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International Movers to Montenegro

International Moving Company to Montenegro specializing in the shipment of household goods, personal effects, automobiles, and commercial goods with SDC to Montenegro.

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01 | International Household Moving to Montenegro
02 | International Car Shipping to Montenegro
03 | Montenegrin Customs and Regulations
04 | Moving to Montenegro Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options

There are many great reasons to relocate to Montenegro. While the country is small it has a great location with wonderful weather. Life in the Balkans will be far different from what you are used to in America. The country provides plenty.

Moving to Montenegro will change the way you live. While the country does not have a long tradition of expats moving there, as it tries to achieve membership in the European Union, they are making more efforts to accommodate newcomers. As a part of this effort, Montenegro has adopted the Euro as its currency.

International Household Moving to Montenegro

Many Americans select Montenegro as the destination of choice for their European retirement. The country is beautiful, with fantastic mountain views everywhere in the country. With a long coast on the Adriatic Sea, the country is natural for those who love sailing, fishing, and water sports.

You will find that the houses in Montenegro are typical of a size that can accommodate your American household. You should send all of your furniture. You will not be able to duplicate the quality of your American furniture in Montenegro. When we send your furniture, we will disassemble pieces like beds and tables. The individual legs and stands will all be wrapped to help protect them from damage during the long sea journey from your American home to your destination in Montenegro. When your shipment arrives in Montenegro, anything that was disassembled at the origin will be reassembled when it arrives.

We recommend that those who love water sports stock up on their gear. Angling in the Adriatic is legendary, so if you are a fisherman, send your gear, but make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned it. If you decide to send a boat, it should also be cleaned.

We recommend that you send spare clothing with you. You may not find the array of choices available in the United States anywhere in Montenegro. You should also bring along a good supply of books. Montenegro has actual seasons, where it is warm to hot in the summer and mild to cold in the winter. You will more than likely settle somewhere near the coast.

Also consider bringing along supplies for your favorite leisure activities and sports. If you ski, you can ski both in Montenegro and neighboring countries. If you have strong legs, you’ll find that Montenegro is a cyclist’s paradise. Put bicycles in your shipping container.

You should use SDC International Shipping’s professional movers to pack your things. Some people like to pack themselves to save a little bit of money, but it is often a case of “what is cheap is expensive”. Those who pack themselves often make costly mistakes like using the wrong type of packing materials, filling in forms incorrectly, or squandering cargo space. When our movers do the packing, they will provide you with everything that you need, all that you have to do is reserve us a spot to park the moving van outside your house.

We bring new boxes that are suitable for international shipping. Let your SDC International Shipping’s relocation specialist know specifics about everything that you are sending so that we can include special boxes for wall art and mirrors, dish packs, wardrobes, etc. We will even build customs crates if necessary.

International Car Shipping to Montenegro

You can send a car to Montenegro with you. The most effective way of shipping a car is as a part of the contents of a shipping container. While it is plausible to send an automobile on special car transport, it is most cost effective to send it within your container, as the special car service to Montenegro is expensive.

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When we come to load your cargo for shipment to Montenegro, your automobile will be the last thing placed in. We will send a special car lift to get your car into the container. All liquids will be drained, and the battery will be disconnected. When your car is delivered to you, you will have to have it registered within 30 days.

To send the automobile, you will have to send your car’s title and license to SDC International Shipping. We will have the title cleared and returned to you before shipping. If you purchased your car with financing, please make sure that the title is clean before sending it to us.

Keep in mind that many of the roads in Montenegro are narrow and steep.

Do you love sailing? We can send yachts to Montenegro, send on their trailers using a method known as roll on roll off.

Montenegrin Customs and Regulations

If you are not currently a citizen of Montenegro, you require a visa to move there. If you work for a company based in Montenegro you can get a work residency permit. If you purchase a home in the country, you will find it easier to obtain a long-term residency permit. Houses are surprisingly affordable, and owning a house will ensure your right to live in the country.

This Montenegro Customs Administration site provides updated information about the rules and regulations of the country’s customs regime.

Moving to Montenegro Checklist

SDC International Shipping is ready to relocate your family to Montenegro. Now it’s time to prepare the necessary documents:

  • Stalni boravak (permanent residency visa).
  • Personal family documents including birth certificates, passport, marriage or divorce certificates, driver’s license, medical records.
  • Learn Montenegrin. The language of Montenegro is similar to Serbo Croatian, but you will need to learn it if you plan on living there.
  • You will likely need to continue accessing your American bank accounts and other financial institutions on a regular basis. Make sure that you will be able to do this.
  • Bring your families medical and immunization history. Medical care in Montenegro for foreigners is regulated by the law of healthcare.
  • When you send a car or motorcycle, you will need to send us the documents for these early.
  • Make copies of any diplomas that you have received. If you have earned any professional accreditations or certificates, make sure to make readily accessible copies of them.

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International Shipping Options

Your shipment is normally sent to Montenegro via sea shipment. As this is a location that usually takes 6-10 weeks for door-to-door service, some of our clients choose to send a portion of their shipment as air cargo. While air cargo is far more expensive than sea cargo, it only takes about a week for door delivery from most pickup locations in the United States via Podgorica Airport.

For those sending a household, we offer 40’ containers which have a volume of 2200 cubic feet and can store a large household or a 3 bedroom house with a car, a 20’ container which is sufficient for a typical 3 bedroom with 1100 cubic feet of cargo space.

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Many of our clients choose to send smaller shipments, known as LCL or less than full container loads. For shipments like these, our movers will pick up your cargo in a moving van, bring it to one of our warehouses where it will be palletized and prepared for shipment. We can offer LCL door-to-door service starting from 100 cubic feet shipment volume.

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