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International Movers to Liechtenstein

International Moving Company to Liechtenstein specialists in the shipments of household goods, personal effects, automobiles and commercial goods with SDC International Shipping to Liechtenstein

International Movers to Liechtenstein

There are many great reasons to relocate to the Principality of Liechtenstein if you are lucky enough to be amongst the few allowed to live there. While the country is very small, it is in the heart of Europe, conveniently located between Switzerland and Austria. With the combination of classical European landscape and architecture and world class, modern medicine, the country is also a well-known tax haven, with low income tax for the very rich, and is a preferred destination for retirement relocation for high income people.

If you are relocating to Europe as a representative of an American company and looking for a good base, Liechtenstein is a natural choice for many. The country is expensive to live in, but people there are affluent, have high salaries, and pay relatively little taxes. Politically, Liechtenstein is tightly aligned with its neighbor Switzerland, using the Swiss Franc as the official currency, and the language is the Swiss dialect of German Alemannic. Like Switzerland, Liechtenstein is a member of the European Free Trade Association, but not the European Union. It participates in the Schengen Area, meaning that citizens of most European nations do not require a visa to enter.

However, moving to the country is not easy. Liechenstein operates a restrictive policy when it comes to living in the country. Even if you work for a company in the principality, you aren’t permitted to live there. The country grants only 89 residence permits per year. Even if you are offered a job in Liechtenstein, the chances are that you will be moving to Switzerland and commuting to the principality.

Moving to Liechtenstein or Switzerland will be an exciting life changing event. An international moving company to Liechtenstein, we have relocated many clients to Switzerland, where you will likely be moving.

International Movers to Liechtenstein

International Household Moving to Liechtenstein

If you are a citizen of Liechtenstein, we will be more than happy to help you return to your home. Otherwise you will probably be moving to Switzerland or Austria.

In general, it is prudent to take most of your American furniture with you when you move to Liechtenstein. If, for instance, you will be moving to Buchs for an easy train commute to Vaduz, expect the houses to be spacious. You can expect to find furniture in Switzerland quite easily, but don’t expect to get the quality that you are used to and expect to pay a lot more. We recommend that you check some websites and call local furniture stores to get an idea of what you should expect. From our experience, clients tend to send a lot of furniture from the United States to these countries.

You should take all of your personal effects with you when you move to Europe. Consider sending a supply of toiletries and kitchen stuffs in your shipment in addition to your clothes. Eventually you will get accustomed to the products available in Liechtenstein, until then you will need a supply of things like shampoo and shortening if you use it, at least for a while. Don’t forget to bring English books and materials for your hobbies and a good supply to hold you over.

Do you ski? If you are moving to Liechtenstein, the chances are that you do. There is a huge selection of places to ski very close to wherever you end up living. If you need to renew gear, now is a great time to do it, as you will find the gear far more costly in Europe.

International household moving to Liechtenstein is one of SDC International Shipping’s specialties. We highly recommend that you use SDC’s professional packing service. Packing on your own is discouraged. Items that you pack by yourself can’t be insured against damage. Our moving team will bring boxes that are especially designed for mirrors and artwork, kitchen items, and clothes in addition to standard boxes. If needed, our movers can build crates of custom sizes that will protect your special items.

Major American appliances will not and should not be considered for shipment. Their electricity is incompatible and the houses are built for the standard European appliances. However, small appliances that have external power adapters usually will work well in Europe, as will most electronics. This includes computers, screens, modern home connected products, etc.

International Car Shipping to Liechtenstein

If you are a returning citizen of Liechtenstein, you can bring a car with you from America. If you are planning on settling in Switzerland or Austria, please see the car shipping instructions for those countries.

Liechtenstein Customs and Regulations

Liechtenstein is in the middle of Europe. It is a part of the European Customs Union but it is not a member of the European Union. Some, but not all of its regulations are aligned with those of its EU neighbors. Liechstein does not allow immigration. This website provides the current official policy of the Eidgenössische Zollverwaltung in English, for those moving to Switzerland.

The Swiss taxation system is reminiscent of the American model of federal and state levels. In Switzerland they call them cantons instead of states. As Liechtenstein is in a customs union with Switzerland, your income will be taxed smoothly without cross border complications.

Your import tariffs will be at the federal level, but income is taxed at both. The income tax in Switzerland is far lower than in neighboring countries, with value added tax being 7% compared to the average of 20% in the EU.

Immigrants bringing their personal belongings with them don’t have many problems when moving to Switzerland. There are few restrictions on what you can bring. The standard 7% VAT rate is charged to new items that you send. Used goods are not assessed for import duties.

You will have to present a comprehensive list of the things that you are sending. SDC International Shipping will prepare this list for you when our movers come to load your shipment. Be very careful to be specific if you prepare your own list.

Switzerland allows you to import your goods in stages. To do this, you will need to declare the different shipments a priori. Check with SDC International Shipping’s experts if you are considering this.

Movers to Liechtenstein Checklist

SDC International Shipping is ready to relocate you to Liechtenstein or one of its neighbors. You will have to get some things in order:

  • Immigration visa. If you are a citizen of any EU country you won’t need this right away.
  • Your family immunization records. You will be required to show MMR vaccination history.
  • You will need to send us your automobile or motorcycle title and license early if you are sending them.
  • American citizens are encouraged to renew American passports before travel
  • Check your financial arrangements. If you will be transferring money regularly either to or from the United States, this should be arranged. Get a copy of your credit report and see what your bank requires to effectively access your account when living abroad.

International Shipping Options

There are several different options for international shipping to Liechtenstein offered by SDC International Shipping. Luckily for you, both Austria and Switzerland are destinations where we can offer our best rates. As we send so many shipping containers to Europe each month, we can offer the best rates using our groupage consolidations. We send several of the largest available containers to Europe each month, allowing our clients to combine their shipments and enjoy low costs. This option allows you to send any size shipment for door to door service, starting from 100 cubic feet. This method takes a little longer but saves our clients a lot.

We can also send private containers for those who prefer this method. 20’ and 40’ containers are available. For those who have urgent shipments, we can send a portion of their things using air cargo.

Please plan early as it will help us offer you more.

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