will get you there easily.

International Household Moving to Iceland

Many Americans select Iceland as the destination of choice for their relocation. You can get along fairly well in English, the weather, while cooler than most of the United States, is surprisingly nice for a country named after ice.

When you relocate from the United States to Iceland, you should bring your household items and personal goods and effects. Iceland is the country you have decided where you want to live, but there are plenty of American things not readily available there, and you will want to bring or send them with you.

In general, most of your American furniture should come with you when you move to Iceland. Homes in Iceland are spacious and should be able to accommodate all of your furniture. International household moving to Iceland is a specialty of SDC International Shipping. We know how to move your household items effectively so that damage will be minimal. Not only do your belongings need to be protected, your cargo space and budget also need to be carefully planned.

To save you space, the legs and stands of most tables will be carefully removed by our movers and wrapped for protection. Beds are also disassembled. The move from America will entail many trucks and a long sea journey, and at least some minor damage is typical. SDC movers will wrap all your furniture with quality materials to prevent as much as possible. Everything disassembled by our movers will be reassembled by our Icelandic partners delivering your shipment. They will also unwrap all furniture, place your boxes in rooms, and clear away all moving debris while the movers are still there.

Iceland gets cold. Make sure that you have a full supply of warm clothing, outerwear, and appropriate footwear. Don’t forget to take what you will need for your hobbies and passions. Do you hike? Iceland is a premier hiking destination. Fill your container with appropriate gear. This country was made for mountain biking, so send your cycle, and get a spare to put into your container. Do you want to ski the Westfjords? You can send your ski gear along as well. Anglers are common, and if you love fishing, you can take your gear, but you will have to provide a disinfection certificate.

We recommend that you use SDC International Shipping’s movers for the packing of your household for you. Our packers are experts at preparing your belongings for removal. They will supply you with new boxes that are appropriate for international removals. Let your SDC relocation specialist know the contents of what you are sending so our movers can bring along specialty boxes when necessary for things like framed art, dishes, etc. Critically, professional packing is a prerequisite for purchasing insurance against damage.

The electricity in Iceland is “Northern European” and mostly two-pronged. Major American appliances will not function properly in Iceland, so don’t take them with you. Iceland does not prohibit the import of electronic and modern communication products, so feel free to send your computers and their monitors. TVs that have external power packs will also work, as will most small appliances and up-to-date mobile phones.

International Car Shipping to Iceland

Sending an automobile to Iceland is an option. We recommend that you check that your model is available and readily serviceable there, otherwise you might find yourself waiting a long time to get a replacement part. Also, snow tires are an important part of life in Iceland, so make sure that you have something suitable.

Iceland Customs and Regulations

Iceland is a member of the European Economic Area and not a member of the European Union. For businesses, this means that commonly done things like shipping with an EORI number will not work and you will need separate permission to send to Iceland.

If you are moving to Iceland, you are permitted to import your goods free of taxation.

In addition to dogs and cats, you are also permitted to send birds, and rodents and rabbits can be imported. For any of these, you are required to obtain a permit from the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority.

Moving to Iceland from US Checklist

Your move to Iceland is in full gear, soon SDC’s movers will arrive to load your belongings to the container. Now you should prepare the necessary things:

  • Residency visa. If you are a citizen of any EEA country you won’t need this. You can request this when you arrive.
  • Documents for the whole family like birth certificates, passport, marriage or divorce certificates, driver’s license, medical records.
  • Start learning Icelandic. You will be able to get along fairly well in English, but understanding Icelandic is necessary.
  • Immunization records. You need to bring written proof of your immunizations.
  • Transcripts of school records for the whole family. You should not overlook primary school records, as these will be important for obtaining US citizenship for children or grandchildren.
  • If you are a US citizen, we recommend that you renew your American passport before leaving the country.
  • Make sure that you have access to your financial institutions. Recent changes to most banking rules require a two-step sign in process including sending a text message to your phone. Verify that you have something that will work. If necessary, get a virtual US telephone number that will work anywhere.

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International Shipping Options to Iceland

There are several different options for international shipping to Iceland offered by SDC International Shipping. Most of our clients to Iceland are moving to the Reykjavik area, but our Icelandic partners can offer door delivery to any location on the island.

Shipping time to Iceland varies from 3-7 weeks depending upon your original location and the time of year. We highly recommend that you start planning your Iceland relocation early.

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International shipping options to Iceland include 40’ containers. These are large and should easily accommodate the contents of most homes, with 2200 cubic feet of storage space. There is also a slightly large container available known as a “40’ high cube” container, offering a few hundred more cubic feet of storage space.

The contents of a three-bedroom home can usually fit into a smaller, 20’ container with 1100 cubic feet of cargo space. Other containers that you may have heard about are not used for international shipping. However, if you want to send less, we can send what is known as an LCL, or less than full container load, for any amount of cargo starting at 100 cubic feet, also with door-to-door service.

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