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Washington DC International Movers

Embarking on a New Journey with SDC International Shipping

Washington DC residents are well aware of the city’s captivating charm. From its magnificent museums and stunning architecture to its lush greenery and vibrant diversity of people, flowers, and culinary delights, there is no shortage of reasons to love this city.

You may have savored countless sunsets over the Potomac, witnessing the radiant orange ball hanging on the horizon for hours. While we may not know precisely how you feel about departing from the capital, we understand that your priority is to have reliable Washington DC International Movers who can facilitate a smooth and stress-free transition to your new home. Count on us to provide the assistance you need for a seamless relocation experience.

At SDC International Shipping, we possess all the necessary resources to handle the transportation of your household goods and vehicles overseas. With over a decade of experience in the shipping industry and a multitude of satisfied customers in our wake, we are here to support you every step of the way. There’s no need to search far and wide; simply stay with us and initiate the relocation process by filling out our convenient three-step quote form.

Choose SDC International Shipping for a seamless moving experience, and let us be a part of your exciting new chapter in life.

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Moving Household Items

Household items can be moved unless they are restricted or prohibited in your destination country. We will provide you with detailed information about the items you can take, assist with customs forms, and guide you through the necessary export and import paperwork to ensure a successful delivery of your belongings. By hiring SDN International Movers, you gain access to a range of benefits, including the expertise of your dedicated logistics agent who will navigate you through the shipping process.

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Overseas Car Transport

When it comes to shipping a car or vehicle overseas, individuals often have concerns about its worth, cost, and applicable regulations. Each situation is unique and dependent on factors such as the vehicle type and import laws of the new destination. However, you can put those worries to rest because with SDC International Shipping by your side, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire car shipping process. From assisting with customs documentation to procuring shipping insurance and ensuring the proper preparation of your valuable vehicle, we’ve got you covered when relocating to or from Washington DC.

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How We Move Households as well as Vehicles from Washington DC

Moving abroad can be a seamless process with our exceptional leadership and streamlined coordination mechanism. We proudly offer containerized shipment options through sea or ocean freight, tailored to your preferences. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible moving experience, ensuring a smooth transition to your new destination.

Moving Your Entire Household in a Container 

When it comes to shipping containers, you have two options to choose from – consolidated and shared. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages due to their different sizes. For more detailed information on each of these options, we encourage you to get in touch with our relocation consultants. They will be more than happy to provide you with the necessary information to help you make an informed decision.

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Moving Your Vehicle on a RORO (Roll On – Roll Off) Vessel 

We offer multiple options for shipping your automobile, including sole or shared container shipping as well as the use of RORO (Roll-on/Roll-off) vessels. Both options are popular and cost-effective methods for transporting vehicles. With RORO shipping, you also have the convenience of delivering your car directly to the port yourself. To learn more about these options and choose the one that suits your needs, feel free to contact our customer service desk for further assistance.

Sea and Air Freight Shipping 

The choice between ocean and air freight for shipping your household items depends on various factors. If you have time constraints and your crate does not exceed 100 kg in size, airfreight may be a suitable option for you, despite its higher cost. However, in most cases, ocean freight is likely to fulfill the majority of your shipping requirements, providing a cost-effective and reliable solution.

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What Is The Cost of Freight Shipping? 

The cost of freight shipping is determined by several factors, including the specific shipping method and mode you choose. The following variables also come into play:

  • Type of container: Whether you opt for a Less than Container Load (LCL) or a Full Container Load (FCL) affects the cost. LCL is suitable for smaller shipments that don’t fill an entire container, while FCL is for larger shipments that require a full container.

  • Container size: The size of the container you select impacts the cost. Common sizes include 20-foot, 40-foot, and 40-foot high cube containers.

  • Contents of your cargo: The nature of the items being shipped can affect the cost. Certain goods may have additional restrictions and fees.

  • Cargo weight: The weight of your cargo may influence the cost, as it may affect the resources required for transportation.

  • Cargo dimensions: The overall dimensions of your cargo, including length, width, and height, can impact the shipping cost, as it determines the space and handling requirements.

  • Transit distance: The distance your cargo needs to travel from the origin to the destination plays a crucial role in determining the overall cost. Longer distances typically incur higher shipping charges.

To obtain an accurate cost estimate for your specific freight shipment, it is recommended to consult with a shipping provider who can consider these variables and provide a detailed quote tailored to your requirements.

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Packing and Storage Services

Packing and storage are essential aspects of every international move, and we understand that our clients find it more convenient to have access to comprehensive packing and storage solutions.

Storage Services

We offer storage services throughout the DC area to accommodate various storage needs. Our facilities are designed to securely and safely store your personal belongings, regardless of the size. Whether you have a studio apartment or a 4-bedroom house, our storage facilities are suitable for all types of homes.

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Packing Solutions 

Our packing services range from standard packaging to fragile pack service. Our professional moving crew will carefully pack each item at the pickup location, ensuring added protection during transportation. We utilize specialized packing materials and techniques to ensure the job is done with utmost care and attention to detail.

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Piano and Artwork Moving

Transporting delicate and heavy items such as pianos and fragile artwork can be a challenging task for many individuals. However, when you entrust this responsibility to professionals like us, at SDC, we expertly handle the transportation of these valuable items.

Safeguarding Your Artwork

SDC offers comprehensive air and ocean freight services that include the packing and crating of antique and delicate artwork pieces. We specialize in shipping various types of sensitive cargo, ensuring their safety throughout the transportation process.

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Moving Fragile and Bulky Pianos

If you need to move your musical instrument to or from Washington DC, the key factor is always the same: professional packing

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Is It Worth Dropping Insurance?

When moving internationally from Washington DC, there is an option to forgo purchasing international moving insurance. However, it is important to consider the potential risks involved in ocean freight. Unforeseen perils, such as extensive damage or loss of cargo, can occur. If you are shipping high-value belongings, it is wise to give serious consideration to the inclusion of marine insurance coverage, as it provides essential protection that should not be overlooked.

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Customer Loyalty is So Important and Encouraging

“Amazing, great service from SDC. Happy to join so many good reviews. Stacy from customer service was extremely helpful. She was quick to respond every time I needed her. The packing guys went above and beyond. I got my stuff undamaged.” 

Marina Rodriguez 

“I can’t express how thankful I am to SDC for shipping my piano intact. I am a musician and have a special bond with my instrument. I can’t be more grateful.”

Flora Maxwell 

Why Relocate With SDC International Shipping?

24/7/365 Relocation Service

Our relocation service is available round the clock, allowing us to initiate the moving process from Washington DC at any time, catering to your unique needs and requirements.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in providing transparency when it comes to pricing. We will meticulously break down all charges based on the information we collect from you, ensuring you have a clear understanding of all expenses involved.

Accessible Manager

We understand that moving can be an emotional endeavor. To alleviate any concerns or worries, your dedicated logistics manager will be available 24/7 for you to communicate with, providing support and guidance throughout the entire process.

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