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Are you planning to move from the USA but still don’t know where to go? Consider moving to Mexico your top option. It is a leading destination for many American expats looking for a new place to settle abroad. This is because Mexico has many beautiful things to offer, such as its welcoming people, low cost of living, and booming real estate industry.

But before getting caught in the idea of living a new life in Mexico, you should understand that moving there is quite challenging. It would be best to have an experienced partner back you up and make the relocation process more manageable.

Why move to Mexico

There is a long list of reasons why moving to Mexico is something that you should consider when planning to relocate abroad. However, the most significant of these are the following.

  1. The cost of living in Mexico is low. According to those who have moved to Mexico, their overall expenses, including food, housing, and utilities, were significantly reduced. Due to this, they saved some money for other costs such as travelling or paying housekeepers.
  • The country takes pride in itself as a home to many friendly people. The majority of the locals have a solid and welcoming attitude, and they like to talk to newcomers. But to enjoy this aspect of relocation, you should learn your new country’s language. You can do this by enrolling yourself in a language class or self-study.
  • Mexico is expected to provide excellent healthcare in the coming years. The country is currently implementing a new healthcare system designed to provide the best care for all.
  • Mexico is located close to the USA. Due to this, travelling between countries is convenient and inexpensive. In some cases, you might be allowed to drive your own car.

Moving to Mexico with SDC International Shipping

Moving to Mexico from the USA is a significant move. Due to this, you need to have all the aspects of the relocation covered. The first thing you should do is comply with the documentary requirements that allow you to live legally in Mexico. Although the procedures involved are not too straightforward, you can conveniently accomplish this by seeking help from experts.

Aside from the documentary requirements, it would be best to work on the actual relocation to Mexico. Fortunately, you have SDC International Shipping to assist you every step of the way. We are experienced in moving your personal belongings. We also have expert packers to pack your household items safely and maintain their pristine condition during transport.

Finally, SDC International Shipping specializes in moving your prized furniture, delicate items that require special care, and even your car. Our team is proficient in handling these roles, so we assure you that you are in good hands.

International Car Shipping to Mexico

Moving your car from the USA to Mexico is more challenging than you think. Although you have experienced driving this to Mexico, permanently sending the vehicle is a different story. Since we cannot send your car to your new location via container, we will have this sent using a car carrier. But for us to provide you with international car shipping service, you need to have the title and registration of the vehicle cleared before we come in and take care of the transfer.

Moving to Mexico – Top Destinations

Moving to Mexico could expose you to various opportunities. Plus, this allows you to relocate to a place that will serve as your new and permanent home. So, when moving to Mexico, consider the following as your top destinations.


  • Located in the heart of Mexico
  • About 3 hours away from Mexico City by bus
  • One of the safest cities in Mexico
  • Offers high-quality of life
  • Has low standard of living


  • Dubbed as the safest city in Mexico
  • Home to many universities, museums, and large corporations
  • Considered as a bustling metropolis with nearly one million population

Oaxaca City

  • Regarded as one of the most affordable cities for ex-pats
  • Has low-cost housing, transportation, and housing
  • Has cooler climate
  • Home of the Zapotec ruins
  • Has waterfalls and hiking trails


  • Has large public promenades and walkways
  • Has an international airport with direct flights to USA and Canada
  • Home to some of the best water treatment plants in Mexico

Moving to Mexico Checklist

Aside from having your personal belongings and vehicle shipped to Mexico, there are other things that you also need to take care of as part of the relocation process. To handle all these well, try to develop a checklist that includes the following.

  1. Organize your travel documents

Before going through all the shipping preparations, ensure that your travel documents are updated and organized. If you are planning to move to Mexico with your family, ensure that they have their updated passports and other essential documents that will allow you to live there legally.

  • Have your passport validated

It would be best to have a valid passport when applying for a residential visa in Mexico. So, check your passport first and ensure that this is valid for at least a year before proceeding to the Mexican consulate. If it’s expired, have this renewed first, then proceed with the processing.

  • Try to learn Spanish

Although it is not necessarily required, learning to speak Spanish before moving to Mexico is advantageous. This allows you to communicate with the locals well and make your community integration easier.

  • Rent before you buy

Many Americans who moved to various parts of Mexico suggest that renting a place for a few months is a good strategy compared to buying a house immediately. This is because you can quickly transfer to another place if you do not like living in the said location.

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