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Moving to Taiwan

Published on Jan 05, 2020 by Kfir Cohen

Are you looking for professional movers? Contact us. We have helped thousands of families move to Taiwan. In addition, we handle shipments of personal effects, household goods, and commercial products to Taiwan.

International Moving Company to Taiwan

SDC is an International Moving Company to Taiwan that has been relocated clients from the United States to the island of Taiwan. As a leading international business powerhouse, Taiwanese citizens and companies traverse the world and require frequent moving services.

We have experienced partners in Keelung Port that will clear your shipment through customs and deliver it to your new home in Taiwan.

International Household Moving to Taiwan

For most of our client’s the apartments in Taiwan will seem smaller than what they are used to in the United States. SDC International Shipping can help facilitate your move t from the USA to Taiwan.

Though officially only a few countries recognize Taiwan as a nation, everybody knows it is a whole nation, and all countries maintain representative offices there. The country is densely populated, with 80% of the country’s population living in cities.

Many ex-pats moving to Taiwan intend to return to the USA after working there for a few years. It will mean shipping a portion of your household and putting the others in storage for these people. We can do both of these with a single pickup from your home.

We recommend a pilot trip to Taiwan before your actual move there. If you already know what house you will move into in Taiwan, ask for measurements. Will your current furniture pieces fit into your new apartment in Taiwan? If so, send them. They will be of superior quality and much more affordable than what you will find in Taiwan.

We recommend that you bring all of the clothes that you need with you to Taiwan. The weather is mostly warm and humid. You may not find appropriate sizes and quality there. Remember that clothes driers are not common in Taiwan, so make sure that your clothes dry reasonably.

You can bring your pets with you to Taiwan. However, you are required to obtain prior permission to bring your pet with you. Carefully follow the rules listed here, or your pet might not make it through. Details of the process for sending your pet to Taiwan are available here.

Taiwan is known as a paradise for cyclists. If you love cycling, you can expect to spend your free time climbing mountain trails, enjoying Taiwan’s beautiful coast, or cycling for transportation. So send your bike to Taiwan.

Feel free to bring your library with you. Taiwan is a liberal democracy, and you are welcome to bring whatever you like outside of things promoting communism which are understandably frowned upon in the Republic of China.

International Car Shipping to Taiwan

There is no specific prohibition to importing an automobile or other licensed vehicle to Taiwan. However, a licensed vehicle is not considered a part of your household. Therefore, you will not enjoy a tax holiday importing a car that you own. We do not recommend that our clients take their vehicles to Taiwan. There is no real advantage to doing this over buying a car there, and it will require significant headaches.

Taiwan Customs and Regulations

Taiwan customs and regulations are few. Of course, you should not place things such as pornographic materials, illicit drugs, and similar in your container. But outside of that, you can send most of what you’d like.

We will not clear your household goods and personal effects before your arrival there. The shipment must arrive within six months of the client’s arrival. All shipments to Taiwan are subject to inspection. You will not need to be present at Customs during the clearance of goods. Typically, used household goods and personal effects are duty and tax-free. Please note that containers will not be delivered to your door. (If you are a diplomat, there is an exemption). Instead, we will unload all containers at the customs bonded warehouse for inspection. After customs clearance, we will deliver the household goods to your new home. The average time for customs clearance is 3-4 days for ocean shipments. 

Moving to Taiwan Checklist

Before the SDC International Shipping moving van arrives at your home to pack and load your things for shipment, consider the moving to Taiwan checklist:

  • If you are not a citizen of the Republic of China, you can find detailed information about immigration to Taiwan here.
  • Do you speak Mandarin? It’s time to learn. Do not expect the typical Taiwanese to speak English.
  • Will you be downsizing? If so, start thinking about what you will do with what isn’t coming to Taiwan with you. SDC can arrange storage in one of our warehouses. You might want to contact an organization like Goodwill to take things you won’t be saving.
  • Suppose you are an American citizen and are planning a long-term stay. In that case, it is a good idea to renew your American passports before leaving if they will expire before your return to the USA.
  • Doctor’s in Taiwan will all speak English. It does not include all staff. If you do not speak Mandarin, you can still communicate with hospital staff. The healthcare system is pretty good and affordable. We recommend that you ask your specialist to create a summary of any existing medical conditions.
  • You will need to bring a copy of the total immunization records for each family member. MMR is required for entry. TDAP is recommended by the US CDC but not required by Taiwan. Most Americans aren’t routinely vaccinated against Japanese encephalitis, so check if this is available in your area.
  • If you have any professional credentials, accreditations, or distinction certificates, bring them if you might be changing jobs. In addition, you should obtain diplomas and degrees if you want to impress clients, hanging them on your walls.
  • If you are a returning citizen, you should have already registered children born abroad. Report any marriage, death, or divorce to the Taiwanese embassy.
  • Don’t forget to arrange for school records for the entire family. Americans will likely want to register their children in international schools.

Things to know before relocating to Taiwan

  •  Get an EasyCard; They are contactless smart cards that will help you get around the city. Use them to pay for taxis, buses, etc. They also work like prepaid credit cards for convenience stores and supermarkets. In addition, you can use them to pay entrance fees at the zoos and the Maokong Gondolas. A standard fare card is $3, and you can top it up in amounts up to $310. In addition, you can get a refund on any unused cash.
  • Be prepared to do everything at 7-eleven. 7-eleven isn’t just a convenience store at a gas station like in many countries. In Taiwan, it is a one-stop shop for anything you can think of, for example, parking tickets, concert tickets, affordable dining, etc.
  • You will need to carry an umbrella around because it can rain at any minute.
  • Metro etiquette is taken seriously. It includes no drink/food, or you’ll be fined, lining up for the train, and not sitting on the dark blue seats reserved for children, pregnant women, and the elderly.
  • Free-size clothing is a thing, and you will hardly find a fitting room.

International Shipping Options to Taiwan

Not all of our clients send full container load shipments (FCL) to Taiwan. While both 20′ and 40′ containers are available shipping options to Taiwan, many SDC International Shipping’s clients moving to Taiwan choose to send smaller shipments. As a result, we can offer full door-to-door service for shipments starting at 100 cubic feet.

Door-to-door service is available from origination locations anywhere in the United States to destinations throughout Taiwan. The time necessary for sending sea shipments door to door to Taiwan is about six weeks from most of America. Your relocation specialist will be able to get you an estimate of the exact length for your particular logistics once we know the pickup date and shipment type.

If you require urgent delivery or can’t wait for a portion of your cargo, we can send your shipment via air cargo. Air cargo only takes about a week to be delivered. Still, it needs to be closely coordinated. You are supposed to be physically present in Taiwan when your shipment clears customs.

We can make a single pickup of your things, sending some as air cargo and sea shipment. Then put the remainder of your items into storage if you plan on returning to the USA.

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