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International Moving Company to Israel

International Moving Company to Israel specialists in the shipments of household goods, personal effects, automobiles, and commercial goods with SDC International Shipping to Israel

There are many great reasons people choose to relocate to Israel. While the country is small, it is in the heart of the world of the hi-tech industry, with R&D centers of every major international hi-tech company in one of its many hi-tech parks. With the combination of millennia of history and one of the strongest economies in the world, Israel is a country universally admired.

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01 | International Household Moving to Israel
02 | Israeli Customs and Regulations
03 | International Car Shipping to Israel
04 | Moving to Israel Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options

We send many clients to Israel each year. They divide into two roughly equal groups: Jews coming on Aliyah, repatriating to the ancestral homeland, and Israeli citizens returning home from places like Silicon Valley, DC, and Boston after working a few years in American companies and universities.

Moving to Israel will be an exciting life changer for the whole family. As an international moving company to Israel, and have to experience in relocating customers there. Let’s say that our employees have personally visited the Port of Ashdod, and know how to get to move your belongings there.

International Household Moving to Israel

There are lots of reasons why people choose to move to Israel. Most of them have to do with religion. Though the country has much to offer everyone, from our experience, only Jews are interested in permanently relocating there.

American furniture is perfect. You will be able to find a wide variety of furniture in Israel, but you won’t be able to find the quality and prices that you can in America. As a rule, most Israeli homes will be somewhat smaller than the homes people leave in America, so you should consider what you will and will not put into your shipment. If you are moving with children, consider sending bunk beds. In many Israeli bedrooms, an American king-sized bed will be slightly too big. Our strongest recommendation is to measure the bedrooms of the houses you are moving into.

International household moving to Israel is one of SDC International Shipping’s specialties. We are intimately familiar with the country. In Israel, some things are fairly reliably available; other things are not. Some of the things that you might want to consider adding to your container include equipment for American sports like baseball. Throw in some Frisbees, lawn sports equipment, etc. 

Take your personal effects with you. This should not be limited to clothes. You should really consider taking along extras of things that cost far less in America and will come in handy in Israel. For instance, Corelle plates are trendy in Israel, but cost about twice as much. Whatever your preferences are, send extras. One of the great advantages of sending a sea shipping container is that weight is not really a factor.

When you send a lot of furniture, clothes, and personal effects, the total weight of your container is not a constraining factor. Feel free to send other items, such as a full selection of cast iron cookware. If you like grilling, send your grill. If you are buying a new grill in the USA before you move, make sure to buy a natural gas model, as propane is not readily available in Israel. It can be obtained in certain locations, but most homes have permanent natural gas hook-ups.

Do you bike? The roads of Israel are full of bikes on a Friday morning. If you enjoy cycling, put a few bikes in your container. If you are sending a container, send along bike racks for your car and yard. You are sending a container.

You shouldn’t send major American appliances. The one exception is an American laundry machine. If you have a large family, you will find that the European models for sale in Israel wash half as many clothes in twice as much time as you are accustomed to. Just make sure that you purchase a machine specially made for use with 220v with a European plug; these are easy to find on the internet. 

While you shouldn’t send major appliances, most small appliances and electronics should work. Typically, anything that has an external power adapter “brick” will work. Not all American cell phones will function properly with an Israeli SIM.

Israeli Customs and Regulations

Both Olim and returning citizens who have lived abroad for two years or more can send a container into the country without paying taxes. Unlike other countries, Israel does not necessarily demand that everything you send is used. As Israel encourages immigration, they are not pedantic about used items.

Olim has a variety of organizations like Nefesh BNefesh, who offer much advice. Returning citizens can find official information about their rights here.

International Car Shipping to Israel

There is a big difference between returning citizens and Olim in the right of shipping a car. New Olim are entitled to purchase an automobile in Israel without taxes, making it very attractive to get a new car when you arrive in the country. You will find that there are car makes in Israel that you are probably unfamiliar with, like Seat and Suzuki, that might have the best fit for you. However, many Americans choose to import a Toyota Sienna, as the model isn’t sold there by the official importer, but it can be serviced quite easily.

Returning citizens can’t buy a car tax-free, but they can send a car that they already own in their container. We recommend this method. If you are sending an entire household, it will be more cost-effective to send a 40’ container with a car in it than sending a car separately from your household goods.

Moving to Israel Checklist

SDC International Shipping is ready to facilitate your return to Israel. There is plenty for you to do in the meantime:

  • Immigration visa. If you have not already done this, see this site to get started.
  • Documents for the whole family like social security cards, birth certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, driver’s license, medical records. Children of Israeli citizens of army age might require additional documents.
  • American citizens are encouraged to renew their driver’s license early if allowed by their state. American passport holders should renew them before living the country.
  • Your health records. There is no need for you to translate these into Hebrew, as all Israeli doctors understand English. It is critical that you bring along complete immunization records, as children are required to be fully immunized to attend schools in Israel.
  • Prepare a full transcript of school records. Include primary school records for adults as well as children, as these will be critical in obtaining US citizenship for children or grandchildren
  • Make sure that you have easy access to your American banks and funds. Just because you can easily access them from your mobile in the States, doesn’t mean it will work in Israel.

International Shipping Options

Most of our clients send 20’ shipping containers to Israel. This type of container is large enough to store the contents of a 3 bedroom home at 1100 cubic feet of storage space. If you are sending an automobile in your shipment, a 40’ container will make more sense for your family. 

A shipment to Israel takes 4-8 weeks for door-to-door service. It is important to reserve your spot early, as most people move during the summer months when container ships get filled. 

If you need some of your things more urgently than this, consider sending a portion of your things using air cargo. This method is far quicker, usually taking about a week and a half for door-to-door service. Keep in mind that if you are an Oleh that El Al will allow you two suitcases on your one-way ticket to Israel.

Are there any prohibited items I can’t import to Israel?

Yes, these are the prohibited items:
-Firearms, weapons, and ammunition
-Tear gas
-Dangerous chemicals
-Narcotics and illegal drugs
-Seeds, live plants and saplings
-Pornographic material
-Fresh meat
-Gas operated BBQs
-Counterfeit material
-Gambling machines and games
-Materials used to incite racism, terrorism or violence

Can you live in Israel without knowing Hebrew?

Yes, you can. Almost everyone speaks English in Israel. It may be hard, but it is possible.

SDC International Shipping is very proud to help returning Israelis and New Olim return home, click here to learn more about special benefits

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