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Moving to Finland from USA

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Let us keep the balance of your move.

Are you moving to Finland from the USA and shopping around for moving services? You can rely on our professional assistance and advice to avoid unnecessary stress given our ten years of experience dealing with international moves.

Again and again, Finland ranks the happiest country in the world for 2021. It is outpacing Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, and the Netherlands for the fourth year in a row. 

As international movers, SDC International Shipping is your trustworthy partner when moving overseas or relocating to Finland. We’ll make sure that your household items are handled as if they were the most precious things.

What Exactly Do Our Services Include?

We offer tailored services to meet the individual needs of each person. For example, we’ll move your furniture and other household items and take care of the customs clearance process. Depending on the type of service you choose, we’ll offer packing service, furniture assembly, insurance, storage, and other services you may need.

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Moving Households to Finland From the USA

Moving households is duty-free if you have owned them for at least six months and have lived abroad for at least one year before relocating to Finland.

Shipping belongings to your new home in Finland is what SDC international household movers do. So whether you move with a family, alone, or for a business purpose, we can arrange to move your personal stuff anywhere in Suomi.

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The Cost of Shipping Households

The cost of shipping household goods varies. It depends on the type of additional service you choose, the volume and weight of your cargo, pickup and delivery locations, insurance, etc. For example, sending a 3-bed house in a 20ft container may cost around $5,000, and sending a 4+bed apartment in a 40ft container can be priced at $8,000.

Our logistics experts will give you the best quote based on your situation.

Moving Vehicles to Finland From the USA

Moving a vehicle to Finland with a value of up to $34,000 is duty-free. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay duties. Besides, you must have owned and used it in the USA for at least six months before shipment. If your car doesn’t meet the duty-free exemption, be ready to pay from 50% to 60% of taxes! The duties will also include the value of accessories and equipment in your vehicle. 

If you need to ship your car via RORO or in a container, that’s a good place to start. SDC International Movers to Finland offer low-cost solutions.

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The Cost of Shipping Vehicles

The same as the cost of shipping household goods, the shipping cost of a car also hinges on many factors. These are vehicle size, condition, shipping distance, transportation type, etc. For example, shipping a vehicle via RORO is cheaper than sending it in a sole container.

In any scenario, you should talk to our shipping experts to lower your car shipping cost and get a fixed quote.

Why You Need Assessment Visit

As you can see, shipping costs are based on many variables, so getting an accurate quote is important.

The best way to do this is through on-site estimation or a virtual survey of your household items. Then, after we record everything you need to ship, plus additional services you may wish to book, will we be able to come up with the final quote.

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Avoid Enervating Task of Packing

Moving from Finland to the USA requires lots of preparation, including packing. You may choose to do it yourself or go with the packing service offered at SDC International Shipping. DIY packing may seem like a cost-efficient solution. But are you sure you know how to pack your things so they can endure such a long-distance? Secondly, do you have time for this? If unsure, don’t risk it and simply get a professional packing service.

Whether you need to pack just one room or the entire house, let our experienced crew do the job.

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Shipping Via Air Freight or Ocean Freight?

Most long-distance shipments are transported via ocean because it’s the most affordable shipping method. But you have to keep in mind that it takes a long time to get your cargo to a destination. But usually, this isn’t a problem as most of our clients prepare for shipping ahead of time. As for airfreight, it is expensive but very fast, typically taking two-five business days. If you are shipping smaller quantities, up to 100 kg, sending your things by air is also cost-effective.

Our logistics experts will advise you on the best shipping method worthwhile for you.

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Easy Customs Clearance When Moving to Finland from the USA

SDC International Shipping can assist you with preparing and submitting the paperwork required to export and import your household goods or vehicle. We can connect you with customs agents who know the Finish regulations for different types of household goods regardless of the transportation type.

Moving Your Piano with Care

Baby grands, concert grands, organs, and so forth – we move all types of vertical and horizontal pianos. We guarantee safety throughout the process because our piano movers are trained to perform the job.

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Moving Your Artwork with Care

When moving to Finland from the USA, artwork pieces are other high-value objects that must be treated with professionalism and care. We are happy to offer such a service to any location in Suomi.

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International Moving Insurance 

SDC International Movers arranges international moving insurances. We’ll connect you with the insurance agent to find your ideal coverage.

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Best Places to Live in Finland

There are many places to live in Finland, but most expats prefer to live in the following cities:

  • Helsinki
  • Kotka
  • Hamina
  • Jacobstad
  • Rauma
  • Kokkola
  • Tampere
  • Oulu
  • Espoo

We have moved most of our clients to Helsinki. It’s a popular destination for international work and study permit holders. 

Why We Are Good as International Movers

We’re here to make your relocation to Finland easier

  • We have accumulated a 10-year knowledge to move your belongings.
  • We are committed to every effort to give you the best-fixed quote.
  • We have a polite, friendly, and hardworking crew to handle your stuff.
  • We are punctual and regular in all our operations at both ends.

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We Earn Reputation by Trying to Make Hard Moves Trouble-Free

“We are so thankful to SDC International Shipping for handling customs for us. They packed everything in their shipping packages and did such excellent work with delivering our container to Helsinki. All was cleared and came to our door.”

“Removal US to Finland, can recommend this company, adequate packaging of household effects. I am glad that all the stories I heard about problems with shipping didn’t come true. First, we had an estimator come to our home to do a survey. The packing team arrived on time and customs clearance went really well. Eventually, we got our items in good condition.”



What are the cost of living and housing like in Finland?

For the average American moving to Finland, the cost of living may be on the cheaper side. 
In general, most Finnish dwellings will be comparable to the typical American house sizes. If you are moving from a single-family home in the USA to a single-family home in Finland, taking all of your belongings should not be a problem. Think about giving away or disposing of things that you won’t be sending to Finland early.
Preschool education, comprehensive education, and upper secondary school education are free in Finland. However, if you are from outside the E.U. and want to study English in the college, you will have to pay tuition. 
As compared to the cost of healthcare in America, Finland has affordable public health facilities. For example, the average total fees can be up to approximately €700 per year.

What are Finish Customs and Regulations?

Finland is a member of the European Union. Therefore, much of its tax policies are subject to the European Customs Union rules. You are permitted to import almost anything that you currently own. Used goods, those in your possession for at least half a year, can be imported without paying customs. Newer things are taxed at the standard 23% Finnish VAT rate. For updated information on Finnish Tax and Customs Authority policies, visit

How do I ship my vehicle from the U.S. to Finland?

Moving to Finland is easy, but another hurdle is getting your belongings to the country. Cars can be shipped to Finland when you relocate. You should, in general, be exempt from import duties for vehicles that are at least six months. Your car must meet Finnish and E.U. environmental and safety regulations. Once imported, it will have to have Finnish automobile insurance.
Cars and other vehicles sent to Finland are registered to the visa holder or the returning Finnish citizen. Finland allows for the import of vehicles up to six years old. Like your household goods and personal effects, anything you send to Finland should be at least half a year old. Please note that Finland has not yet enacted very stringent European regulations for automobile emissions. We recommend that you check this, as it might change at any point, making the import of some models impractical.

Emigrating to Finland can be an amazing experience once you have crossed all your T’s and dotted all I’s.

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