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International Moving Company to Poland

Published on Aug 02, 2021 by Kfir Cohen

International Moving Company to Poland specialists in relocation and shipments of household goods, personal effects, automobiles, and commercial goods.

Relocating to Poland? Finding out that you’re moving to Poland for business (or for pleasure) is great news. The country is full of fun, quirky, and, yes, sarcastic locals, who are generally wonderful people to be around, even if you might be taken aback by their stiff first impression.

You’ll get to work with them, interact with them, live among them, and maybe even become one of them yourself. And like them, you’ll get to live from a lower cost of living, great eats, a vibrant social scene, and a rich cultural agenda.

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03 | Polish Customs and Regulations
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Moving to Poland will be very exciting, but you need to be prepared for the challenges that will accompany the move. SDC International Shipping international is a moving company with experience in relocating customers to Poland and will help you get there easily.

International Household Moving to Poland

Many Americans prefer Poland as the preferred destination for their European relocation. While the lion’s share of our relocation clients to Poland has been Polish citizens returning there after several years in the United States, we also service a large number of people relocating there for business reasons. 

Compared to most European countries, Poland is also very affordable, so those looking to retire to a location where their retirement funds will go further. With a fairly stable US$ to Zloty exchange rate, you can typically rent a large apartment in Warsaw for under $1000, the most expensive city in the country. Housing and food, and entertainment are far more affordable in Poland than in most of Europe, making it ideal for those who don’t mind the cold to retire. Poland is also served by many low cost airlines, making short trips around Europe affordable and easy.

While Poland is affordable, it doesn’t have everything that you do in the United States. When you move from the United States to Poland, you will want to bring many of your household items and personal goods and effects, both for nostalgia and daily use. You’ve chosen Poland as a destination because it is the country where you want to live, but even if you were born in Poland, you have probably become accustomed to many American things not available there. When you relocate, most people can take more than just their basic goods, so think about what will come in handy in Poland. 

We highly recommend that you take your furniture with you. If you haven’t already purchased furniture, you should do so early. American furniture is of superior quality to almost anything found in Poland. Most people will be able to import used goods into Poland without having to pay import taxes. In order for things to be considered used, they should have been in your possession for at least six months prior to shipment.

of SDC International Shipping specializes in international household moving to Poland. Knowing how to move your household items to Poland is critical to receiving them in your new home intact and undamaged. Your belongings will need to be protected correctly, and the space and budget of your shipment need to be carefully planned. To save space, the legs and stands of most tables and beds can be removed by our movers and wrapped for protection. Back boards are also better removed, saving you lots of shipping volume.

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Your belongings will be transferred between your home in the United States and your final Polish destination by many trucks, warehouses, and a long sea journey. While taking all of these together promises at least some minor damage, SDC will wrap all your furniture with high quality materials to prevent as much damage as possible. We will use cloth wrapping, furniture wrap, bubble wrap, cardboard pads, and more, as each individual piece will receive attention.

Consider stocking up on cold weather clothes and outerwear. 

Take all of your personal effects with you to Poland. This includes more than just your clothes. You will want to take along your books, kitchen and dining utensils, equipment for sports and hobbies, and more. The relative cost of shipping is low, so include equipment for your passion. Fishing, for example, abounds in Poland, as it is full of rivers like the legendary Vistula and Oder, and lakes galore, and of course, the Baltic Sea. Take lots of gear with you if you like to fish, just make sure to clean everything before shipping.

Do you ski? Poland may not be as well-known as Switzerland, France, and Austria for winter sport, but Poland does have plenty of skiing opportunities. Also, as a resident of a European Union member, you will be able to visit ski resorts around the continent freely. Like fishing, we are going to recommend that you stock up on quality equipment to place into your container for shipment to your new home.

When you are prepared to move, let our professional movers do the packing for you. When you pack by yourself, you will be unable to insure your shipment against damage. A requirement of damage insurance is professional packing. When you use our professional packing service, you also don’t need to worry about packing materials.  Our moving team will bring with them boxes especially designed for special items, like mirrors and artwork, bicycles, dish packs, wardrobes, and more.

Please make sure to let your relocation specialist know if you have any specially sized items. If you are sending an item that is especially fragile or of an odd shape, we might recommend building a custom crate to protect it. We must build this crate, as most of the available wood that you will find will not be acceptable for international shipping.

Most major American household appliances typically are not suitable for use in Poland and should not be taken. You will be better off purchasing ranges, dishwashers, and the like when you settle in Poland. However, the majority of modern electronics should work without problems in Poland. What you need to is check if the electricity input of your device has 110/220 v capabilities. (You will be concerned with the input, not output).  Most computer monitors, TVs, and other devices will work. Most modern vacuum cleaners will also work (especially the cordless and robotic ones) and communications equipment. All of these are best taken with you from the United States. Ask your relocation specialist to check for you if unsure.

International Car Shipping to Poland

Cars can be sent to Poland as a part of your household goods. If you prefer, you can also send a motorcycle if that’s your preference. In most cases, you can do this without paying import duties. Motor vehicles need to be at least six months old before shipping and registered to you in the US to avoid problems. As with household goods, you will need to show that you have not lived in the EU for the past 12 months, or you will pay the VAT, which is 23% in Poland, and an additional import duty of 10% for motor vehicles.  The name that appears on the vehicle’s registration and title should be the shipment assignee (the person to whom the vehicle is being sent). These will need to be provided before your vehicle is picked up for shipment. These should be translated into Polish.

Please note that if you import a vehicle that is designated a commercial vehicle, it will typically not be eligible for tax relief and expect to pay 23% VAT and 22% commercial vehicle tax.

Vehicles typically are not sent to the final destination but to a special facility where they have to undergo road safety licensing and environmental inspection. Cars can be delivered to Warsaw if you prefer, but you should consider having your car delivered to Gdynia, as the localization facilities there are best and they are more experienced in car imports. Your car will need to be fitted with license plates, lights, and a few other things where the European standard is different from the American.

Sometimes your vehicle will be sent together with your goods, sometimes a different shipping method will be employed. Your international relocation specialist will work with you to figure out which combination will work best for you.

Polish Customs and Regulations

Poland is a member of the European Union, and most regulations and customs are governed by the official European Customs Union policy. This website provides current official policies of the European Union customs and tax authority in English. It is always recommended to contact the Polish consulate closest to you with specific questions.

You should check the specific import and customs regulations when relocating to Poland. For the most part, there are not many obstacles to importing used belongings to Poland outside of alcohol, tobacco, pornography, and illegal items. We have moved hundreds of relocation clients to Poland, and following the few basic rules ensures a smooth import process.

You must ensure that what you ship to Poland is legal and belongs to you. Importing your goods should not be difficult when this is done. An accurate and thorough and inventory of the goods in your shipment must be attached to your customs declaration form. This list will be written for you by SDC International Shipping’s movers when you use we load your shipment. But it will always be the ultimate responsibility of the sender to ensure that this list accurately reflects what you are shipping. You should consider translating this list into Polish, even though this is not a specific demand of the Polish customs authority. This list will also be important for your shipment insurance, so we recommend that you check our movers are making an accurate list in real-time.

The packaging materials that SDC International Shipping uses are suitable for international shipments. Though they look of high quality, never use new wood or readily available pallets. These often contain mold inhibiting chemicals and humidity preventing measures, these will need to be declared and conform to Polish safety and health regulations. If you prepare your own pallets, only use new plastic pallets.

If you are sending a container that includes commercial goods in addition to your personal effects, you need to be careful and let us know before we come to pick up your shipment. Commercial shipments will follow different rules and use different customs methods. You will need to obtain an EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) before sending your first shipment. The EORI number you will be assigned will be valid throughout the European Union but should be requested from Poland if this is the country to which you are shipping or where your commercial presence will be.

Moving to Poland Checklist

The time to move to Poland has arrived. Time to get things in order:

  • Sign your contract with SDC International Shipping and send it back to your international relocation specialist. Please remember that the earlier you do this, the better we can serve you.
  • Learn Polish if you don’t yet know it. Do not expect to get along in English.
  • If you are not a citizen of an EU nation, you need to get obtain a residency permit.
  • You should make copies of all personal documents for the whole family including birth certificates, passport, marriage or divorce certificates, driver’s license, and medical records. Medical documents should be translated into Polish.
  • Motor vehicle records if shipping a car or motorcycle. The vehicle’s title and registration need to be sent to us early. We will take care of the legal process for exporting the vehicle and return these to you before shipping. You will need the originals in Poland.
  • Many people will benefit from having a copy of original school records, even primary school. If you are retiring, you won’t need these, but others will. 
  • Make copies of all of your diplomas, professional certificates of qualifications or awards and higher education degrees.

International Shipping Options

There are several different options for international shipping to Poland offered by SDC International Shipping. As Poland is a member of the European Union, we can take advantage of certain logistics that can decrease your overall shipment cost, as we are permitted to import into any EU port.

If you are sending a full sized container to Poland, it usually makes the most sense for us to send it directly to your final destination. We offer 20’ containers, which are sufficient for the contents of a typical 3 bedroom home. For those sending larger households or including a motor vehicle in their shipment, 40’ containers usually make the most sense. These will also be the favorite options for those sending commercial shipments.

For those who have urgent shipments, we can offer air transport to most destinations in Poland. These are far more expensive, but as deliveries to Poland are amongst our longest (6 – 11 weeks for door to door service), air delivery is quick, usually only taking about a week. It is possible to receive both an air shipment and a sea shipment. However, for many of our clients, it might make more sense to take a few duffle bags as extra suitcases when flying to Poland.

Many of our clients choose to send smaller shipments. We can offer less than full container service starting from shipments as small as 100 cubic feet of cargo space (about the size of a fully loaded pallet). If you are not in a particular rush to receive your cargo, ask your relocation specialist about our groupage consolidations, where we combine several clients’ shipments into a single container to save them the expensive deconsolidation fees charged by other services.

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