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An international move is exciting; it is a time to start over, establish a new business, or re-establish family ties. Americans also like to retire to overseas locations where their budget will do more for them, or the weather is more to their liking.

Moving your personal belongings to your new home is our raison d’etre, our only goal, and our singular mission statement. Your luggage is delivered on schedule. Before the move, we inform you of the cost of your shipment and update you on your shipment’s status.  No two moves are the same, but what will always remain constant is SDC’s commitment to safely delivering our clients’ shipments to their destination.

SDC International Shipping, Inc. started as a small local subcontractor for international movers in the Los Angeles area and has grown to be a sizeable international moving company with a global presence and network. Each year SDC International relocates clients to locations around the globe.

SDC has dedicated facilities for storage and shipment preparations in the US and Europe and has exclusive partnerships in other parts of the world. Licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission for international sea shipments, SDC has dedicated teams on both the East and West coast and can service clients with origin destinations anywhere in the United States.

International doesn’t mean only exporting; when we go to the port, we prefer to return with full trucks. SDC International Shipping is a company of international movers in Los Angeles. We regularly deliver relocation shipments throughout Southern California, Arizona, and Las Vegas from our home base in LA and move clients from anywhere in the world to locations throughout the United States. If you live abroad and come to the United States, we welcome you and are ready to deliver your belongings to their destination.

The earlier you start planning your move, the better we will be able to serve you.

International Moving Companies Rates and Costs

The cost of an international move is as varied as there are combinations of origins and destinations. How much will your move cost? Many factors go into the cost of an international move. Some locations are more expensive, and others closer to important ports well served by shipping lines competing for business will allow us to move you at a lower cost. Some locations require special logistics or extra movers. SDC is an international moving company worldwide and can facilitate any shipping need. Call us to describe your move, and we will get you an indicative cost within the day.

Your relocation specialist will be able to give you an initial estimate of the international moving companies’ rates and costs. Also, we will provide the estimated cost, including the rates for all extra services if needed and the estimated port fees and DTHC (destination terminal handling charges), a standard on international shipping. The original estimate that we send you will include all known costs.

Unfortunately, we cannot factor everything into an estimate; for example, there may be an instance where authorities may choose a shipping container for inspection at destination ports. We have no way of knowing when we will inspect a container. As an international moving company to Europe, we also send many automobiles to Europe each month. Cars usually have to go through a licensing facility near the destination port, and we have no way of accounting for the cost of inspection and localization.

SDC International Shipping encourages our clients to bring us competing estimates. The cheapest is not usually the best, and many times what sounds cheap in the beginning ends up being very expensive to the client in the end. If you are on a restricted budget, we have options for you, especially if you are moving to Europe or Australia. Look into our groupage consolidation shipments.

Door to Door International Moving Company from the USA to Anywhere in the World

There are several methods for sending your belongings to your destination. If you are sending household goods and personal effects, you will most likely be interested in our door-to-door service.

SDC International Shipping, Inc. is a door-to-door international moving company from the USA to anywhere globally. In the past year, SDC International Shipping has made door-to-door moves from origin locations across the United States to hundreds of destinations worldwide. (There are very few locations that we can’t deliver to, such as Iran and North Korea, where the US government restrictions embargo exports to these countries.)

While SDC specializes in door-to-door household relocations, it isn’t the only service we successfully do every day. We deliver commercial shipments to ports or our warehouses, which is called port-to-door service. Vehicles are typically picked up from your home but delivered to ports. Many countries require vehicles to undergo inspection and localization at facilities near the entry point; this is called door to port service. There are other instances where clients prefer to pick up their belongings from the port, but you have to be very careful. Unless you have done this yourself many times and are familiar with the exact import process at your destination port, choose a door-to-door service.

International Moving and Storage

It’s ok to order door-to-door service, even if you haven’t found a place to live yet. But what if you don’t have a destination address yet? Many people move to another country before they find a place to live, intending to find one when they arrive.

Sometimes this does not represent a problem, as it takes several weeks from the time your things are loaded from your home in the United States until they are delivered to your destination location, giving you enough time to contract a residence.

As a specialist in international moving and storage and an international moving company worldwide, SDC International Shipping maintains storage warehouses in the United States and worldwide. We will coordinate the choice of your storage location with your relocation specialist based upon several factors.

In general, it will cost less money to store in the US, but you have to keep in mind that from the time you notify us that you want us to forward your shipment to your ultimate destination, we can only then start reserving a spot on a boat, etc. When we use storage at your destination location, shipping from the local warehouse to your address will take only a few days rather than weeks.

We can slightly alter shipping and delivery schedules to add an extra week or so in delivery time. We can’t accurately promise delivery dates, and for lots of reasons out of the control of the shipping company, a delivery initially planned for five weeks might take 7.

Another advantage of using an international moving and storage company is for people going overseas temporarily, like academics and business people. For them, we can store a portion of their belongings in our local warehouse and send what they need to their overseas location.

International Movers and Packers

Moving overseas is quite different than relocating from one state to another within the US. When you move from California to New England, you can do whatever you want. When you move from California to England, you need to confirm a long list of laws and regulations, including immigration laws, shipping materials, and taxation.

Sometimes these are trivial things; at other times, you need to pay close attention, or your shipment could be held up for several weeks until you sort it out, all the while being charged fees at the destination port.

Using the services of international movers and packers, you should concentrate on essential things like visas and settling things before you depart and leave conforming to the international regulations to the professionals. SDC International Shipping is a global moving company worldwide. Our movers and packers use only approved packaging materials approved for international shipments, including wood, cloth, and carton, especially for international moves and strict environmental regulations.

Shipping inventories need to be exhaustive and accurate; our professional international movers and packers will prepare this list. It doesn’t matter what your destination country is. They will always ask for this list.

Affordable International Moving

SDC International Shipping regularly sends client shipments by air. These are great when the load is relatively small or the urgency is rather remarkable. Most often utilized by our commercial clients, air shipping is quick and effective, with door-to-door service usually only taking a few days. The downside is the high cost which makes it impractical for complete household moves.

We are well aware of the importance of maintaining first-class service while reducing costs to our clients; SDC International Shipping developed the groupage consolidation method for shipping. Typically, when people send only a few hundred cubic feet, the shipment is sent to consolidators, which combine the load with other shipments to the same port, this isn’t a flawed system, and we use it ourselves regularly.

However, as our client base has grown, we have made these groupage containers ourselves. As a high-capacity international moving company to Europe, we can take advantage of economies of size and pass the savings along to our clients.

While working with consolidators is effective, there are many added fees because of the necessarily added handling. Since we fill our containers, we can take advantage of the space left over, just like the consolidators do. Only since we’re doing the consolidating do you not have to pay extra consolidation and deconsolidation fees.

Another great advantage of this system is that it will allow you to take any amount of cargo. If you are moving to a four-bedroom home, for example, your things probably won’t fit into a 20’ container, but a 40’ container will have lots of empty room (not recommended), and you will be paying for the open space. So even if you have a significant move, groupage consolidations can reduce your overall shipment costs.

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