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Moving to Australia from the USA

Published on Jul 08, 2021 by Kfir Cohen

Are you planning to move to Australia from the US? Great decision, and we are here to help you out. Australia is among the preferred relocation places of the Americans, and it has many benefits to back this fact. 

The economic condition of this country is good. You will find many native English speakers, job prospects, and better, and the quality of living is also a significant factor why people move to Australia.

What’s on this page?

01 | Can a US citizen live in Australia?
02 | Things to Know Before Moving to Australia
03 | Visas and work permits for moving to Australia
04 | Moving Household Goods to Australia
05 | Moving to Australia Checklist
06 | Cost of Living in Australia
07 | International Moving Services

The economic condition of this country is good. You will find many native English speakers, job prospects, and better, and the quality of living is also a significant factor why people move to Australia.

But, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while relocating to Australia. From preparing visa papers to shipping household goods, you need to have a clear checklist of what’s allowed and what’s not.

You don’t have to worry; we have done the complete research for you and listed it down in an easy way. 

Can a US citizen live in Australia?

Of course, yes, thousands of people from the US migrate to Australia to start a new life or a profession. It is a great place for US citizens to enjoy life with less hassle. The answer to this question is yes, but you need to have some important papers with you. 

For living in Australia, there are three major ways you can get access. The first is— if anybody from your family or relative lives in Australia or New Zealand, you can apply for a family visa, and there are high chances of success there.

If none of your relatives live in Australia or New Zealand, you need a work visa to move to Australia if you have a job offer from an Australian company, your chances of getting a clearance double. 

If you are a US student and seek higher education in Australia, there is a different process. You can stay in this country till your graduation completes. Once you have the complete paperwork complete, it becomes easier to migrate from the USA to Australia.

Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

Australia is quite different from the America of Great Britain. Here, the culture is way more vivid than in the US because of numerous reasons like the weather and the beautiful seashores. 

If you are planning to shift a lot of things with you, it’s better to get in touch with us to guide you on what’s allowed and what’s not. For example, the voltage in Australia is 230V which is way higher than the US’s 120V.

An important thing to note is that Australia has some quarantine laws if you are planning to bring animals or plants. You need to check their official custom website to check if you can bring your pet or certain plants to Australia. 

Another thing you need to figure out before landing in Australia is owning a bank account. Many banks let you open an account even before you arrive there. We recommend you talk to a financial planner to get these things to do for you to save more time. Do tell your financier what type of account you are willing to open there before you arrive.

Visas and work permits for moving to Australia

Before you start packing, make sure you have all the important documents updated and ready with you. Make sure your passport has enough pages. If any of your family members are eligible for a special kind of visa, check it on the official immigration website. 

You must make at least 3 sets of copies of all the important documents. From your official job offering letter to passport, photographs, and other important bank documents, avoid the last-minute hassle. 

Coming to a visa, the Australian government offers multiple visas for people who want to come and settle here. If your husband or wife lives in Australia or New Zealand and he or she is a permanent resident, you can apply for this visa but, you need to be outside of Australia while applying.

Moving Household Goods to Australia

Household items are easy to ship in Australia, and the government will not levy any custom if the items are at least 12 months older and used by you. You need to check the customs list of items that are allowed to ship to Australia.

You need to note that Australia has a voltage of 230V, and here in the US, it’s 120V. If you plan to ship heavy items like washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, or television, you need to use some heavy stabilizers to operate them safely. 

We recommend you sell heavy-duty stuff here in the US, and you can easily buy new ones at almost the same prices. For smaller electronic items like coffee machines, laptops, speakers, you can use them through an adapter. You also need to check what type of furniture is allowed to ship on their official immigration website. 

If you are not sure what to pack and what to sell, you can get in touch with us, and our team will help you prepare a quick list for your convenience. 

Moving to Australia Checklist—Things you will need to check

  • First, do check all the important papers that you will need during immigration. It includes passport, visa, driving license, work permit, personal important documentation, bank documents, and photographs.
  • Always have a point of contact in the native country so that he or she can help you in any case
  • Cancel all ongoing subscriptions that are only valid in the US and not in Australia. Visit your bank manager to get your account statement updated. Make sure you are not having any dues pending.
  • Open a bank account in Australia at least a month ago you visit here. Apply for a credit card, talk to your finance consultant to process things faster. 
  • Double-check your Insurance and cover plans before you board the flight. Make sure you and your family members’ health insurance are updated. 
  • Search for the mode of transportation from the airport to your destination. You don’t want to get into a hassle in finding a cab, right?
  • If you are carrying alcohol or cigarettes with you, do check the allowed limit on their official immigration website otherwise, you need to pay heavy taxes during the immigration. 
  • While shipping your pets with you, make sure you have the latest health certification. You need to apply for special permit 7 months before your arrival.  

Cost of Living in Australia

Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but still comparable to US standards. Keep in mind that, you will have to convert US dollars to Australian dollars prior to your arrival.

Here you can see some prices for comparison:

Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant$14.93$15.00
One-way Ticket (Local Transport)$3.14$2.25
Domestic Beer (0.5-liter bottle)$4.03$2.46
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre$2,074.93$2,161.64
Internet (60 Mbps or More )$57.07$65.90

International Moving Services

We at SDC International Shipping bring you easy and quick international shipping from America to Australia. Our team follows important safety guidelines while shipping goods to your doorsteps. Get in touch with us for an instant quote for hassle-free shipment.

We offer door-to-door international shipping from the US to any part of the world. Experience faster and more secure shipping with SDC International. Call us, and we would be happy to guide you for a peasant relocation. From packing to dispatching your precious goods, our team takes care of everything.

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