Moving to Australia from the USA

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You are moving to Australia from the USA! We believe this is a great decision in your life that will bring you many exciting moments. However, there are things to be taken care of before you sit in the airplane and take off. One of the essential ones is hiring an international household mover to ship personal belongings to your destination.

When hiring SDC International Shipping, there are different ways we can get your belongings to Australia. 

How We Help Move You to Australia

International removal with SDC International Shipping is easy. We have the global reach to operate in many countries across Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

Whether you need to ship your stuff via ocean or air freight, we can arrange the pickup and delivery from point A to B. 

First, we’ll evaluate the volume of your goods and determine the cost of your move based on factors such as the size of your cargo, origin, destination, and other services. We will create a custom quote peculiar to your situation. Furthermore, after everything is concluded, we’ll initiate the shipping process. You can also book additional services: 

  • Packing and wrapping
  • Door-to-door solutions 
  • Pickup options from your home

We’ll deliver your household items to the port and prepare them for shipping. Once shipped, you’ll receive the Bill of Lading and know when the goods will arrive in Australia.  

What Not to Bring When Moving to Australia

Australia imposes strict rules on import goods, including household belongings. If you are moving for the long term, you will likely take everything with you. However, perhaps, it is worth considering to leave some things behind. 

For example, there are restrictions on items contaminated with plant or animal material. This is often a case with camping equipment, bikes, animal bedding, and carpets. If you send them without cleaning, they will require cleaning prior to Customs clearance; otherwise, they will be destroyed. And you will have to cover all the expenses. So remember that often buying new stuff in your new destination is cheaper than importing.

Similarly, keep in mind that some electronics and appliances may not work in Australia. For mobile phones and laptops, you should bring converters and plug adapters. 

When it comes to jewelry and other valuable items, we don’t recommend including these in your shipment. Instead, it’s better to pack them in your carry-on. 

For more information, visit the Australian Border Force website. It contains a very handy list of prohibited and restricted goods to Australia. We have derived the key notion that it’s important to clean everything and have a detailed list of items for each box.

Packing with SDC International Shipping

If you are sending personal effects to Australia, you can book our packing service. We can pack your things and prepare the required inventory list for Australian borders. 

Our custom clearing representatives assist with paperwork, including completing customs forms you must submit before you arrive. 

We have packing solutions for household and fragile artwork items, such as canvas paintings, sculptures, pianos, etc. You can expect packing and crating tailored to your needs.  

How to Ship to Australia

We offer two shipment freights – via ocean and air. 

Although ocean freight is the cheapest option, it takes longer to get your things, approximately 4-5 weeks.

On the other hand, although the most pricy shipment method, air freight is the fastest. 

Packing, loading, and delivery services are other variables that define the cost of international removal. As mentioned earlier, we offer door-to-door pickup and delivery that will affect the total cost of your move if you choose to book these services. 

To Which Port Will We Ship In Australia?

When moving to Australia from the USA, we will ship to the port nearest to your destination. Additionally, you can book a port-to-door service, and we will deliver your cargo to any city or rural area in the country.   

Main shipping ports in Australia are: 

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane 
  • Perth/Fremantle
  • Adelaide 

Helping Move Your Car to Australia

Car removal to Australia is a complex process due to the country’s distinct import regulations. They regulate many situations, such as importing a luxury car or owning it for less than twelve months. In some cases, your vehicle may require modification with official approval from the Australian engineer. 

Besides, all vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, trailers, etc., must get a “Vehicle Import Approval” prior to arriving in Australia. 

But these are just a fraction of scenarios that affect the import eligibility. That’s why it’s vital to take advantage of the experienced international vehicle mover and, thus, avoid any surprises during Customs clearance. 

SDC International Shipping has successfully shipped hundreds of cars overseas. We know all the ins and outs of the entire process and make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. 

We can transport your auto in FCL (Full Container Load), LCL (Less than Container Load), or on the RORO vessel. The shipment cost depends on the shipping method, destination, departure, and vehicle information. 

We have several departure locations throughout the USA, so your auto will be shipped to the port nearest to you. For example, if you live in Los Angeles, we will arrange sea transit from Port of Long Beach or Los Angeles. If your original address is in San Francisco, we will ship the vehicle from the Port of Oakland. 

Do You Need International Moving Insurance? 

Yes, you need international moving insurance when moving to Australia from the USA. Even professional packing may not save your household items, such as clothes, books, furniture, etc., from damage and loss caused by unforeseen circumstances. The distance between the USA and Australia is long; therefore, we recommend that you insure your cargo. In case of any unexpected perils, you will be reimbursed the partial or the full cost of the shipment value, depending on the contract terms. 

We offer a few insurance options to our clients, including assistance in finding a third-party moving insurance provider. 

How to Figure Out Coverage Options

Determining how much coverage you need is important for adequate replacement of damaged items. 

We will ask you to provide a list of your belongings and indicate each item’s value. When writing the value, list a replacement cost in Australia. This should be the amount you need to replace the lost or damaged item. 

For instance, let’s take your office chair. If you decide to sell it in your destination country in the yard sale, you will get around $100. But if the chair is lost in transit, that amount won’t be enough to buy a new one. So, insure the chair and other things in your possession based on their current cost of replacing. 

As an alternative, you can choose coverage only for high-value items, listing only those you wish to insure. 

List of Things to Know for Moving to Australia

Before moving to Australia from the USA, there are things to know to ensure that your relocation is the best experience for you and your family. Fortunately, we’re here to break it down for you. Here are the following things to consider. 

  • Don’t ship any perishable goods. 
  • Australia prohibits the import of seeds, grains, and plants. You need to clean items, such as gardening tools, bikes, etc., from dirt or any part of plants, soil, seed, or dried flowers.  
  • Exclude firearms, illegal drugs, pornographic materials.
  • Alcohol is allowed, but it is among restricted items. It’s subject to duty and must be declared.
  • A person should be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to ship items to Australia.
  • All auto vehicles are subject to duty/GST.
  • A shipper must be in Australia to release his shipment. 
  • You can take with you a dog or cat but not a bird. 
  • Animals have to stay in quarantine and must have a certificate of vaccination.
  • Before moving to Australia with your pets, you must obtain a prior Import Permit from the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. 

Request SDC International Mover Cost

By booking a shipping service from the SDC International Shipping, you’ll get all the assistance you need to move your household goods to Australia. 

If you are ready for your big move, contact us and turn your move into a pleasant adventure. Call now and get a free estimate by filling out our online quote form.  

Moving to Australia from the USA

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