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International Movers Dallas

SDC International Shipping is licensed and authorized by FMC and represented by 350 affiliate partners in more than 150 countries worldwide. 

We offer logistic services for moving household items and motor vehicles to any national and international destination, including packing, storage, clearance from Customs, and different pickup and delivery options.  

Whether you are relocating to or from Dallas for work, study, or other reasons, you want to make sure that you get the finest removal service. So while you focus on more important aspects of your move, we arrange the transport of your precious assets. 

  • Moving household items to any destination
  • Transparent process and upfront pricing
  • Maximum safety of your personal belongings 

International Movers Dallas Services 

Moving household items is more than shipping them from point A to point B. Our services also include: 


Professional packing protects your furniture and other personal effects from damage. Besides, when everything is packed and labeled correctly, the clearance process from Customs is fast and streamlined. 

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SDC International Shipping provides a free storage service for the first seven days. After we load up a container, it will be transported to one of our storage units. We can accommodate anything from a studio to a 3-bedroom size. 

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Customs Documentation

Your cargo should comply with export and import customs regulations. We will ensure that all the paperwork is correct and ready for Customs officer checks. Also, you will be informed of the taxes and duties that have to be paid.  

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Household Shipping

We can ship any household goods and homes of any size, a one-bedroom apartment or a four-bedroom house. SDC International Shipping is expert in moving furniture, kitchen cupboards, garages, storage rooms, major appliances, etc. 

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Vehicle Shipping 

Are you planning to get your vehicle or car to your new home? Then, you are at the right spot. Unlike other movers, we also ship cars. However, it’s important to know whether your vehicle is eligible for import in a particular country. Consult with our shipping agents before making any decision.

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When Your Shipment Needs a Special Care

Handling fragile items to and from Dallas

Overseas Artwork Shipping

Artwork shipping may seem like a challenging task, and, indeed, it is. But not with SDC international movers. We never fail and rarely have problems because we provide specific packaging based on your artwork’s material, size, shape, and weight.

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Piano Shipping   

We ship different types of pianos from Dallas. If your piano needs to be shipped in a container with climate control, we can arrange that too, for example, if you are sending a grand piano. More shipping solutions are available for other pianos, such as spinet or studio pianos. 

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Insurance Cover 

Many wonder whether the investment in marine insurance is worthwhile. The truth is that no matter the professional shipping service, something can always go wrong. So why risk losing your container without any chance of being compensated for the loss or damage? Although uncommon, containers get lost in the sea, and natural events occur. Plus, cargo damage can happen for many reasons. Purchasing marine insurance means you will be able to recover the total or partial value of missing or damaged items. 

If you need help with marine insurance, we are ready to assist you.

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Which Shipping Method is Good for You?

Air Freight Shipping 

If you need a service that falls under two categories, “extremely safe” and “fast,” then you can opt for air freight. This means that you will have a logistic specialist, climate control containers, expert packing, and appropriate equipment. Although the fastest shipping mode, it comes at a high price. For this reason, we recommend air freight from small shipments. 

Ocean freight Ocean freight is a reliable shipping method; it is “good” and “affordable.” Based on the value of your items, we can provide less specialized services that will still include good packing and handling by professionals. 

We provide three solutions on the two ends 

In any case, it’s about safety and efficiency 


  • Export Customs documentation 
  • Export Customs clearance
  • Port-to-port delivery


  • Export of shipping items
  • Import of personal belongings 
  • Door-to-port delivery
  • Port-to-door delivery


  • Packing
  • Inventory list in two languages
  • Import and export customs clearance 
  • Door-to-door delivery

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“I got my belongings in the best condition and on time. Your crew unloaded and unpacked everything at the spot at my new home. Thank you for the great arrangement of my shipment. Great job!”

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