Moving to Belgium from the US

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Success takes care of itself when you move forward with SDC.

At SDC International Shipping, we help individuals and families every day with moving services. If you are moving to Belgium from the USA, we can make the entire shipping process of your household goods convenient and straightforward. 

There are many movers to pick from. Yet, a top-notch full-service moving company like SDC is hard to miss. Whether you need to ship your personal belongings, car, or transport your piano or favorite piece of art, the answer is always SDC International Shipping. We also offer packing services, like boxes, crates, and other materials to protect your shipment.  


Shipping Household Goods to Belgium 

When it comes to shipping household goods to Belgium, several steps are involved. Nevertheless, moving to Belgium from the USA is an exciting time of transition with so many opportunities ahead.

Instead of being bogged down by packing or deciding complicated and minuscule things, you can trust our moving services to take care of all the details. Then, you can focus on matters like finding the best new school for your children and so on. 

As soon as you contact us, a logistics agent will help you plan all the aspects of your move. We provide accurate estimates on all our services. In addition, our affordable and customer-tailored shipping services allow us to make international moves less stressful. 

Duties and Taxes When Shipping Household Goods to Belgium

You won’t need to pay taxes for your household goods if you have lived outside the EU for 12 months. 

Also, you will have to apply for a residency in Belgium if you are not a returning Belgian citizen. 

Finally, things that you import should be at least six months old. Import duties and VAT is only applied to new items and goods. 

Car Shipping to Belgium from the USA

If you are planning to ship a car to Belgium, there are a few methods to do that. It can be transported via a 20ft container or a shared 40ft container. 

We can arrange to ship a vehicle through these two modes, but the overall cost of sending an auto in a shared container will be much cheaper and quicker. 

For vehicles that are too large to be fitted in a container, the RoRo shipping option is available. With this method, cars are driven into a parking lot on the ocean vessel. RoRo is less safe and more vulnerable to elements. However, for single autos and big vehicles, rates can be lower. 

Belgium Customs and Importing Regulations 

To ship a car to Belgium, you’ll have to pay import duty on the value of the vehicle and VAT. A typical rate is 21%, but other rates can be applied for motorcycles and larger vehicles. 

Once their vehicle is cleared from customs, tourists have to pay a 30% refundable tax. The same rule applies when you move to France, Germany, etc., via Belgium. A refund is released after the car is registered within the EU or shipped back to the USA. 

Documents you need to submit to import a car in Belgium are your ID, clear title, notarized bill of sale, and dock receipt. To apply for exemption, you will have to: 

  • Fill out the exemption form; 
  • Pay VAT or sales tax and present the receipt;
  • Prove that you have owned the car for more than six months; 
  • Have a title certificate and insurance policy. 

When you need help planning and organizing your move, SDC moving agents are the movers that can cover you. We offer comprehensive vehicle and car shipping services to simplify moving to Belgium from the USA. 

Piano and Artwork Moving Services to Belgium 

Moving can be difficult, especially when you’ve got items that are a little more complex to ship. When it comes to moving challenging objects, we handle everything from loading to unloading. We cater to shipping all kinds of pianos and artwork pieces: 

  • Console pianos 
  • Studious pianos
  • Upright pianos
  • Grand pianos
  • Digital pianos 
  • Carvings
  • Ceramics
  • Sculptures
  • Stained glass designs
  • Paintings 

Overseas artwork shipping and international piano moving are easy with SDC due to our logistics services and specialized furniture transportation. If you have any questions about sending your musical instrument or specialty commodities, get in touch with SDC. 

Storage Services for Moving to Belgium 

You may need a storage service before, during, or after moving to Belgium. We can always arrange an extra space to keep your household goods. SDC International offers cost-effective storage solutions. Moreover, we’ll make sure your personal belongings are safe and secure. Once you are ready to receive your items at your new home in Belgium, we’ll deliver them in intact condition. 

Marine Insurance or International Moving Coverage 

Your personal belongings will be shipped via ocean freight or air freight. With ocean freight, we recommend getting marine insurance to protect your home contents from damage, loss, and even theft. 

As for international moving insurance, it can be bought both for air freight and sea freight. Similar to marine insurance, its goal is to compensate you if some items in the container become broken or lost.  

We can help you understand different coverage options. In case of questions, don’t hesitate to contact SDC and ask questions about your relocation. 

Major Moving Destinations in Belgium

We operate international moves from major departure ports such as Los Angeles, Houston, Savannah, Miami, and New York. 

Major Belgian destinations for household goods and car shipping are: 

  • Antwerp
  • Brussels
  • Brugge
  • Charleroi 
  • Gent 
  • Namur 

You can choose from port-to-port or door-to-door services. The latter option means that we’ll pick up your personal belongings in the US and get the right to your new home’s door in Belgium.

Household Moving to Belgium with SDC International Shipping

What our clients think of us. 

“If they had a “10 start” button, I would have clicked it. The company has very responsive customer support. They came on the scheduled days for packing and loading. Everything was communicated beforehand, and they always work with you for the delivery of goods.” Rodrigues M.


Moving to Belgium from the US

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