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International Moving Company to Portugal

Portugal has become one of the most popular destinations among American expats. With lovely weather and a reasonable cost of living, Portugal is a wonderful place to live, and it is the choice of many Americans who want to relocate to Europe. Portugal is very different from the United States, and many things typically found in an American home will be hard to find there, so you’ll want to send them in your shipment.

Relocating to locations like Portugal will be an exciting life event, by working with an experienced international moving company to Portugal like SDC International Shipping, your move will also be easy.

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01 | International Household Moving to Portugal
02 | International Car Shipping to Portugal
03 | Portuguese Customs and Regulations
04 | Moving to Portugal from US Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options

International Household Moving to Portugal

If you can, you should take your furniture with you. Some homes in Portuguese are built similar to an American suburban home, if this is your destination, most of your furniture should fit in and you should bring it with you. Portuguese cities and towns might be smaller than what you’re used to, so if you don’t know exactly where you’re should take your best furniture items only.

SDC specializes in international household moving to Portugal, we’ve even moved clients to Terceira! Knowing exactly how to move your household to Portugal, our movers will make efforts to both protect your belongings and to save space on your shipment, something that will save you budget space.

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If you are taking a table, its legs or stands will be removed and wrapped for protection. Beds will be taken apart in the US and reassembled in your Portuguese home. To minimize the damage to wood furniture from little bangs along the way is usually wrapped, each piece utilizing methods appropriate for it.

Your personal effects should come with you to your new home. If you have delicate items, SDC’s professional packing service is a better choice than packing by yourself.  Those that are packed by you can’t be insured against damage. For artwork and mirrors, our movers bring special boxes. Crates are built to a custom size for particularly valuable possessions or unusually shaped items, these will protect these special items.

Definitely bring your bicycles. If you have them, it is a really good idea to bring receipts with you to show that you have owned the bikes for more than six months. If you ride, bring your saddle and gear. You should definitely ship your fishing gear if you fish. American white appliances should not move, but almost all of your electronics should.

International Car Shipping to Portugal

When moving to Portugal, in most cases you can bring your car with you without having to pay import duties. You can also take your motorcycle. The car should be at least six months old and registered in your name. IF your car is newer than this, it will be subject to 23% VAT.

The vehicle’s title and registration should be in the name of the person receiving the shipment.  [These will need to be provided to SDC before your vehicle is transferred for shipping.] You will need to obtain your Portuguese residency before obtaining your local vehicle license plates.

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Motorcycles can also be imported to Portugal. If they are under 50cc like lots of urban scooters, they are considered household goods and can be sent easily along with the remainder of your shipment. If you are sending a full-sized motorcycle, sometimes it makes more sense to send it separately, sometimes not.

Portuguese Customs and Regulations

Portugal is a European Union member, and customs and regulations in the country are governed mainly by the official European Customs Union policy. This website provides current official policies of Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira (Portuguese customs authority), unfortunately, it is not available in English. It is always a good idea to call the closest Portuguese consulate for clarifications of any specific questions you have.

If you are relocating to Portugal, you need to check the specific import and customs regulations. When importing used goods to Portugal, there should be few problems for the most part.  And as long as what you are shipping is legal and belongs to you, it should not be difficult to import your goods.

A necessary step will be the creation of an accurate list of the goods in your shipment. This list will be prepared for you when you use SDC International Shipping’s professional packing services. However, you as the sender are still ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the inventory. This list will also be used for your shipment insurance if you choose to purchase it, so verify it.

Most new goods will be taxed at the standard 23% VAT rate.  Do not bring anything prohibited in Portugal like drugs, pornography. Alcohol should not be shipped.

Portuguese and EU health and safety regulations regulate chemicals commonly found in new commercial wood products in the US. If you are using new wood in pallets or crating, they likely contain mold inhibiting chemicals or humidity preventing measures. These will need to be declared and conform to the regulations. SDC International Shipping is an international shipper and all of the packaging materials are suitable for international shipments. Do not use readily available pallets.

If you are sending a commercial shipment to Portugal for the first time, or if your shipment contains commercial goods in addition to personal belongings, you will need to register for an EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification). If you have been issued an EORI from another EU member that will be valid, but if this is your first time, start on this website.

Moving to Portugal from US Checklist

All packed and ready to go? While you are waiting for SDC International Shipping to come to load your personal belongings, it is time to double check that you have prepared everything you need:

  • If you are a returning citizen, please provide a residence certificate from the closest Portuguese consulate.
  • If you are an immigrant, please provide a work or residence visa.
  • Certificado de baggage (baggage list). It should be in Portuguese.
  • Número de Identificação Fiscal, NIF, (when you are approved for residency you can receive this)
  • Personal documents for the whole family (birth certificates, passport, marriage or divorce certificates, driver’s license, medical records)
  • Diplomas, professional certificates of qualifications and degrees.

International Shipping Options

There are several different international shipping options to Portugal offered by SDC International Shipping.

The standard options are full container loads (20’ or 40’ containers) and partial container loads. These can be sent directly to your destination. If you have the time, you can save tremendously by shipping as a part of SDC’s European consolidated groupage shipments.

We can also offer clients the ability to send any sized shipment, using this option. This is also a good option if you are unsure of your shipment size. If you have too much for a 20’ container but not enough for a 40’ container, this is the option for you.

Shipments to Portugal can be more intricate than the typical European destination. Though the country is named for Port, Europe’s best ports are far away, and extra logistics are often necessary unless sending a full container load. If you do send a full container, some destinations will require extra logistics because of difficult access. If you are retiring in the Azores, your move will require extra planning.

Don’t worry, SDC International Shipping is here to help you move. You’ll love living in Portugal, but our experts are necessary to get your things there.

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