International Moving From USA to Any Destination

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Why Us?

Welcome to SDC International Shipping. We provide stress-free global moving services. If you are considering an international move, we are the right company to partner with you in this move. Our services are prompt, and our rates are very affordable. We are the premier household moving company and are ranked among the best international household moving companies. We have vast industry experience acquired over many years of professional moving services.

Our staff is a Professional Movers

We have highly trained and qualified personnel and we utilize our cutting edge technology in all our household moving services. We have a solution for all your moving and storage needs. We make sure that our professionals handle every single step of your moving process. We have the latest tracking software that allows our customers to track independently their goods throughout the moving process.

International Moving services

We offer international moving services that include moving household goods by air and by sea, and bulk shipping. We offer customs clearance services as part of the moving package.

  1. Packaging services.
    Packaging is a very tedious and in many cases a drawn out activity. We offer professional packaging services to our customers. As a leading household moving company, we understand that international moving is a long freight transport, and we use packing material that guarantees complete safety of our customers’ belongings. We have custom made packing material for antiques and fragile goods. We have packing space and containers for bulk goods which makes it easier for our customers to move with bulky goods that would have otherwise donated or sold off.
  2. Shipping household goods by air
    Air freight shipping is available to our customers who need to have their goods shipped quickly. Although a little bit on the high side, this is the most popular shipping method at SDC International. Our motto is; as long as there is landing space, we will ship your belongings there.
  3. Shipping household goods by sea
    Sea freight shipping allows you to ship many goods including bulk goods at a very friendly cost. Sea freight allows you the luxury of literary packing the whole home and shipping it overseas. Sea freight will take a few weeks longer but will cost less.
  4. Vehicle shipping.
    We know that we attach a lot of emotions to our cars and wish for a way to move with them. At SDC International, we have the perfect solution for you. Our Ro-Ro shipping allows us to ship your vehicle in safety so that your vehicle is not damaged or scratched. Our vehicle shipping is also available for moving jet skis, yachts, snowmobiles and other kind of bulky goods.
  5. Storage Facility.
    Many of our international moving clients are always between homes. There is always an urgent need for safe and secure storage facility. At SDC International, we have the perfect storage facility for you with controlled entry, climate control, and monitoring, 24:7 guard, CCTV surveillance, and custom made storage units’ in different sizes for all our customers storage needs.

Give us a call today or ask for a free quote to fill out your details and we will get back to you immediately. You should consider SDC International Shipping because we are:

  • Loyal to all our customers.
  • Experienced in international shipping with thousands of shipping projects under our wings.
  • We are fully licensed and insured to offer air and sea freight shipping.
  • We keep our word and deliver on all our promises.
  • We provide the best professional wholesome services for an international move.
  • We are ranked among the best international household moving companies.

International Moving From USA to Any Destination

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