Moving to Cyprus from the US

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Cyprus attracts millions of tourists every year and hundreds of foreign workers. Perhaps after visiting the “Jewel of the Mediterranean” and enjoying the warm climate on the island, you have started looking for opportunities to make your Mediterran ean dream come true. Whether you are moving to Cyprus for retirement or a job, SDC International Shipping can make your relocation trouble-free. 

We have done many moves to Cyprus, shipping household goods and cars. We can be your door-to-door international mover to Limassol, Nicosia, or any other destination on the island. Simply, contact us or fill out an online quote. 

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How to Move to Cyprus from the USA

Moving to Cyprus from the USA involves a few steps. These are: determining the volume of your goods, getting a quote, shipping to Cyprus, and delivering your items to the final destination. 

Know the Amount of Your Goods

Before starting your move to Cyprus, you need to calculate the volume of the personal belongings you want to ship. Once you do that, you’ll have a better idea of the shipping services required. Each move is different, and knowing what you are taking with you will help the overall process. 

Shipping Cost to Cyprus 

Once you know the size of your move, the further step is to finalize a quote. The shipping price is not the same due to the uniqueness of each particular move. It can be affected by various factors. Our logistics agents create custom quotes for every move to make sure you get the most accurate information. For example, the price to move to Cyprus via a solo container may be different than the moving price via a shared container. 

Export Your Goods to Cyprus

Our door-to-door service caters to the export of your goods. It includes packing services, shipment pickup, transport to the port, and delivery to anywhere in Cyprus. You will get a Bill of Lading and notification after the ship leaves, including an estimated arrival time. 

Import Your Goods in Cyprus

When arriving in Cyprus, your cargo goes through customs. The main ports for importing household goods in Cyprus are Limassol and Larnaca. You can book a door-to-door service, and we’ll deliver your shipment right to the doors of your new home. Once it is clear, it will be unloaded, and the SDC shipping coordinator will contact you. 

SDC Shipping Services for Moving to Cyprus 

When moving to Cyprus from the USA, we offer a few services to meet all requirements. 

Vehicle Shipping to Cyprus 

If you are moving to Cyprus and planning to ship your car or vehicle from the US, we can take care of that. 

Temporary car importation is duty-free if you have lived in the US for more than one year within the past two years. As for returning Cypriots, they can import one car per family, provided they have resided abroad for at least ten years. 

US citizens will need to take up permanent residence to be eligible for shipping a vehicle. Keep in mind that the EU standards might be applied to cars made in the US. Motorcycles are subject to a duty. 

Here is the list of documents for customs: 

  • Proof of registration; 
  • Sales invoice;
  • Passport; 
  • Local road insurance.

We’ll ship your car via the RoRo method or in a container. Yet, regardless of your choice, we have rates to Pathos, Limassol, and Larnaca from major departure ports in the US. 

Cyprus Relocation Information 

Americans moving to Cyprus

For many American expats, moving to Israel is a long-term goal. For retirees considering a permanent stay, Cyprus is one of the places to enjoy amazing seafood scenery, beautiful beaches with shockingly blue and clear water, and a sense of ancient culture. Others relocate here for employment or business opportunities. Because of Cyprus’s developed infrastructure, several American offshore businesses have been established here. 

Language in Cyprus 

People in Cyprus speak what they call a former Greek or Cypriot. Although it is very similar to Greek –  they don’t have their own language, which means they read the same Greek books –  they pronounce every single word differently. They have their own spin on the language, but it takes a long time to get used to. On the other hand, you’ll find that many Cypriots speak English. 

Getting Around in Cyprus 

They don’t have any metros or trains, but they have a pretty robust bus system. If you need to get somewhere, you can take a bus. It might take a little longer than it would in other EU major cities, but it is definitely better than in America. 

Some Facts About Cyprus 

  • Cyprus is bordered by Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, and Greece;
  • The country is an EU member but not included in the Schengen area;
  • Cyprus is about 3/5 the size of Connecticut;
  • The island is divided between Cyprus and Turkey in the middle of Nicosia; 
  • The country is home to Khirokitia, a Neolithic village, the UNESCO world heritage site. 
  • It can be hot here. The temperature may rise to 100oF. 

Why Moving to Cyprus with SDC

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit” – Aristotle

“SDC guys are amazing. I used this mover at the end of March. They were very straightforward with everything. Communication was fast and clear. My shipment should arrive very soon. So far, so good.” – Mary L.

“SDC customer service is something you can count on. Monika, my personal shipping expert, was very helpful. The shipping was smooth. Got my stuff intact.” – Bob S.

Moving to Cyprus from the US

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