Moving to the Philippines from the USA

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Is moving to the Philippines from the USA one of your top relocation options? This beautiful country, dubbed the second-largest archipelago and the hidden gem of Southeast Asia, has many exciting things to offer you.

But before making a move to realize your dream of living a laid-back life in the Philippines, you also need to have a concrete relocation plan. This SDC International Shipping guide provides essential information about services to make your move to a new country stress-free. 

Ship Your Household Goods with SDC

Have your personal and household goods shipped to the Philippines. Some things you are accustomed to in the USA might not be available in your new home. In this particular aspect, shipping should be the least of your concern if you have a reliable international household mover like SDC International Shipping to back you up.

You can qualify for duty-free on household goods if you have: 

  • Work Visa, or
  • Non-immigrant visa, or
  • Permanent residence, or
  • Investor Visa or Retiree Visa 
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Owned your items for at least 6 months

The Philippines’ customs are very strict, and failure to comply with the requirements may significantly impede importation. Yet, you can always rely on our logistic agent to help collect the correct documentation for customs. 

Shipping Your Vehicle

Shipping your car to the Philippines is not a practical option. And this is why: 

  • There’s no duty exemption for foreigners 
  • VAT can be up to 90%

If, despite these conditions, you still want to try to import your auto to the country, please speak with your destination agent. Also, note that car shipping doesn’t come as a separate service. It’s available to clients who ship household items with SDC.  

Packing, Storage, Pet Relocation, and Marine Insurance

We offer international moving services, such as packing, storage, pet relocation, and marine insurance. We aim to free you as much as possible so you can focus on other key aspects of your move. We are the international mover to complete your move, from start to finish. 

The Cost of Moving to the Philippines from the USA

The cost of moving to the Philippines from the USA isn’t so straightforward to provide. Many variables affect that. These are services booked, origin, and destination. For instance, a move with the same service package from the west coast would have a different price than from the east coast. 

Or, a door-to-door delivery will be rated differently than a port-to-port service, even with the same distance between the origin and destination. Given these factors, our logistics agents create custom quotes for all customers. 

Shipping Time to the Philippines 

The shipping time from the US to the Philippines is around 4-6 weeks in a solo container by sea, depending on the port location. The transit time for household items sent in a shared container is approximately 8-10 weeks. 

The fastest shipping method is air freight, which takes around 3-5 days. We can arrange departures from major US airports, so delivery time to the Philippines should be no longer than 5 days. 

However, the exact shipping time from the US to the Philippines will depend on the time necessary for customs clearance in the Philippines. For ocean shipments to the Philippines, customs clearance and delivery would normally take a week. 

What You Need To Know

The Philippines is among the top destinations for thousands of visitors and expats searching for a new place to start a home abroad. So, if you are looking for a new country to relocate to, put the Philippines on top of your list. Here is some essential information about this country, starting with the following.

  • Manila is the capital of the Philippines. It also serves as the country’s center for cultural, economic, and political activities.
  • The Philippines consists of 7,500 islands.
  • The country has a long list of natural tourist spots, such as BoracayBohol, and Palawan, to name a few.
  • The Philippines has a warm climate. Also, it is home to hundreds of mouth-watering and diverse food options.
  • English is the country’s secondary language, and its people are known for their extreme hospitality.
  • The country has an affordable cost of living.

Moving to the Philippines: Dos and Don’ts

Moving to the Philippines from the USA is not that complicated. However, doing this requires careful planning and proper preparation. It would be best to learn all the necessary relocation dos and don’ts, especially the following.

The Dos:

  1. Consider renting a place to stay first before buying your own. Doing this allows you to explore and blend in the new place without spending much. If you decide to move somewhere else, you only need to transport your stuff to your new address.
  2. Learn how to speak Filipino. Although this is not required, learning the language used in your new home will conveniently help you interact with the locals.
  3. You can bring your pet from the USA to the Philippines if you comply with the requirements.
  4. Check if your current health insurance coverage will still be valid when you relocate to the Philippines. If not, securing a policy covering your health needs in the Philippines is best.

The don’ts:

  1. The cost of living in the Philippines is very low compared to the USA. However, avoid spending more than you can afford since living in this country is quite difficult when your pockets are empty.
  2. Avoid flashing your valuables in public. Although the security situation in the country has tremendously improved in the past few years, you might still get robbed.

Top Destinations for Moving to the Philippines

Below you will find major cities in the Philippines for relocation. But we can move you anywhere, no matter where you are heading to. 

  • Manila
  • Davao
  • Quezon
  • Cebu
  • Zamboanga 
  • Caloocan 
  • Baguio 
  • Boracay

Moving to the Philippines from the USA

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