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International Sea Freight

International sea freight is a great method to move your belongings overseas. SDC International Shipping can help your business ship products around the world with our international sea freight services. At SDC International Shipping we provide free estimates for all sea freight shipments. Our estimates will provide a thorough break out of costs. Your business will never be hit with hidden fees or costs for sea freight. When you need fast international sea freight, we can provide this to you along with free boxes and 24/7 shipment tracking. Contact our professional movers today for a quote!

Why Would I Need to Use Sea Freight for My Business?

There are many reasons why you need to use SDC International sea freight for your business, whether it’s a fortune 500 company or a mom-and-pop shop. If you run or manage a business today you are operating an international business in some capacity. Whether you are a small business or a multinational corporation there comes a time where you will most likely have to send product overseas.International Sea Freight Those products could be a crate of staplers, paper pulp, fabrics, or finished goods. Regardless of what those products are, the most cost effective way to ship them will be via sea freight. SDC International Shipping goes the extra mile to ensure that your sea freight is shipped safely and securely to its destination. SDC International Shipping has years of experience with sea freight for businesses. Give us a call when you want to transport goods with sea freight.

Why Should I Transport My Goods with Sea Freight?

You should transport your goods with sea freight because this is one of the cheapest and most reliable shipping options. This is the most cost effective and efficient way to ship furniture and personal household items overseas. SDC International Shipping is one of the best international moving companies in the United States. As part of our international moving package we provide sea freight services as well. We offer door to door, and port to port services. Meaning that your items are packed up by our skilled movers and sent to the nearest port of call. There a shipping container loaded with your items is placed on a ship and sent to the port nearest your destination. Once your sea freight shipment has arrived and cleared customs, we deliver it to your new home. SDC International air freight shipping has a network of international agents with years of experience in international moving, shipping, and sea freight. Our network of agents will help you handle the bureaucracy around international moves, including preparing all the proper documentation for your items. Click here to learn what our customers have to say about our fast shipping.

Why Choose SDC International Shipping to Ship Your Goods?

Choose SDC International Shipping to ship your goods because we  provide an entire suite of international shipping and moving options for both you and your business. SDC International Sipping provides efficient and cost-effective sea freight services that will get your items from port to port safely and securely. For more information about our sea freight services call SDC International Shipping today and ask for a free consultation.

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