Moving To UAE From the US

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Moving To UAE from the US

We’ll make your international move stress-free.

Moving to the United Arab Emirates from the USA is an exciting transition. Many Americans are offered plenty of career opportunities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. One of the major attractions is a tax-free environment for earnings and income. A few years spent working in the Middle East may significantly improve your finances and provide a comfortable retirement.  

If you are planning to relocate to the UAE, SDC International Shipping can assist you. With almost ten years of experience, we have performed hundreds of moves to different cities in the UAE. So you can trust that our moving process is hassle-free and geared toward our customer’s satisfaction. 

Get ready for the international move with our guide below. 

Moving Household Goods to the UAE

If you are considering moving to the UAE for a year or two, you’ll probably want to bring a few personal things with you. There are two main shipping methods: air freight and sea freight

Airfreight is the fastest option. Cargo planes can reach any destination in the UAE in two or three days. On the flip side, air freight is very expensive. 

Sea freight is a slower service, about four times cheaper. However, you will need to wait several weeks (5-7 weeks) before receiving your belongings. 

If you decide to go with sea freight, your household goods will be loaded onto a 20ft container or a 40ft container. The size and container dimension depends on the number of items you bring. If the total volume of your shipment doesn’t exceed 15 cubic meters, you may choose a consolidated option, which is a shared container with other people. This type of containerized cargo is known as a Less than Container Load (LCL). But if the total volume of your shipment is more than 15 cubic meters, your belongings will have to go in a single container known as a Full Container Load (FCL). You can learn more about container dimensions here

As your international mover, we can arrange a full door-to-door service, which entails packing service, taking your household stuff from your home address in the US, and bringing it to a new address in the UAE. 

Customs Clearance in the UAE

Customs may seem very stressful, but our seasoned shipping experts will help you all the way through. The UAE’s customs process is pretty straightforward. We’ll help you create an inventory of the items you are sending to the kingdom. Your shipment may be subject to inspection, so customs officers may open it and check the contents. It is critical that every object in a box is included in the inventory list with the required description. 

To bring items duty-free, you will have to meet a couple of requirements. First, they should be used; secondly, your shipment must arrive no more than six months after you have got your UAE residence permit. Otherwise, all new household items will be subject to duty and taxes. 

Note: If you are already a resident of the AGCC countries, you won’t need the UAE residence visa. 

Ports in the UAE We Ship To

The largest and the busiest commercial port in the UAE and the whole Middle East is the Port of Jebel Ali in Dubai. Another shipping port is Khalifa Port near Abu Dhabi. So your shipment will likely be delivered to one of those ports. 

Most Americans moving to the UAE settle in Dubai or Abu Dhabi because the cities have the largest communities of expats there.  

SDC UAE Car Shipping Service

Shipping a car to the UAE is easy as long as you have the UAE residence visa and are ready to pay duties (5%) and taxes. 

At SDC International Shipping, you’ll be offered three shipping options: containerized via sea, RoRo via sea and air freight. Each transportation method has pros and cons. Our logistics experts can help you decide the one appropriate for your situation. 

 To ship your auto, we’ll need the following from you:  

  • Bill of Sale
  • ID copy
  • Valid title
  • UAE or AGCCC 

If you have more questions, for example, about car shipping costs or others, please contact us today or fill out an online quote form. 

Moving to the UAE and Marine Insurance 

We recommend marine insurance for household items, especially sensitive shipments like pianos and artwork

You can choose from two types of policies – All Risk and Total Loss. Both are meant to cover damage, loss, fire, and breakages during transport to the port while your personal belongings or vehicle is in the ocean and upon arrival at the receiving terminal. 

As your global mover, we know international rules to ensure that necessary coverage is provided for international relocation. 

Why Moving to The UAE from the USA With SDC

What Other Clients Have Found.“That was beyond our expectations…thank you!!! 5 guys arrived to do all the uploading, which was so unbelievably quickly. Nothing looked broken when we got our belongings, so I guess the packers did a great job. All good, thanks again, and please thank everyone involved.” – Alicia K.

Moving To UAE From the US

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