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International Movers Dallas

Are you leaving Dallas for a new home overseas? SDC International Shipping is here to arrange for all of the details of your family’s relocation abroad.

International Moving Company from Dallas

Many people move abroad from the Dallas area to locations around the world. If you are successful in Dallas, you probably have job skills that are marketable anywhere in the world. The Dallas area hosts many great world industry leaders. While these companies regularly send their employees abroad to work with subsidiaries and partners, many also relocate for personal reasons.

International Movers Dallas: Household Moving

When you move to another country from the Dallas area, which parts of your household will be sent to your new home? From our experience, almost all of our clients in the area select to send a 20’ shipping container. This usually will mean that you will have to decide what will and will not be sent overseas. If you are living in a spacious home in Plano or Fort Worth, there is a pretty good chance that when you move to another country, you will find that the homes are not as spacious. Also, many of our clients are moving either at the request of their employer, who usually give them a budget for relocation that is similar to the cost of shipping a 20’ container to their destination. While in most cases you would be allowed to pay the difference for a 40’ container, you might not have the room for everything you want to send in your new home.

Have you visited your destination lately? If not, you should take a trip as soon as you decide to move, and if possible, additional trips before the move. While there you should look into living accommodations for your family. We have many clients who are moving into homes owned by their families, but most will need to find a place to live. Note the size of dwellings. If any rooms look tight to you, you might even want to measure the room dimensions. On your trip, you might also want to take a look at local furniture stores, and compare prices and qualities. Likewise, take a visit to a shopping center or local equivalent. This will help you make decisions about what to send.

International Movers Dallas

So what should you send in your container? Depending on your destination, this will usually include your most important furniture, equipment necessary for education, hobbies and sports. After your trip to a furniture store in your destination, you will probably already know what you are sending. In most cases this will include your dining room furniture. Bedroom furniture, especially quality children’s bedroom furniture will be hard to match. If you will be moving into a house that is smaller than what you live in now, you might even want to purchase quality bunk beds or elevated beds that will let you take full advantage of the space available to you, but please read the next section about regulations. You might find that you can buy furniture for a few hundred dollars in the USA, that you will instead be paying thousands for inferior alternatives abroad.

What kind of leisure activities does your family enjoy that will be available at your destination? Your container has room for equipment like kayaks, camping equipment, gear for golf, a ping pong table or whatever you and your family will be doing. Is there good skiing available in your new country, how about fishing or water sports? Just like furniture, you are likely to find that your American equipment is worth sending.

International Customs and Regulations

Customs vary from country to country. One thing that is nearly universal is that those who have lived abroad are allowed to send used goods that they own without paying an import tax. If you are sending some things that are new, you can usually pay the local VAT just on those items. However, for smooth customs clearance, it is usually easier to not send anything that requires the payment of taxes. So if, for instance, you are sending a new elevated bed still in its box, try to buy it at least six months before we pick up your things. Also, keep receipts for anything.

Most countries require that you own things imported tax free for at least half a year. There is almost always some sort minimal amount of time that you should have lived abroad. There are countries that require that you receive some sort of proof or document from the consulate before you move. For most countries this will involve a trip to Houston, so if you will need several things done at the consulate, you might want to coordinate in advance. If you are not a citizen of the country you are moving to, you will need to get an immigration visa.

There are countries that have very specific regulations about things that shouldn’t be imported. For some there are religious regulations, others have ideological restrictions. Your SDC International Shipping relocation specialist will point you in the direction of specific information for your destination country.

International Car Moving from Dallas

If you are moving to a country that allows for the shipping of an automobile from the United States, it is usually a pretty good idea for you to do so. One of the things that you should check is that you are sending a car that is easily serviceable in the country you are moving to. Just like furniture, you should only send a car that is at least six months old and has been registered to you for this amount of time. It’s a great idea to check out the website of automobile manufacturers in your destination country, this will both show you what models you should think about and give you an appreciation of the tremendous savings you will get by sending your car from Dallas.

Moving from Dallas Checklist

There are many things that need to be done before you move:

  • Arrange for your immigration visa or long term residency permit if you are not a citizen of your destination country.
  • If you are a returning citizen, check to see if you require a proof of living abroad document.
  • Make sure that you have all of the necessary health documents required in your destination country. Many countries will only allow children to start school if they can show immunization history.
  • Contract SDC International Shipping to relocate your family.

International Shipping Options from Dallas

Most of our Dallas clients opt to send 20’ containers from Dallas. These usually have enough room for a typical move. If your new home will be large or if you will be sending a car, you will probably opt for a 40’ container. It is possible to send smaller shipment to most destinations, starting from 100 cubic feet for door to door service.

For some clients we will send automobiles separate from their household goods. If our logistics team find that this will be the most effective way to send your shipment, your car will be picked up via a car carrier and delivered to the port in your destination country, where you will bring it through a licensing facility.

As the total door to door deliver times can be up to 11 weeks, depending on the exact delivery location, many of our clients ask to send a portion of their belongings using air cargo. Air cargo usually requires only a week or so for delivery, so it is very convenient despite its high price.

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