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International Moving Company to Philippines

Published on Jul 14, 2021 by Kfir Cohen

The Republic of the Philippines is a great, exciting country, but moving there will not be easy. As the Philippines have many regulations that need to be carefully followed, using SDC International Shipping will help ensure that you don’t falter on any of the many obstacles along the way.

An experienced international moving company to the Philippines, SDC International Shipping has the knowledge to move your belongings to the Philippines in a timely manner while reducing hassle.

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01 | International Household Moving to Philippines
02 | International Car Shipping to Philippines
03 | Philippines Customs and Regulations
04 | Moving to Philippines Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options

Keep in mind that the Philippines is plural, and there are thousands of islands. If you are moving to Manila, Quezon, or Cebu, these locations are quite accessible. We can and will ship anywhere in the Philippines, but some locations require intricate logistics and planning and will take longer and cost a little more.

The Philippines is a popular relocation destination for many Americans. Some move for work, some want to retire to a place with pleasant weather, and some to rejoin their families. It is quite common for Filipinos who have gone abroad to return home, and many of our clients are Balikbayan Filipinos who have been living in the US for years and are rejoining their families.

Whatever the reason, SDC International Shipping moves clients to the Philippines regularly and has the experience to move you there successfully.

International Household Moving to Philippines

Understandably, so many Americans want to live in the Philippines, it is an up and coming country where English is understood and life is pleasant. However, when you relocate to the Philippines, not everything that you are accustomed to from the United States is readily available, and shipments of household goods and personal effects are par for the course for anyone moving there.

Most of your personal effects should accompany you to your new home. Household goods, including personal and family heirlooms and personal items, should definitely cross the Pacific with you. However, be very careful to avoid sending anything to the Philippines that has been in contact with animals. If you have fishing equipment, you’ll want to bring it to this island nation, but it should all be thoroughly cleaned before being packed.

Don’t forget musical instruments, we send lots of them to the Philippines. Remember that your things should be at least six months old to avoid taxation, so go grab an extra guitar in the early stages of your planning!

Special fragile items that you own and want to send to the Philippines might require special handling. SDC International Shipping’s professional movers are trained in taking care of these items. Where appropriate, custom crates are can be built. Other items will be individually cared for when you use our professional packers. Cartons, cloth pads, or cardboard pads will be used. Furniture will be wrapped for protection. Our movers can bring special cartons for paintings or mirrors. Items like motorcycles might be both crated and specially secured.

Another reason to choose our professional packing service is insurance. If you pack, you won’t be able to purchase insurance against damage for your shipment.

Electronics typically will work in the Philippines without difficulty. You usually will need to get a simple plug adapter, but not always as many times American plugs will work there. Check the options on your device’s electricity source, almost all modern electronics with external adapters (bricks) take 100-240v, those will work. The electricity in the Philippines is 220 V, and their plug shape is unique.

Computers, game consoles, computer screens, TVs, phones, etc., should all work when you get to the Philippines, so you should bring your small devices with you and send the larger ones in your shipment. However, most American major appliances will be of little use in the Philippines, so leave them in the states.

International Car Shipping to Philippines

Importing a car to the Philippines from the United States is usually not a practical option. Most automobiles will not be approved for import. Remember that in the Philippines, they drive on the left hand’s side of the road, and the steering column is on the right-hand side of the car. You will not be able to import a car to the Philippines unless you have previously obtained a permit to do so prior from the Bureau of Import Services, and this permission more than likely won’t be given.

Philippines Customs and Regulations

The Philippines is a nation of islands, over 7600 of them. This means a protected environment, and you should avoid sending anything to the Philippines that include live animals or plants or their products. For the most part, most other used goods can be imported to the Philippines for immigrants and returning citizens without paying import taxes. You only have to show that you have been living abroad for at least six months and that you own what you are bringing with you. A complete list of items that are prohibited from bringing to the Philippines can be found here.

When you import used goods in your shipment, you are usually not charged import duties. The Philippines has a value-added tax (VAT) rate that is 12%. You will be charged at this rate if you are importing new items. If you are relocating to the Philippines, you need to check the specific import and customs regulations, as they differ greatly from most countries, it is best to check with a Filipino consulate as online information is often incomplete.

Your shipping inventory will be a necessity. Movers from SDC International Shipping’s will prepare this list for you if we load your shipment. You will be obliged to prepare this list yourself if you self-load. Your shipment insurance will also require this inventory list, so it is imperative that you double check its accuracy.

In the past, the Philippines were infamous for shady customs procedures, but in the past decades, many measures have been taken to ensure the integrity of customs and inspections. Most containers shipping only used household goods, and personal effects are no longer inspected.

Moving to Philippines Checklist

There are several different kinds of immigration visas available depending upon Filipino ancestry, marriage, and other factors. Sometimes there is more than one possible visa, so choosing the right one is important. Consult this Philippines government site for information.

  • Immigration or permanent resident visas – forms 13G, 13E, or 13A
  • Philippines Goods Declaration
  • Family documents including marriage certificates, birth certificates, medical records, driver’s license, divorce certificates, etc.
  • Try to get school records for all family members, go back as far as possible.
  • College or university degrees, high school diplomas, professional qualifications.

International Shipping Options

The Philippines is a spread out country, and almost all of its population lives near the coast. Almost everyone in the Philippines is easily served by large, modern seaports, but some islands will require special logistics.

Any size shipment can be sent to the Philippines. From our experience, many clients sending to the Philippines opt for full-sized containers, but it is widespread to send less than full container loads. Smaller shipments can also be sent, but make sure to use only new boxes, and let us put pallets your pallets together for you.

You can pack and load your own shipment, but as this is likely to trigger an unnecessary inspection, we don’t recommend this option. For entire households, your best shipping option to the Philippines will be SDC International Shipping’s full packing service.

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