Moving to the UK from the USA

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Moving to the UK from USA to either study, work, or relocate permanently is not hard. You only need to arm yourself with the correct information to make the moving process less painful. Also, you need to prepare all the documents required, such as your Visa, valid IDs, and others. In addition, you should hire a reliable international moving company like SDC International Shipping if you are planning to relocate with your family or take some of your prized possessions, such as your car.

SDC International Shipping is a premier international moving company in the US. Our company has been in the industry since the 90s and currently operates in over 197 destinations worldwide. For years, we helped thousands of customers move to the UK from USA.

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Living in the UK

The United Kingdom is a top relocation option for many Americans. Most of them prefer to move to the UK because the place caters to the needs of ex-pats. It is also home to some of the world’s prestigious universities and colleges, museums, art galleries, and world-renowned sports centers. Also, the place is known for its diverse cuisine and rich history that many ex-pats long to experience.

Presently, the UK has an estimated population of more than 68 million. It has become a home to about 3.9 million expats, with around 200,000 coming from the US. The UK is a temperate region with large cities like London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Birmingham, and Bristol. The place is also a haven for Americans who wish to pursue better work opportunities with its average full-time salary of £35,423.

Our moving services

The United Kingdom is one of the major areas of operation that SDC International Shipping has. We cater to the shipping needs of thousands of Americans who wish to move to the UK annually. To provide them with what they deserve, SDC International Shipping now offers the following services to better attend to the needs of our UK-bound clients.

  • International Household Moving to the UK

SDC International Shipping offers a complete solution to individuals and families who wish to relocate to the UK. We are a one-stop shop international household movers for all your shipping and moving needs.

  • Car shipping

Moving your car from the US to the UK is a breeze for International Shipping. We have a team of expert personnel who knows international car shipping procedures well.

  • Packing options

We understand that packing your staff for international relocation is stressful. Thus, we offer various packing options to help you enjoy your international moving insurance.

  • Shipping insurance

We value your peace of mind. We make sure that all our shipping services are backed with the applicable shipping insurance. So, you don’t need to worry.

  • Pet Travel

Pets are valuable members of our households. Due to this, we specialize in providing pet travel options to our clients. We are committed to helping them bring their pets with them wherever they wish to relocate.

Containter Shipping Service

Moving to the UK from USA typically involves moving various items ranging from the smaller to the larger ones. Aside from that, this could include moving sensitive items that require exceptional care. So, to cater to the diverse shipping needs of our clients, SDC International Shipping currently offers the following services.

  • Shared Container Service

This service is ideal for moving smaller packages. Technically, we sort our clients’ packages and place the smaller ones in a container with those of the other customers. Thus, you only need to pay less.

  • Exclusive Container Service

This shipping option works best when shipping packages with larger dimensions and in bulk. When you opt for this service, all your belongings will be packed and placed in a container assigned to you. Our team of personnel is trained to maximize the use of the container’s available space by towing packages well. 

  • Air Freight Service

An air freight service is an ideal option for clients who want to move their belongings fast.  This is because the packages are transported by air via a commercial or chartered service. Opting for our air freight service is an excellent solution to cut the delivery time of your prized possessions.

  • Pet Travel

Our pet shipping service is dedicated to transporting your precious pets abroad. We employ a team of pet experts who take charge of making your pets feel comfortable and safe during transport. We also use planes to bring them to their destination fast and stress-free.

  • International Household Moving Service

SDC International Shipping is committed to making your relocation to the UK and other destinations a memorable experience. So, we offer the international household moving service that allows us to handle all the essential aspects of moving your prized possessions from the US to the UK on your behalf. So, all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy.

Packing options

The need to pack your personal belongings is among the most stressful parts of relocating to the UK. So, to help you enjoy your relocation experience, SDC International Shipping offers several packing options that best suits your needs. We employ a team of professional packers to handle all the packing tasks. 

How Long Does Moving to the UK from USA Take? 

Moving your stuff from the USA to the UK typically takes 15-30 days. However, this could possibly take longer depending on various shipping factors, such as the prevailing weather condition when your packages are shipped and the distance from the point of origin to the destination of your personal belongings.

Moving to the UK – Top Destinations 

The United Kingdom is home to some of the most exciting destinations to which many Americans are delighted to relocate. However, the most popular of these are the following.


  • The second-largest city in the UK
  • Has historical canals longer than that of Venice
  • Has a multi-cultural mix of shopping centers, museums, and canal-side dining
  • Has plenty of places where ex-pats could settle


  • The second-largest city in Scotland
  • Regarded as one of the UK’s hippest ex-pat destinations
  • The city is home to many architectural gems
  • Has friendly locals
  • Great place to dine, party, dine and shop


  • One of the UK’s most beautiful cities
  • Home to the famous International Festival and the Fringe Festival
  • Surrounded by elegant Georgian New Town and the atmospheric Old Town
  • Regarded as Scotland’s cultural capital


  • Known as the self-styled north capital
  • Known for its prestigious football teams, musical heritage, and industrial past
  • Highly accessible via tram
  • Has a great mix of old and new structures

Plan early – Know these before moving 

  • Make an Early Visit to your Destination

Paying your target destination in the UK before moving there is something that you should do. This will help you assess and determine the things that you should bring along when you relocate.

  • Visa

Americans are allowed to stay in the UK without a visa for up to 6 months. If you wish to stay longer, you need to secure a Standard visitor Visa.

  • Citizenship requirements 

Acquiring citizenship in the UK is among the most expensive and arduous in the world. However, having one offers many perks and privileges.

  • Banking and payments

Living in the UK could expose you to various banking and payment methods. The most commonly used are debit and credit card use, digital wallets, cash, and bank transfers.

  • Healthcare

UK’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Public healthcare is provided to all permanent residents and funded by general taxation.

  • Learn the Laws and Regulations

The laws in the US and the UK have many similarities. However, there are also differences that you should learn to avoid being apprehended by UK authorities

  • Government and embassy

It is best to maintain direct contact with the US government and its embassy when moving to the UK. This gives you a lifeline in times of need.

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Moving to the UK from the USA

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