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International Moving Company to Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful, exciting country. Universally considered to be an economic miracle, Singapore is a small country with a lot to offer. It is a cosmopolitan, diverse country.

A crossroads of civilizations, it combines the best of both the West and East. Singapore is also home to world-class universities, and many students and faculty members move there for several years.

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04 | Singapore Customs and Regulations
05 | Moving to Singapore from USA Checklist
06 | International Shipping Options

We also move many people who have been living in Singapore for several years to the United States. If you are moving to the United States from Singapore or a Singaporean business sending shipments to the United States, please call us.

International Moving Company to Singapore

Singapore is a popular relocation destination for many Americans. If you want to move there, you need to be a citizen or have a job offer. If you want to retire there, you’ll have to be there working for a few years first.  A former British colony, the language of Singapore is English.

The country is the epitome of law and order, a model that other nations aspire to. Singapore is a comfortable place, and it is understandable why so many Americans want to relocate there either permanently or temporarily.

As a business and education powerhouse, it is quite common for Singaporeans to go abroad for several years for work or work or study in universities. Many of our clients shipping to Singapore are citizens who have been living in the US for several years and are going home.

Whatever the reason, SDC International Shipping moves clients to Singapore regularly and has the experience to move you there successfully.

International Household Moving to Singapore

Singapore is a small country, and no difficulties are carrying out deliveries anywhere in the country. In general, dwellings in Singapore are more or less comparable to American dwellings. Almost everyone lives in apartments. If you are currently living in an apartment, you can expect your belongings to fit into your new home in Singapore.

If you are living in a large home, expect to downsize before your move. Bring your best furniture with you, especially your dining set and bedroom. These will be wrapped for their protection using cloth pads, cardboard padding, wrapping, and boxes. To conserve space in your shipment, we will dismantle tables and beds where appropriate and reassemble them in Singapore.

If you are moving to Singapore for only a few years, you might want to store many things that you won’t need while there, like winter gear. Your relocation specialist can help work out the logistics of this with you. We can store some of your things and send only what you will need there.

You should spend most of your household goods along with your furniture. This includes personal items and family heirlooms that should definitely come across the Pacific. Remember that Singapore is a tropical country with pleasantly warm weather and 12 hours of sunlight year-round – you won’t need winter equipment here. However, you will need your rain equipment though as it rains often, so warm weather raincoats are a must.

If you want to send fragile items to Singapore that you own, they will probably require special handling. The professional movers of SDC International Shipping have been trained to take special care with these items. Our movers will bring special boxes for framed artwork. If you want to send an item of an odd size or especially fragile, we will try to add extra protection by building custom crates.

Electronics typically will work in Singapore without difficulty, so long as they can use electricity input of 220 v. Singapore uses a “type G” plug, familiar to anyone who has been to the UK. Computers, game consoles, computer screens, TVs, phones, etc., should all work when you get to Singapore, so you should bring your small devices with you and send the larger ones in your shipment. Singapore only allows one of each type of electrical item to be brought in tax-free. This means that if you are bringing two TVs, one of them might be charged import duties.

You can send alcohol in your container, but it is not tax-exempt. Don’t send chewing gum or tobacco and its products.

International Car Shipping to Singapore

Singapore frowns upon the importation of vehicles. There is no tax relief for vehicle import, meaning that even if you qualify for GST relief (most of our clients do), you will still be charged GST and excise duties.

Read more: International Vehicle Shipping.

This is true for all motor vehicles, including boats and motorcycles. Off-road motorcycles not licensed for use on roads can be brought as personal effects. Powered scooters and bikes can also be brought in with your shipment.

Singapore Customs and Regulations

Singapore citizens need to have lived abroad for six months to qualify for customs-free import of their shipment. This site contains the official policy of Singapore Customs. The goods you bring in should be used, and you should not sell them for at least 3 months after your arrival. They can only be imported via air or sea.

Their shipment can arrive up to 6 months after they arrive in the country.

You can send one sea shipment and one air shipment.  

You will need to attach a list of what you are sending to your shipment. This list should be as accurate as possible. When we come to pick up your shipment, we will make this list for you as we load your cargo. Double check the list as it is being made.

Moving to Singapore from USA Checklist

Before we come to pick up your belongings to move them to Singapore, you should get started collecting the necessary documents.

  • Fill in the Singapore Customs form.
  • If you are a citizen of Singapore, don’t forget to make sure that everyone’s passports are updated.
  • If you are not a citizen of Singapore, long term residency in Singapore is dependent upon employment. If you get a job, you will be able to move there. If you don’t, you won’t. In addition, arrange for a credit report, six months of payslips and a letter from your last employer.
  • If you have children, you will need to register them for their school early.
  • Bring documentation of the full medical history for all family members.
  • You can bring your pet with you to Singapore, but you will have to prepare for this before you move, including reserving quarantine space, as dogs and cats coming from the United States will be in quarantine for 10 days after arrival. See this site for the official Singapore pet regulation.
  • Marriage, birth, divorce, and death certificates where appropriate should be prepared. College or university degrees, high school diplomas, professional qualifications. You should scan these and also bring color copies of all.

Read more: The Ultimate International Relocation Checklist

International Shipping Options

SDC International shipping sends air shipments to Singapore and also sea shipments. There are no land shipments to Singapore via Malaysia, though two bridges join Johor Bahru and Singapore.

Air shipments come into Singapore daily. This is usually done by businesses with small shipment sizes. (Singaporean businesses are invited to contact us about sending air cargo to the United States). As these shipments are expensive, most of our clients usually opt for sea shipments.

It is possible to send full container loads (FCL) and smaller shipments consisting of several pallets (LCL). SDC International Shipping’s relocation specialists will work with you to choose the best options for you.

Shipping times vary depending upon your point of origin and choice of shipping method. SDC International Shipping has storage facilities and offers the first month complimentary to its international relocation clients.

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