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Overseas Artwork Shipping

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Overseas Artwork Shipping

The process of shipping artwork overseas demands a level of precision and care that differs from moving household items. Art pieces are often delicate and valuable, underscoring the need for an international mover with expertise in custom packaging.

At SDC International Shipping, we provide the perfect solution for shipping a diverse range of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, antiques, ceramics, and more. Our commitment to preserving the integrity of your precious pieces is reflected in our top-notch crates and boxes specifically designed for the safe transportation of artworks.

Once you book our service, our dedicated team will visit your home to evaluate the art items. We go beyond standard services by arranging crates and packaging on-site, ensuring a tailored approach to each piece.

Our crating service serves as a guarantee against movement and damage during shipping. This is especially crucial for valuable furniture and antique items that require extra protection. Each case is meticulously designed based on the dimensions of each individual piece, ensuring a secure and damage-free transit.



Versatile Artwork Shipping with SDC International Shipping

We cater to a diverse range of artworks, offering specialized shipping solutions for various types of art such as:

  • Paintings
  • Ceramics
  • Sculptures
  • Mixed media
  • Textiles
  • Delicate pieces
  • Canvass
  • Mirrors
  • Framed photographs 
  • Musical Instruments

Custom Packaging for Your Artwork

For artists tasked with shipping a sold painting overseas, the prospect can be daunting, particularly when dealing with larger pieces. The paramount concern is ensuring that your creation reaches its destination safe and sound. The solution? Entrust the shipping to professionals with a wealth of experience in transporting all kinds of artwork.

At SDC International Shipping, we specialize in shipping to destinations worldwide. What sets us apart is our proficiency in the art of packing and crating. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your artwork will be meticulously protected to withstand the rigors of even the longest-distance shipment.

Our team understands the unique needs of artists and their creations. Whether you’re sending a large painting or delicate sculptures, our custom-made packaging ensures that each piece receives the individualized care it deserves.

How Is Artwork Protected

We use all of the up-to-date measures for providing safe artwork shipping.

  • Utilizing Cases, Crates, A-Frames, Foam, and Advanced Technologies
  • ISPM15 Certified Crates Meeting Specific Client Requirements
  • Customized Cushioning Materials of Different Textures and Densities Based on Artwork Type
  • Integration of Additional Features: Hinges, Wheels, Handles, as Needed
  • Offering Tri-Wall and Double-Walled Boxes for Light Items, Constructed from Triple or Double Fluted Corrugated Material for Optimal Durability
  • Utilizing A-Frames for Craters to Ensure Correct Crate Position, Especially for Artwork Requiring Upright Transit
  • Wrapping Fragile Items Made from Easily-Breakable Materials (e.g., Glass, Ceramics) with Foam, Adjusting Thickness Based on Fragility
  • Employing Various Void Fills for Highly Delicate Artwork, Preventing Shifting During Transit
  • Initial Protective Packaging Wrap for All Fragile Items
  • Combined Use of Void Fill and Protective Packaging to Withstand Shifts and Falls


Trust SDC International Shipping to employ a comprehensive array of protective measures for the safe transit of your valuable artwork.


Securing Your Artwork with Comprehensive Shipping Insurance

While our professional packing service ensures top-tier protection during overseas transit, the inherent risks of shipping make insurance a crucial consideration. Despite our meticulous efforts, unforeseen circumstances can occur, making international moving insurance a wise choice to safeguard your valuable consignments.

At SDC International Shipping, we offer two insurance options: limited-risk insurance and full-risk insurance. For high-value artwork, we highly recommend the latter, providing comprehensive coverage for nearly all scenarios. Opting for full-risk insurance ensures reimbursement for any loss or damage caused by natural elements such as fire, water, or extreme temperatures.

Notably, our full-risk packages extend coverage to artwork shipping anywhere in the world. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable pieces are protected against a wide range of risks, regardless of their destination.


Swift and Secure Artwork Shipping via Air Freight

Experience the epitome of efficiency with SDC International’s air freight services, offering both regular and express options. While air freight may incur higher costs, it ensures a swift arrival at the destination point, making it an ideal choice for time-sensitive shipments. Our comprehensive airfreight service encompasses:

  • Shipping and Diverse Delivery Options: Benefit from flexible shipping options tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your artwork reaches its destination seamlessly.

  • Integrated Tracking Services: Stay informed every step of the way with our integrated tracking services, allowing you to monitor the progress of your shipment in real-time.

  • Expert Packing and Crating Services: Entrust the safety of your artwork to our expert team, providing specialized packing and crating services designed to protect and secure all kinds of artwork during air transit.

  • International Insurance Against Loss or Damage: While we take every precaution to ensure the safety of your consignment, our airfreight service includes international insurance coverage. In the unfortunate event of loss or damage, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

Choose SDC International for your airfreight needs, and enjoy the perfect blend of speed, security, and reliability for your valuable artwork.

Seamless and Cost-Effective Artwork Shipping via Ocean Freight

Embark on a budget-friendly journey with SDC International’s ocean freight services, the most economical shipping method for artwork. If time is not a critical factor, sending your precious pieces by sea is a viable option. While ocean freight boasts cost-effectiveness, the longer transit time necessitates extra precautions to ensure the protection of your valuable artwork. Here’s what you can expect from our ocean freight service:

  • Custom-Designed Wooden Crates: Benefit from custom-designed wooden crates tailored to the unique dimensions and requirements of your artwork, providing optimal protection during the sea journey.

  • LCL or FCL Container Options: Choose between Less than Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL) based on your specific needs, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

  • Versatile Pickup and Delivery Options: Enjoy a range of pickup and delivery options, allowing you to customize the logistics of your artwork shipment to suit your preferences.

  • Full Coverage Against Loss and Damage: Rest easy knowing that our ocean freight service includes comprehensive coverage against loss and damage, offering financial protection for your valuable items throughout the shipping process.

  • Comprehensive 24/7 Traceability: Stay connected with your shipment at all times with our comprehensive 24/7 traceability, allowing you to monitor the status of your artwork from origin to destination.

Specializing in both overseas air and ocean freight, SDC International ensures a tailored solution for every type of artwork and quantity.

Assistance with Customs 

Navigating customs regulations, especially in the realm of artwork shipping, poses a unique set of challenges. With each country enforcing distinct rules and restrictions, a comprehensive understanding of these nuances is crucial to minimize potential obstacles during transit.

At SDC International, we offer invaluable assistance by providing the latest information on restrictions applicable to the jurisdiction where you intend to send your artwork. Our dedicated team is well-versed in the intricacies of customs regulations globally, ensuring you are well-informed and well-prepared for a smooth shipping experience.

In addition to offering guidance, we go the extra mile by assisting you with all the necessary paperwork required for customs clearance. This meticulous approach helps eliminate errors and ensures accurate documentation, reducing the risk of delays or complications.

Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of customs procedures worldwide, allowing us to streamline the process and enhance the likelihood of a successful and hassle-free delivery of your precious artwork.

Comprehensive Artwork Shipping Solutions with SDC International

At SDC International, our services extend beyond the conventional, offering a holistic approach to meet all your shipping needs. From relocating household goods and vehicles to shipping individual artwork pieces and entire collections, we facilitate seamless transportation to destinations across Europe, Asia, and worldwide.

Versatility in Shipping Options: Whether your artwork requires the swiftness of air transportation or the cost-effectiveness of ocean freight, we cater to your preferences, ensuring your demands are met with efficiency and precision.

Expertise in Packing and Crating: Our commitment to the safety of your valuables is unwavering. With expertise in packing and crating, we ensure that your artwork is meticulously prepared for the journey, regardless of size or complexity.

International Transit Insurers for Added Protection: To provide an extra layer of protection to your valuable items, we collaborate with the best international transit insurers. This ensures comprehensive coverage, offering you peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Simplified Customs Process: Navigating the intricate landscape of Customs regulations can be daunting. With SDC International, you can trust us to handle every aspect of this complex process. We provide comprehensive assistance, covering you at every step and ensuring your shipment reaches its intended destination without unnecessary delays or complications.

Choose SDC International for a seamless and worry-free artwork shipping experience. Your valuables are in capable hands, and we are dedicated to ensuring they safely arrive wherever they are intended to be.


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