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Boston International Movers – SDC

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When it comes to hiring the right Boston international mover, whether you need to move household goods or vehicles to or from Boston anywhere in the world, SDC International Shipping is the mover. Without an experienced logistics team to take care of your relocation, you run the risk of many problems. You want a shipping team that is knowledgeable and experienced with the requirements you want to be met. This will ensure that you have a moving company that will take care of every detail to get the job done right. 

We have moved our customers to and from Boston to Asia, Europe, and other destinations worldwide, including Australia and New Zealand. 

We have created this guide for international moving to Boston, so you can learn about the process. 

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International Moving Door-to-Door Service From Boston

At SDC International shipping, we offer door-to-door solutions. This is an all-inclusive service with packing and delivering at your new home abroad. In addition, it includes assistance with paperwork for customs export and import. 

Our team can take your household goods from any place in the Boston area to your destination overseas. We will arrange a fast and efficient move from point A to point B, going the extra mile. 

How Much Do Boston Movers Cost? 

How much Boston movers charge depends on many variables. First, these are the size of your shipment and destination. For instance, a move from Boston to France will have a different cost than to South Africa with an identical service. Our logistics coordinators will discuss with you the priorities and details of your shipment for a permanent price. 

Every move that we work on begins with a survey of household goods. We’ll send our representative to your home to estimate the exact size of your shipment to create an accurate custom quote. 

How Long Does It Take To Ship Household Goods?

The shipping time from Boston rests on a few factors. 

Typically, in our containerized services, we transport household goods from Boston to New York. Clients that choose to send their stuff in a shared container will need to wait a week or two before it is full and ready to be shipped on the water. 

Once the container is shipped out to sea, you can expect your goods to be in ocean transit for 4-7 weeks, depending on the destination. Most commonly, shipments arrive faster in Europe than in Oceana.

Airfreight is the fastest shipping way from Boston, but it is also the most expensive. When sending your goods via air freight, they are transported to Boston Logan Airport. The arrival time ranges between 2-3 weeks, including clearance from customs.  

Contact our shipping specialists If you have any questions about our relocation services for Boston. We’ll try to give you a competitive rate and make your moving experience easy and trouble-free. 

International Shipping Services for Boston 

We offer the following services for international moving for Boston. 

Containerized Shipping from Boston  

The most popular way to move overseas to Boston is container shipping. It comes in 20ft and 40ft containers. The most affordable method is consolidated shipment, which means shipping your household goods in a shared container. We also offer solo or full containers for large moves. It is more expensive than the consolidated option and faster because you won’t need to wait until the container gets full. 

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Motor Vehicle Shipping from Boston

Apart from shipping household goods, we can also arrange shipping vehicles. Cars can be transported in containers as well. However, many customers send their vehicles via RoRo on a special ocean vessel intended for long-distance car shipping. 

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Piano and Artwork Shipping from Boston 

If you need to ship a piano or painting and sculptures, you can trust our trained and skilled crew to do proper packaging. They specialize in art and piano crating, transport, and delivery. Contact SDC International Shipping and book a specialized service in advance. 

Marine Insurance for Moving from Boston 

We offer All Risk and Total Loss marine insurance to compensate you if your household goods or vehicle gets damaged, lost, or broken during ocean transit. With this coverage, you’ll be protected from the financial loss of valuable items.  

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Move Overseas from Boston with SDC International Shipping

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4.9/5 Based On Our Customers’ Experience With Us on Yelp.

“Great company for an international move!
They were on time. Very good communication both phone and email. They are careful with your furniture. Very fast with the necessary paperwork such as insurance. They have very friendly personnel and are happy to take care of special requests. Would definitely use their services again.”

Mart Beth W. 

“Had to help some of my husband’s family with a move and these guys were great to work with.  Very responsive,  friendly and fair.  Everything turned out according to schedule and I have no complaints.  Would recommend them to anyone who wants their things handled efficiently and with care.  Very professional.”

Katy J.

Boston International Movers - SDC

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