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International Moving Company to Indonesia

SDC International Shipping facilitates many relocations to Indonesia each year. In the past, most of our clients moving there were returning citizens. In the past few years, we have seen a growing number of clients who have chosen Indonesia as the destination for their retirement relocation.

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01 | International Household Moving to Indonesia
02 | International Car Shipping to Indonesia
03 | Indonesian Customs and Regulations
04 | Moving to Indonesia Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options to Indonesia

If you are relocating to Indonesia as a representative of an American company or at the invitation of an Indonesian company, you must get an employment visa before your departure.

Whether permanently or just for a few years, moving to Indonesia will be an exciting life event. There are many challenges with the move, and SDC International Shipping is here to help. An international moving company to Indonesia, we have experience relocating customers to the country and getting you there easily.

International Household Moving to Indonesia

In general, it is prudent to take most of your American furniture with you when you move to Indonesia if the dwelling can accommodate them. It won’t be easy to get the same degree of quality that you have in the United States. In the final cost, you will find that sending your existing furniture to your new home will be the most costly.

When you move from the United States to Indonesia, you should bring many of your household items and personal goods and effects with you. You have, of course, chosen Indonesia because it is the country where you want to live. Along with that, you have become accustomed to many American things that are not readily available in Indonesia. You will want to bring or send them with you.

International household moving to Indonesia is a specialty of SDC International Shipping. We know how to move your household items to Indonesia. Our experienced movers will prepare and protect your belongings. They will carefully remove the legs and stands of most tables and beds and wrap them for protection. Until your cargo reaches its destination, it will pass a number of hands, trucks, and in Indonesia may be additional ships. We will do our best to avoid damage.

Taking personal effects with you to your new country is done by everyone. In addition to clothes, consider sending a supply of toiletries and kitchen stuff in your shipment. Eventually, you will get used to the products available in Indonesia, but you will need a supply of things like shampoo and shortening, at least for a while. Don’t forget to bring books and materials for your hobbies and a good supply to hold you over.

Do you own a bicycle? Cycling is popular both for transportation and recreation in Indonesia. If you like cycling, bring several bikes. If you qualify for tax-free into Indonesia, the bikes will have to be in your possession for six months. Go ahead and buy new bikes and take them for a ride, but keep the receipts and take them for a ride. New bikes in Indonesia will cost far more than in the USA.

The electricity in Indonesia is identical to that of Europe, both plugs and current. Major appliances won’t work well, but electronics and small appliances will (anything that can accommodate 230v). If you decide to send these in your shipment, make sure to record the exact serial numbers.

SDC International Shipping insists that all of its relocation clients order door delivery in Indonesia. Customs clearance in Indonesia is a long and complicated process that can only be done by professional Indonesian tax clerks, including a long list of necessary stamps that must be done only in order. Any mistake leads to long stays in customs clearance warehouses that are very costly to you.

International Car Shipping to Indonesia

Sending an automobile to Indonesia is not permitted. Indonesia also does not allow for the import of motorcycles from the United States.

Indonesian Customs and Regulations

Please note that the type of visa you have will determine your eligibility for tax-free import. Those entering the country on a retirement visa do not have the privilege of importing a container duty-free. That right is now reserved to those who possess both a residential permit known as a KITAand an employment visa known as an IMTA.

If you are retiring to Indonesia, it still makes sense to send a container but expect to pay some duty on it. Using our door-to-door service, expect your shipment to arrive directly at your destination through our Indonesian partners. There are additional requirements for retirees, such as employing an Indonesian citizen in your home and a minimal income.

If you are a returning Indonesian citizen, you will need to make a packing list before pick up and present it to an Indonesian consulate, where you will receive a Surat Keterangan Barang Pindahan (reference letter). This list does not need to be as accurate as of the shipping list that will be made for you by SDC International Shipping’s movers when they come to load your shipment.

If you are not yet a citizen of Indonesia, you will need to obtain an NPWP, similar to an American social security number. After six months, you will need to enroll in Jaminan Sosial Nasional using this number.

Consider bringing your pet carefully. It might be best to leave it with a family member. Like many island nations, Indonesia is very strict about animal import. You can bring a dog to Jakarta, but Bali, Madura, the Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Irian Jaya, Kalimantan Barat, and parts of Sumatra are considered 100% rabies-free and will not allow for the import of pets. If you are moving to a different area and want to bring your pet, please note that you will require a specific import license and should start this process at least four months before your departure, preferably earlier.

Moving to Indonesia Checklist

SDC International Shipping’s movers will soon arrive to relocate you to Indonesia. In the meantime you must prepare many things:

  • Immigration visa. If you are retiring you require an ITAS. If you going to work you will need an IMTA.
  • If you are a returning citizen, you must obtain a Surat Keterangan Barang Pindahan letter from the Indonesian embassy.
  • Health insurance – if you are a citizen you can use the basic treatment at a nominal cost. For most of our clients, this will be insufficient, and we recommend seeking a private. Health insurance is a condition of your visa.
  • Immunization records. Please consult the CDC Indonesia recommendations page. Not all of the immunizations are available everywhere, so plan early.
  • You should make sure that you have ready access to many documents including birth certificates, school records, health records, marriage or divorce certificates.
  • Make sure that you have an efficient way to access your American bank account. Recent changes require text messages to be sent to your phone, so make sure that you have some method of receiving these like Google Voice or a VOIP.

International Shipping Options to Indonesia

There are several different options for international shipping to Indonesia offered by SDC International Shipping.

Typical shipping times to Indonesia are 5-8 weeks for door-to-door service. Unfortunately, the Byzantine customs clearance can take over a week, so exact delivery dates are tough to estimate. If you need something quickly, air cargo is the way to go. It is more expensive but only takes about a week to most locations.

For an entire household, the air is not an option. It is way too expensive. You can send either a full container load or a partial load. We can send shipments starting from 100 cubic feet. Please consult your SDC International Shipping relocation specialist for details. Please note that even if you send a private container in Indonesia, it will be opened by customs and may be delivered using moving vans and not the container.

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