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Published on Apr 24, 2020 by Kfir Cohen

Are you moving from Houston, Texas, to another country? Whether you are moving for work, returning to your native country or retiring abroad, SDC International Moving Company will help you relocate.

International Moving Company from Houston

SDC International Shipping is an international relocation company, with offices and teams working throughout the USA. As Houston is one of the largest ports in the country, we naturally have crews working there, and use it as a base for operations throughout Texas. To our clients in Houston we are able to offer a full range of services. Like everywhere else we are able to offer door to door delivery service, packing, and vehicle moving. In Houston we can also offer our clients additional services including white glove, handyman and on site estimates.

International Household Moving from Houston

When you move to another country from Houston, there are a few critical first steps that you must do. The most important of these will be to make sure that you are legally allowed to move to your destination and paying an additional visit to your destination. Arrangements for legally moving for some countries can often take many months of interviews if you are not a returning citizen. Luckily many countries have consulates in Houston making this task fairly easy for those moving from Houston.

A visit to your new home will be very important in planning your international household moving from Houston. Will you be moving into a home that is comparable in size to what you are leaving behind in Texas? If so, you will want to send all of your furniture that is in good shape, along with your personal effects as appropriate for your destination. Are you moving to a colder location? A warmer climate? These will be important factors in your moving decisions.

We have successfully relocated thousands of families to locations around the world. From our experience, there are some portions of your household that will be the most important things for you to send. The largest items that you will need to consider are an automobile and furniture. Of course, clothes, personal equipment, kitchen and dining gear, linens and more will always be taken. For automobiles, see the car section, below. For furniture, the most important pieces for you to take will be your bedroom furniture and dining sets. If possible, our movers will take these apart carefully to prevent their becoming damaged in shipment. This also saves cargo room in your container. If you have high quality sofas, you will usually want to send them along, but make sure that your home in your destination has sufficient room for them. When you visit your destination, review the kind of house you expect to be moving into. If you have any doubts, take actual measurements.

Many people in the Houston area have spacious yards with things like sports equipment, outdoor furniture, and sheds. Please note that for most countries there is a big difference between sending used and new goods. If you can buy things like a new gas grill or boat several months before moving it is usually a good idea. Keep in mind that in Houston if you prefer a gas grill, you can get either propane or natural gas. In your destination country, only one of these might be available, so check this on your visit. You will find that the selection and price of models in Houston will be profoundly different from your destination.

Do you own a boat? Fishing equipment? If these are available at your new home, send them along. Arrangement for your boat is one of the things you will want to check on your visit to your destination. Is sending your boat worth it? It usually is.

International Movers Houston: Customs and Regulations

Nations typically charge customs on goods entering them. For some items, especially motorized vehicles, these taxes can be very high. In most cases returning citizens and those moving with long term resident visas are allowed to import one container of used goods owned by the sender to enter the country without paying taxes. It is very important that you do not violate these rules. Do not do favors to family and friends bringing them things from Houston in your shipment. If you are bringing anything that appears new, make sure that you have receipts that show that they are at least half a year in your possession.

If you are moving to any European Union country, you must have lived outside of any EU country for the country’s allotted time (usually two years) in order to qualify for an exemption from customs.

As regulations vary greatly, we will try to advise you early about what you shouldn’t send. The list always includes alcohol, tobacco and pornography, but for some countries has many more items.

International Car Moving from Houston

Sending a car from Houston to most destinations is usually a really good idea. Check with us about the regulations for the car import at your destination. If you choose to send a car in your container, it is the last thing placed in, so that it can easily be removed and delivered to a licensing or inspection facility at your destination.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that your physical presence is usually required for licensing a car. There are countries where your car can be delivered to your door, but this is the exception. You can also send motorcycles. There are some countries where you can’t send a car but you can send a motorcycle. For any vehicle that is registered and/or titled in Texas, we will need to clear these before we can send them. This includes trailers for boats and jet skis. In Texas kayaks and canoes less than 14 feet long are not registered, and these can be placed in your shipping container without any prior administrative clearance.

Moving from Houston Checklist

  • Visit your destination
  • Arrange for your legal right to live in your destination
  • Start downsizing early
  • You will probably want to buy a supply of household linens, clothes, shoes, etc. before you move. Think several years in advance, as some countries might not have your size available, especially in the Far East.
  • If you want to bring your pet with you, look into this early, as the process could take several months for many countries.

International Moving: Shipping Options from Houston

Are you sending a car or boat in your container? If so, you will more than likely choose to send a 40’ container from Houston. Those sending only a household will usually find that a 20’ container is sufficient for their needs.

Smaller loads, known as LCL for less than full container load, can also be sent. From the Houston area we can offer door to door delivery starting from 100 cubic feet of cargo. This is about the size of a fully loaded pallet. For origination points such as Austin and San Antonio, we can offer door to door service starting at 200 cubic feet. Depending on destination, usually 600 cubic feet is the amount of cargo that will make it more sensible to send a full container load.

If you want to send a boat that does not fit into a container, it is sent using a method known as roll on roll off where the boat is sent on its trailer.

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