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Moving to Finland from USA

International Moving Company to Finland – this is our Finland relocation guide – initial tips and guidance for those moving to Finland from the USA.

International Moving Company to Finland from USA

SDC International Shipping is a company for residential Finland relocation. We also send many containers to Finland carrying commercial goods to the country..

International Household Moving to Finland from USA

Finland is a popular destination for Americans who want to relocate to Europe. As a member of the European Union, permanent residence in Finland allows you unfettered movement throughout Europe. They use the common Euro currency. The northern extremities of the country lie within the Arctic Circle, and even the southern urban centers like Helsinki experience days of only a few hours of daylight in the winter. Finland won’t be for everyone, but for some people it will be a dream.

SDC International Shipping has been involved with the relocation of families to Finland for decades. Not only those going to work, but also many returning Finnish citizens and some Americans looking to retire in a cold climate.

Getting your belongings to your new Finnish home is what SDC International Shipping does. In addition to private containers sent by our clients, we also send our own containers destinations throughout Finland, including most islands in the Turku area.

In general, most Finnish dwellings will be comparable to the typical American house sizes. If you are moving from a single family home in the USA to a single family home in Finland, taking all of your belongings should not be a problem. Think about giving away or disposing of things that you won’t be sending to Finland early.

You have undoubtedly visited Finland many times before deciding to relocate there. If you haven’t yet found a place to live, we highly suggest an additional trip to meet with real estate agents and find a place to live. Even if you don’t sign a contract, visiting will help you understand the house you are moving to.

Bring most of your furniture. We will take good care of your tables and bedroom furniture, making sure to properly disassemble pieces that might be damaged during shipping. All of these pieces get wrapped by our movers with appropriate packaging materials.

Some things that you should consider bringing with you to Finland from the USA or sending in your container include small electronics and kitchen appliances. Anything that can accommodate 220 volt electricity will function properly. Check your appliances, you will find that many modern appliances, almost anything that has an external power source, will have this capability.

Finland is a country where cycling is very popular when the weather permits. Make sure to send your bikes, and stock up on equipment.

Consider stocking up also on appropriate winter gear.

Finnish Customs and Regulations

Finland is a member of the European Union. Much of its tax policies are subject to the European Customs Union rules. This website can be checked for the updated policies of the Finnish Tax and Customs Authority, available in English as well.

You are permitted to import almost anything that you currently own. Used goods, those that have been in your possession for at least half a year, can be imported without paying customs. Newer things are taxed at the standard 23% Finnish VAT rate.

International Car Shipping to Finland from USA

Cars can be shipped to Finland when you relocate. You should in general be exempt from import duties for cars that are at least six months. Your car must meet Finnish and EU environmental and safety regulations. Once imported, it will have to have Finnish automobile insurance.

Cars and other vehicles that can be sent to Finland are those that are registered to the visa holder or the returning Finnish citizen. Finland allows for the import of cars up to six years old. Like your household goods and personal effects, anything that you send to Finland should be at least half a year old. Please note that Finland has not yet enacted very stringent European regulations for automobile emissions, and we recommend that you check this, as it might change at any point, making the import of some models impractical.

Feel free to send your motorcycle. You are allowed to send both a motorcycle and an automobile to Finland if you own them and have a license for them.

You will need to get your original vehicle title and registration to SDC International Shipping several weeks before we come to prepare them for shipment. We will return the originals to you after we have cleared the title.

Do you like boating? If so Finland is the country for you. You can send your boat to Finland as well as a car. Small boats can be placed in a container, but most boats will be shipped directly to Finland using the RO-RO method (roll on roll off) where they are shipped on their trailers. If your trailer was titled in the USA, then we will have to clear the title just like with an automobile. This document contains Finnish regulations for leisure boats and personal watercraft.

You should note that you will can send your car in your shipping container if you are sending private full container load. In this case, the car is the final item placed in the container, so that it can be removed for inspection when arriving. If you want to send a car along with your household, we recommend sending a 40’ private container.

Moving to Finland Checklist

Are you ready to move to Finland? We’re excited for you. Some things on the check list:

  • Contract SDC International Shipping early. We look forward to relocating your family to Finland, and will be able to offer you better service with prior notice.
  • Fill in the Finnish official customs declaration form: Finnish government customs form.
  • You are not required to translate documents into Finnish, but make sure to have them accessible.
  • Do you have your immigration visa or long term residence permit from Finland? If not, get started with this early.
  • On a trip to Finland, make sure to open up a bank account. Consult your American bank about how you will be able to make transfers after you have moved.

International Shipping Options to Finland from USA

When you move to Finland, you can choose from several shipping methods. Please consult us early, as your SDC International Shipping relocation specialist will be able to make the package that works best for you.

If you are moving to a single family home in Finland from one in the USA, you should consider a 40’ shipping container. This can accommodate the contents of most homes, including an automobile. A large container will also allow you to throw in an extra bike, etc. If you aren’t sending a car, carefully take stock of what you are sending, as a 20’ container usually is enough for a household.

If you are sending less than a full container load, you can take advantage of SDC International Shipping’s groupage consolidation where send your belongings together with those of other clients in one of our large containers that we regularly send to Europe. We can also send your things using consolidation services which are a little quicker, but cost a lot more.

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