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You live in the epicenter of worldwide shipping.

San Francisco and the Greater Bay areas are our fields of service at SDC. As San Francisco International Movers, we’ve been helping hundreds of people relocate overseas. We have been moving household items and vehicles for almost ten years. 

Did you know that SF is considered a hub of international shipping in the USA? So you are lucky to live in this city. If you need to ship something to the other side of the world, it is easy and even cheap. 

Move with SDC International Shipping 

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the USA, and it’s hard to imagine who would want to move out of such an amazing place offering breath-taking views, nature, and all the modern amenities to make your life convenient. Yet San Franciscans do leave the city for many reasons. According to, significant outward migration increased by 21% during the pandemic. 

But, there are real people behind these numbers, and you are likely one of them. So whether you are moving overseas for a new job or new adventures and experiences, we want to excel in giving you the best shipping experience. 

SDC International Moving Quote

SF moving quotes rest on a dozen of variables. Among many are pickup service, sea or air transport of your cargo, and packing services. The distance between San Francisco and the destination will also play its part in determining a shipping cost. For example, the quote for moving your belongings to Germany will differ from shipping to the UAE.  

Due to the uniqueness of every situation, our logistics experts create personalized quotes. If you are comparing different companies and our rate seems too high, we’ll be happy to explain the difference and what we’ve included in the shipping cost. There’s always a reason why some quotes are too cheap, and others seem to come at a high price. 

Get Your Things Packed and Relax

Adequately packed household items entail protected contents of your shipment. Before packing your stuff, we’ll consider factors such as size, weight, dimension, and fragility. In addition, some household articles may require specialized cushioning techniques and others pallet support. Items like books, documents, sharp objects, toys, photographs, and electronics also require proper packaging supplies. 

When preparing your shipment, San Francisco International Movers will ensure the security of the items. We’ll perform packaging relevant to its contents, the mode of transport, and the conditions it will go through. 

Need to Get Your Stuff Very, Very Quickly? 

Airfreight, by far, is the fastest transportation option. Your household goods or a car can travel to your doorstep within two-three days. However, it is more expensive than the ocean freight. In addition, with the global pandemic, it is the most reliable avenue in terms of departure and arrival times. 

You Are Not Time-Sensitive? 

If you don’t need your container to reach you tomorrow, then ocean freight is your option. In fact, the world’s seas and oceans are the main transportation methods for most household and commercial cargo. Although a transit time may take over a month, it’s worth the lower cost of making your personal belongings outside the USA.  

No matter which transportation mode you choose, San Francisco International Movers will help you arrange a seamless move from one point to another. 

Picking a Shipping Container 

Shipping containers come in different sizes and dimensions. So the choice of the container will depend on the size and volume of your household goods and whether you need to include a vehicle. Yes, you heard it right – it’s possible to combine car and personal effects in one container. 

At SDC International Shipping, we know everything about containers. So after evaluating the personal belongings, we’ll help you choose a suitable container. 

We’ve Got You For Shipping Insurance 

Your shipment can encounter many situations that are impossible to foresee. It can be moisture, vibration, and even rough handling. Although we provide packaging services to help prevent predictable factors, we can’t control everything. However, if your household items get damaged or lost, you can be covered with international moving insurance. What can we insure?

  • Any contents in your container 
  • Cars and vehicles
  • Pianos
  • Artwork objects 

Auto Shipping from San Francisco 

Do you need to ship a Car overseas? We can help there, too. San Francisco International Movers provide international vehicle shipping. We send passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, motorcycles, classic and luxury autos. Of course, not all vehicles can be eligible for import; each country sets its own import regulation. But you don’t need to worry. We’ll check with the regulatory policies of your destination country and tell you about your options.

Piano and Artwork Shipping Services

Pianos and artwork items are fragile and vulnerable things and require much care in handling. SDC International Movers can arrange safe transportation of high-value items, whether by sea or ocean.

      Overseas Artwork Shipping                                                                         International Piano Shipping 

Trouble-Free Export and Import

For your convenience, we offer a complete export and import paperwork solution. We will prepare all required documents to make international freight by ship or plane as easy as possible. 

Trust is Very Fragile, and We Strive to Maintain It

“SDC International Shipping was efficient in packing and delivering my shipment. They picked up the crates on time. I received multiple updates on the status of the shipment. San Francisco – Amsterdam via ocean freight took 6 weeks. Some boxes arrived open, but nothing was damaged. I am grateful.”   

“Their rates are higher than with other competitors, but it is worth it. The crew that came to make a list of our belongings was very friendly. Everything was packed and loaded in a 40ft container within five hours. They worked like machines, really. The shipment arrived safely. Thanks so much.” 

Why SDC International Shipping?

We’ve Got You Beat

You don’t need to know about all the ins and outs of the shipping process because we can cover you on every step. We are experts on your side and ready to assist you with the right decisions.

Prompt Communication

Whether our clients face a problem with their shipment, worry about the status of their cargo, or just want to ask a funny question, we guarantee a fast response. You won’t feel neglected!

Truth and Only Truth

Do you want to know the shipping cost for your household goods or vehicle? We aren’t playing a game here– giving you one price and then surprisingly springing a totally different rate on you.  

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