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International Moving Company to New Zealand

International Moving Company to New Zealand specialists in relocation and shipments of household goods, personal effects, automobiles, and commercial goods with International Movers to New Zealand. New Zealand is a great country, and many Americans want to relocate there. The weather, the people, the great Kiwi outdoors, there is a lot to like about New Zealand.

To relocate there, you need to use a seasoned international moving company to New Zealand like SDC International Shipping that will make the move easy. As New Zealand has many regulations that need to be carefully followed, a lot of work will need to be done, so start early. If you are not a citizen of New Zealand or Australia, this process could take over a year.

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International Household Moving to New Zealand

When moving to Greece, you should bring your car with you in most cases. Greece considers automobiles a part of the household, so you can import them without paying import duties or VAT. However, you will need to get a permit from the closest Greek consulate before sending it. Cars must be at least six months old to qualify for tax-free import. Cars that are newer than this will be subject to 24% VAT. The vehicle’s title and registration should be in the name of the person receiving the shipment.  [These will need to be provided to SDC before your vehicle is transferred for shipping.] You will need to obtain your Greek residency before obtaining your local vehicle license plates.

New Zealand is a popular relocation destination for many Americans. Some move for the work, some to retire, many are Kiwi’s returning home. Whatever the reason, moving clients to New Zealand is done regularly by SDC International Shipping, and we look forward to helping you.

It is understandable why so many Americans want to live in New Zealand, it is a pastoral country with a dramatic landscape, where you always have a mountain view and are always close to water. They speak English and Americans are welcome there. However, not everything to which you are accustomed from home is available in New Zealand, and you will want to bring them with you when you relocate. These include creature comforts, furniture, books, clothes, homewares, and more.

In New Zealand, most homes are heated using wood. Weight is typically not a problem in international shipping, especially if you send a full container load. American wood-burning stoves are really fantastic, but they will require special handling because of their heavyweight as they are too heavy for even two movers, so it is not practical to bring them. However, you should bring any accessories you have that go with stoves, fireplaces, etc. Also, take advantage of the opportunity to send heavy things like cast iron kettles and stove humidifiers that will be very useful in New Zealand.

New Zealand is an island nation. With lakes, fjords, rivers, you’re never far from water. If you like fishing, you’ll love New Zealand. Take your fishing gear with you, and stock up before you go. Scuba divers will love the variety of New Zealand’s waters; definitely send your scuba gear. All of these will need to be thoroughly cleaned before shipping but definitely should be sent to your new home. Kiwis love the outdoors life, so any equipment you have for hiking, climbing, swimming, and camping goes into the container. If you have a jet ski – into the container, it goes.

Electronics usually work well in New Zealand. All you usually need to do is get a simple plug adapter (New Zealand uses “Type I” plugs) or a cord that plugs into your device’s power adapter. Check your device’s electricity options; most modern electronics with external adapters accommodate 100-240v electricity, those will work. The electricity in New Zealand is 220 – 240 V. Computer screens, computers, phones, game consoles, TVs, etc., should all work when you get to New Zealand, so you should bring your small devices with you and send the larger ones your shipment. Please note that certain communication devices like walkie-talkies may be prohibited; check with the New Zealand consulate.

Car Shipping to New Zealand

Importing a car to New Zealand from the United States is usually not practical. Most automobiles will not be approved for import. In New Zealand, they drive on the left, and the steering column is on the right.

However, motorcycles are usually OK, as are jet skis and boats, and even planes! These will all need to be thoroughly cleaned before sending. Vehicle registration will need to be provided. Check requirements, but definitely, you should bring them. New Zealand allows you to bring more than one vehicle, so send a boat, a bike, a plane and enjoy your new home.

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New Zealand Customs and Regulations

All packed and ready to go? While you are waiting for SDC International Shipping to come to load your personal belongings, it is time to double check that you have prepared everything you need:

In New Zealand, there are strict biosecurity standards, and nearly every container is inspected. A private container, if you choose to send one, will likely be opened and inspected. The delivery of your things might be done in a moving van rather than a container, depending on the final destination.

When you import used goods in your shipment, you are usually not charged import duties. If you are a returning Kiwi, you can send a shipment duty-free so long as you have been out of the country for 21 months and are sending used goods.

There is a tax on newer items known as the GST (goods and service tax), similar to a sales tax. The rate is 15%. If you are importing new items or some things that don’t meet New Zealand’s import criteria, you will be charged at this rate. If you are relocating to New Zealand, you need to check the specific import and customs regulations, as they are strict for some things. Much information is available online, and permit requests can be filled in on the web when needed. See the links below in this article. It is recommended triple checking with a New Zealand consulate.

Importing alcohol to New Zealand can be done, but it will be taxed, and there is no special allotment for immigrants. There is an intricate scale of alcohol types, total alcohol amount, and tax rates. You will likely end up paying as much as you would locally. It is best to bring only precious bottles. Mostly, New Zealand welcomes retirees for permanent residence only if they have children who are permanent residents of the country. You might still be eligible for a two year temporary retirement visa that can be renewed if you continue to meet the visa requirements.

International Moving to New Zealand Checklist

New Zealand is an immigrant nation and welcomes immigrants but has a process for receiving them. If you have family connections, you can have them sponsor you. Otherwise, it is a good idea to seek out employment. New Zealand has an industry of specialized migration agents and lawyers who will help with this. See this site for help.

  • Immigration or permanent resident visas – You should start this process as soon as you think you want to move. Consult this New Zealand government site for information.
  • If you don’t have a job lined up yet, make sure to get letters of reference from your last employers. Also, check for the specific skill set that they will need in New Zealand and make sure to highlight these. Update your resume (called a CV in New Zealand).
  • If you are not a citizen of New Zealand, you will have to get health insurance. Citizens might also want to consider comprehensive insurance plans. You will probably need to show that you are in good health, arrange for copies of your entire families medical records.
  • If you are not a citizen of New Zealand, apply for an IRD (similar to a social security number) as soon as you arrive.
  • Request a copy of your credit report. The banks in New Zealand will want to see it.
  • Pets require special certifications to be brought into New Zealand. See this site for guidance. All pets must be in quarantine for 10 days, you should make a reservation.
  • You should both scan and make full color paper copies of many documents: professional credentials and qualifications, college and university degrees. Driver’s licenses, birth certificates

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International Shipping Options from USA to New Zealand

New Zealand is a relatively remote nation, isolated from other countries by the sea. Its closest neighbor, Australia, is at least 3.5 hours away by plane. For many shipments, the best option is air freight. New Zealand recently instituted new requirements for air containers, so make sure to speak with us before preparing your cargo.

While we can send any size shipment to New Zealand, we have found that most of our clients relocating there opt for full sized containers. 20’ and 40’ containers are the main options.

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We also send smaller shipments, but if you send a small amount, let SDC provide the boxes and pallets, as we have to meet New Zealand’s strict requirements. If you are bringing a boat or a plane, it will more than likely need to be sent using the ROLO (roll on roll off) method on its trailer. If you have a boat that is up to 7’8” wide, we will recommend a 40’ container that will be able to accommodate both your boat and your household goods.

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