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Qatar is a small but exciting country in the Arabian Gulf. The capital Doha hosts a large expat community, drawn to an attractive 0% income tax rate and a warm climate. English is widely spoken, as many Qataris go to the UK for studies, and it continues to be the favorite destination for many Qataris.

Moving to Qatar for several years to work in the petroleum industry is common. We also send shipments for many Qataris who have been living in the United States for a few years.

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02 | International Car Shipping to Qatar
03 | Qatari Customs and Regulations
04 | Moving to Qatar Checklist
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A move to Qatar will be an exciting, life-changing event. The culture is very different from American. Some challenges will accompany your move, and SDC International Shipping will be there to help.

As an international moving company to Qatar, we send both commercial and residential shipments regularly.

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International Household Moving to Qatar

If you have decided to move from the United States to Qatar, you will want to bring many of your American household items and personal goods and effects.

You have chosen to move to Qatar because it is an exciting country where you want to live, but all Qataris know that there is great stuff available in the United States that you will want to have with you in Qatar.

Doha is an affluent, cosmopolitan city. You can find lots of luxury goods there. What you might not be able to find so easily is good old American furniture.

If you like opulence, it is expensive and accessible in Doha. What will be harder to find is the furniture that you are used to, like the living room or bedroom furniture. Bring yours with you.

As the average Qatari family size is 9, many homes in Qatar are large and should not have a problem accommodating everything you are sending from the United States. SDC International Shipping will prepare your international household to move to Qatar.

A lot of furniture might be damaged in shipping. To minimize the chance that this will happen, our movers will take apart tables, beds, and other furniture. Each piece will be individually protected. We use wrapping, carton pads, bubble wrap, and cloth furniture pads, using whatever is most appropriate for each piece.

When your shipment arrives at its destination in Qatar, everything that was disassembled will be reassembled. Our movers will remove moving debris, including any empty boxes, while the movers are still there.

International Car Shipping to Qatar

Sending an automobile to Qatar is a great idea. Keep in mind that the summers can be very hot in Qatar, meaning that not all cars will be suitable. Dark body colors should be avoided, and make sure that you are bringing are sending a model available in Qatar so that you will be able to get replacement parts there quickly.

Premium and luxury models that are popular in America like Cadillac, Lexus, and Infiniti will have the same models available and are great candidates for import.

Your car should be clean and empty for shipping to Qatar. Our movers will empty the car of liquids and gases before loading it. Specialized shipping services of automobiles to the Persian Gulf are costly.

However, if you ship your car in your container, it is quite reasonable. We recommend sending a 40’ container that can accommodate all of your household goods along with your automobile for those who want international car shipping to Qatar.

Qatar does not impose special taxes on the import of automobiles. Cars are taxed at the rate of 5% of their value, and there is no special tax holiday. Qatar also allows for the import of motorcycles from the United States.

Keep in mind that it can be extremely hot in Qatar, don’t forget to get jackets, gloves, and pants suitable for the hottest climates if you don’t already have them. Send spares in your container.

Qatari Customs and Regulations

Qatar does not generally accept immigrants. Returning citizens can bring their families with them. If you are moving to Qatar for work, you will need to be sponsored by your employer. Please keep in mind that women in Qatar are required to have permission to work from their husbands.

If you are sending a commercial shipment, please note that you must register there before sending a shipment.

All shipments to Qatar require an accurate and detailed shipping list. If you are sending a commercial shipment, please include this. If you are a returning Qatari citizen, we will prepare this list for you when our movers come to load your container for shipment to Qatar.

Please note that Qatar has many restrictions on import, including most old recorded materials like CDs or DVDs, films, and tapes. Do not send any communications equipment, foodstuffs, computers, and most art and toys.

Moving to Qatar Checklist

We are thrilled that you have chosen SDC International Shipping for your Qatar relocation. Our logistics staff will be in touch with you shortly, in the meantime, start preparing:

  • Visa. If you have a work permit your Qatari employer will need to sponsor you.
  • If you are an American citizen, don’t forget to renew your American passports unless you have more time remaining on it than you will be abroad. This is much more easily done in the United States.
  • Immunization records. Consult the CDC recommendations for Qatar. Of note is Hepatitis A which most Americans aren’t immunized against.
  • If you are moving with children, you should register them for school early. There are several English speaking schools if you are interested in that.
  • Ensure that you have a way to access your American bank account when you will be in Qatar. Recent changes to regulations require that you have the ability to receive text messages to log into most major American banks. If you are not a Qatari citizen, it will be helpful to have a copy of your credit report with you.

International Shipping Options

Almost all returning Qatari citizens choose to send private containers. As clearing customs is tricky, we insist that all residential clients have door delivery.

Our logistics team will coordinate moving your cargo to its destination. 20’ containers with 1100 cubic feet of storage space are common, appropriate for a 3 bedroom household.

If you are sending an automobile together with your household goods or a larger shipment, a 40’ container with 2200 cubic feet of storage space is available. It is possible to send smaller shipments, starting at 100 cubic feet for door-to-door delivery.

Sea shipping times to Qatar are 5-9 weeks, depending on your origination location. Many of our clients choose to send a portion of the things that they will need more immediately using air cargo, which usually arrives in about a week from most locations in the USA.

If you are only moving for a few years, you might want to send only a portion of your things and leave a portion in storage. SDC International shipping can facilitate this with a single pick-up from your home.

We can put a portion of your things in storage and send the rest to your home in Qatar. For our overseas relocation clients, we offer the first month of storage at no additional cost.

International Moving From USA to Any Destination

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