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International Moving Company to India

If you are relocating to India from the United States, there will be plenty to prepare for and consider before you head across the globe. There are many locations in India that have quite complicated logistics. A move to Mumbai is easy, hosting the major port of Nhava Sheva, but popular locations like New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad require extra steps. As an International Movers from USA to India, SDC International Shipping professionals are experts at these logistics and will make your India relocation efficient and almost easy.

Most of our clients relocating to India are citizens of that nation who have been in the United States for several years working or studying and are now returning to their homes. Growing numbers of American businesses are also sending their senior employees to India to be a part of multinational R&D and sales teams.

Moving to India (or returning there) will be an exciting life-changing event for your family. Don’t sweat the challenges that will accompany the movie, that’s what SDC International Shipping is here for. An international moving company to India, we send containers to locations in the country.

International Household Movers to India

When you relocate to India from the United States, you will want to bring many of your household items and personal goods and effects. You have of course become accustomed to many Americans during the years you lived here, and many of them are not readily available in India. You will want to bring or send them with you.

Houses in India are for the most part smaller than their American counterparts. From our experience, our clients don’t move into typical Indian homes, but into larger homes that can accommodate much of their furnishings from America. The quality and value of American furniture can’t be matched, so take advantage of the opportunity to bring something you can find in India.

SDC International Shipping specializes in international household moving to India. We know how to move your household items to India. All of your belongings will be protected. The space in your shipment and budget will be carefully planned. If you are sending tables or beds, their stands or legs will be carefully removed by our movers and wrapped individually for protection. With several trucks, a long sea journey, and a possible train journey, it is impossible to promise no damage to your cargo. SDC International Shipping will wrap all your furniture with quality materials like cloth pads, bubble wrap, carton padding, and plastic wrap to prevent as much damage as possible.

You should take your personal effects with you to India. Plan early, and get buy good supplies of the quality clothes available in America, as appropriate for the region you are moving to. In addition to clothes, you should consider sending a supply of American toiletries and kitchen stuff in your shipment. You will get used to the products available in India. In the meantime, you will need a supply of things like shampoo and cooking ingredients at least for a while. Bring books and materials for your hobbies not readily available in India, and a good supply to hold you over.

If you are moving an entire household or most of one, you will want to use SDC International Shipping. Our moving team will bring all of the boxes necessary for the move. We even bring boxes specially designed for mirrors and artwork. If you require it, crates of custom sizes that will protect your special items can be built for unusually shaped items or particularly valuable possessions. If you want to ensure your shipment against damage, you must have professional packing.

Small appliances with external “brick” power adapters will usually work well in India, as will most electronics. Please note that you need to record the serial number of all electronics sent in your cargo. The major appliance will not work in India and should not be saved for shipment.

International Car Shipping to India

Sending an automobile to India is not a viable option from the United States. Vehicles in India are required to fulfill a long list of regulations, including right-hand drive and conforming to Euro III environmental requirements. If you want to send a motorcycle to India it can be done, but it will have to be fitted with a speedometer indicating speed in kilometers. The best way to send a motorcycle will be created within a shipping container. Motorcycles must be no older than 3 years old and also must meet Euro II standards.

Indian Customs and Regulations

This website provides current official policies on the Indian customs authority. It is always recommended to contact the Indian consulate closest to you with specific questions.

If you are an Indian citizen and have lived abroad for at least two years, you can import your used household goods and personal effects without paying customs. This will also be true of those moving to India with valid long term residence visa.

You will need to fill in a form for Indian customs declaration Our team of movers will prepare for you an inventory of the items they load. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the list reflects what you are shipping. You must check this list and make sure that it is accurate. This list is also important for your shipment insurance, so it is a good idea to put the time into making an accurate list.

Please note that India inspects every container entering the country. Even if you send a private container, do not expect to see the container seal intact when your shipment arrives at its final destination.

There are few impediments to importing used belongings that belong to you to India. You should ensure that what you are shipping is legal and belongs to you. If you do this, importing your goods should not be difficult. Be careful not to send new items, as they will be subject to the Indian general services tax or GST. Unlike most countries, India charges a different tax rate for different product categories, and there may be additional duties on specific items.

If you are sending a commercial shipment. The site has simple explanations and links to relevant official Indian sites.

Moving to India Checklist

SDC International Shipping is ready to relocate you to India. You will need to prepare the necessary things before we arrive:

  • Long term visa. If you are a citizen of India you won’t need this.
  • Relevant documents. If you are an Indian citizen, get documents concerning your time in America. Get references from your employers. If you were married or had children while in America, make sure to bring copies of birth certificates. If you wed, get a copy of your marriage certificate.
  • Immunization records. You must get immunized before you move to India. Some immunizations require several doses.
  • If you are shipping a motorcycle, you will need to send us the documents for these early.
  • If you are bringing children with you, you will need to bring school records.
  • You will want to access your money while abroad. Look into the most efficient means to do this, like no-fee international credit cards.

Moving to India – Shipping Options

Please plan early as it will help us offer you better service.

International shipping options to India include sea and air shipments.

Air cargo is costly, but for many locations in India, it is a good option. While typically used by businesses, if you need something timely, air cargo is the way to go.

If you are sending household goods, we can send full container loads of 20’ or 40’. Smaller loads starting from 100 cubic feet are also available from most locations. Your SDC relocation consultant will help you choose the best options

Selecting an international moving company to India is no longer difficult with the help of SDC International Shipping. Our company has a proven success rate in moving families and individuals around the world – and in particular to India.

Our professional moving company offers moving tips, advice and packing help. Along with this, we have top of the line sea and air freight shipping with custom crates and 24/7 shipment options.

India is a beautiful country filled with rich culture and history, diverse lands, beautiful scenery, exotic wildlife and much more. You should not feel intimidated about your journey ahead due to money. Let SDC International Shipping provide you with a free in-home estimate and a successful move.

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