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International Moving Company to Romania

International Moving Company to Romania – the relocation including shipment of household goods, vehicles, personal effects is easy with International Movers to Romania

International Moving Company to Romania

Planning your relocating to Romania? SDC International Shipping is an international moving company to Romania. Whether you are a Romanian citizen or an American moving to work or retire, we will help move your belongings from anywhere in the USA to locations throughout Romania.

International Household Moving to Romania

Romania is a growingly popular European destination for Americans that are relocating to Europe. There are many reasons why the country is attractive to US based companies. While many companies have an established presence in Western Europe, Bucharest is a good location for those seeking an Eastern European office as well. Romanian, the official language of the country, is a Romance language and easily learned by those who speak Spanish or Italian. English is universally taught in schools and is widely understood in the business world. Romania is an EU member, and as a member of the customs union, managing business throughout Europe will be easy.

Romania does not allow per se for the retirement of non-citizens there, but a long term residence visa can be granted and renewed if you are willing to do some volunteer work. Romania grants citizenship to anyone who has Romanian grandparents, so for many this can be done without special permission. You will have to show your right to citizenship first. For citizens of other EU countries this is less of a problem, they only need to show that they can support themselves.

SDC International Shipping is an expert at household relocation and will get your household to your new home in Romania intact. When you are considering international household moving to Romania, you need to decide what you will leave in the USA and what is going with you to Romania. Housing in Romania is relatively affordable compared to American homes of the same size. If you are moving to a city center, like most cities apartments are smaller. Outside of big cities expect to be able to afford something comfortable. We assume that you have already visited the area you are moving to, if not, you should.

Furniture sold in the United States is of superior quality to that found in Romania, especially bed rooms and mattresses.. If you have not measured your bedroom in Romania, it is best not to bring beds bigger than those called “queen” size in the USA. Bed dimensions differ, it is a good idea to send along extra sheet sets in your shipment.

Other important furniture for you to bring along includes your dining room furniture and sofas. You will not find the same quality in Romania as you will in the USA, and it will be hard to replace what you are accustomed to. Our movers will carefully dismantle your dining room furniture. Leaves will be folded in, and wrapped to ensure that they don’t move during transit. This both saves you cargo room and protects your furniture. If you are sending a buffet, it needs to be emptied and we can pack the contents into moving boxes for you. However, so as not to waste the room you can put some light, bulky items like blankets or balls in them.

You will not be able to bring your major appliances from the USA to Romania. Romania uses European electricity. If you have lamps that you love, you might have to get the innards replaced in Romania, but this is not very expensive, so send nice lamps if you have them. However, most of your small electronics can come with you, as varying electricity capabilities are common in modern electronics and Romania does not limit their import. Keep in mind that Romania uses the standard EU wall plug. You should go ahead and buy adapters that can plug right into AC adapters from different online shops like Amazon or even more cheaper option: Aliexpress, just check out – maybe you already have them. Computers and monitors will work there, and if you have a gaming console bring it. Phones and most cell phones usually work with simple adapters. Some TVs and vacuums will also work.

International Moving Company to Romania

International Car Shipping to Romania

Cars can be shipped to Romania when you relocate, and if you qualify for tax free household import, general import duties will not be. Your car will have to meet Romanian and EU environmental and safety regulations, but Romania is more lenient than other countries as to which cars can be imported.

You need to get your car registered in your name for at least six months. The car should be between half a year and 8 years old. Vehicles newer than this are subject to an array of taxes. You also have to prove that you have not been living in Romania or any other EU countries for the past 12 months. Otherwise you will be subject to the taxes outlined above. The title and registration of the vehicle should show the name of the person importing the vehicle on it, and you will need to send us these to clear the car for export. This will be true for shipping motorcycles as well. If ride a motorcycle, you will probably want to send it with you to Romania.

If you are a citizen of Romania, you are allowed to send two licensed vehicles. Unfortunately, sending a vehicle to Romania using specialized automobile shipping services is very expensive. We recommend that you send a private container and place your car in it. If you need to send an entire household along with your car, then send a 40’ container instead of a 20’ container.

Romanian Customs and Regulations

Romania is a member of the EUnion and its customs laws are subject to the European Customs Union common regulations. This website  will help you to learn current official policies of the Romanian Customs authority.

There are not typically problems when importing used goods to Romania. Everything that you are willing to ship should belong to your family or you personaly. If your container includes new goods  that will be imported with your shipment, the tax for new good will be – 22% standart VAT rate. You are not recommened to send alcohol. Also if you are sending things that are construed to be of a commercial nature, they may likely be charged VAT. If your container contains both personal and commercial goods, or if you will be setting up an office in Romania, you should request an EORI number. If you have been previously issued an EORI number from any EU country, this number will work in Romania.

Moving to Romania Checklist

Are you ready to move to Romania? Thing you need for the moving:

  • Call SDC International Shipping early to set up a pickup date. We will be able to best serve you with advanced notice.
  • A long term residence visa or proof of citizenship. We highly recommend to review the updated information from Romania government
  • If you are an American citizen, think about renewing your US passport before leaving. In Romania you can only renew your passport in the embassy in Bucharest by appointment only with many documentation demands.
  • Start learning Romanian! You will enjoy life there much more when you speak the language.
  • If you are a Romanian citizen and got married, divorced or had children while living in the US, make sure to report this to the Romanian consulate nearest you.

International Shipping Options

The international shipping options from the USA to Romania are:

  • Less than full container load, or LCL, shipments — These will generally make the most sense for those sending between 100 and 500 cubic feet of cargo.
  • Full container load, or FCL, shipments – This will be for those sending 500 or more cubic feet. 20’ containers are sufficient for most moves. A 40’ container will be more appropriate if you are sending a car or a large household
  • Air cargo – this is far more expensive, but usually things arrive in about a week and a half. Depending on location, regular door to door service could take up to 10 weeks.

You are permitted to send both an air shipment and a sea shipment, so if you want to send a small portion of urgent things, we can send both.

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