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International Moving Company to Japan

No matter the reason of your moving to Japan from the USA, SDC International Shipping has expertise to make international relocation stress-free and straightforward.

With its unique customs and strict codes of behavior, fast-paced city life, peaceful rural areas, and delicious food, Japan attracts more and more foreigners. There are 2 million expats currently living in this Land of the Rising Sun, and the figure is expected to rise.  

Our impeccable international shipment service is at the heart of a successful international relocation. It’s also about a thorough strategy specific to each client. Our services include transport, packing, shipping, Customs clearance, and even pet relocation.   

Household Shipping to Japan from the USA

When moving to Japan from the USA, it’s important to know that the US homes are larger than the standard Japanese homes. This means that your American furniture might not fit into your apartment in Japan. Yet if you feel too sentimental over your cozy coffee table, bookshelf, or other items, it’s time to start planning to move them.

One of the critical aspects of successful shipping is packing. Our SDC International Shipping crew employs the expertise in packing and wrapping household belongings. We offer various packing options covering furniture and other goods. For example, you can opt for a part-pack, which assumes packing only breakable and fragile items. In addition, we offer special packing that involves unique packing skills and experience for safe and secure shipment for large, heavy, or fragile items, like piano or paintings. And, of course, a full-pack service which is a staple for overseas shipments. This packing option entails packing all your household items, including unfolding furniture. Clothes and bed sheets are typically packed in specialized cartons based on your needs.

SDC International Shipping has experience packing and shipping unique household effects. So you can be sure that we can handle high-profile, fragile, and delicate items with the consideration they deserve.



Vehicle Shipping to Japan from the USA

Shipping your car to a new home country can add a few more colors to the overall experience of moving to Japan from the USA.

The SDC International Shipping will take care of the export and import process for your vehicle to Japan. Precisely, we’ll pick up and transport your car to the port. Once it is on the vessel, you will get the Bill of Lading and an ETA upon the arrival of your car in Japan. After the vehicle arrives in Japan, you can start the customs clearance. After the import process is done, the car is transported to the port warehouse. Then, you can either get it delivered to your door or pick it up yourself from the port.

How Much Does It to Ship a C to Japan?

The cost of shipping a car to Japan depends on many factors, such as the year when the vehicle was manufactured, the vehicle’s make, taxes, the method of shipment, and much more.

Typically, you are likely to pay from $2000 to $4000, given all these variables.

We provide secure vehicle shipping for all types of auto. This includes anything from luxury to middle-class vehicles.

Shipping to Japan with a Shared or Full Load Container

When it comes to shipping to Japan from the USA, you can opt for a shared or LCL. Another very popular method is FCL.

How to decide between LCL  (Less-Than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container)? You basically have to look at the goods’ total amount. With the size from 2m3 to 13m3, we advise choosing LCL. However, if the volume of your goods is over 14m3, you better settle upon with FCL.

Next thing is to decide on the following: Air freighting or ocean freighting. Again, you need to start with the weight of you cargo. Typically, air shipping suits cargos that are smaller than 100 kg. Other than that, it’s better to send goods with ocean freight.

Air freight is more expansive yet if you can afford it, you have peace of mind about the arrival date of your container and the security, especially, for high-value cargo. 

Customs and Clearance

As a rule, it takes between three and five business days to clear your shipment through customs for air freight and one to three weeks for ocean freight. It may take longer if Customs decide to carry out a random inspection.

For the export customs clearing customs in Japan, you must provide the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport
  • Flight confirmation
  • Packing list
  • Invoice
  • Power of attorney

Additional documents might be necessary depending on where you are shipping your household goods. As for papers regarding the import customs process, we’ll provide you with information specific to the country you are moving to.

Information You Want To Know Before Moving to Japan from the USA

You need to know the following things before moving or shipping to Japan.

  • Apartments in big cities of Japan are around 950 square feet.
  • The Japanese electrical system is similar to the US. Therefore, most of your American appliances will work in Japan.
  • Most Japanese plugs are two-pronged, so your three-pronged plugs won’t work. But you can get an adapter for your devices.
  • The rabies vaccines in Japan are different. Your veterinarian needs to get a blood test to prove your pet is rabies-free at least six months before you arrive.
  • The Japanese love bicycling, so send a bike in your container.
  • Japanese have smaller feet. Men’s shoes are available up to US size 10 and women’s sizes up to US 8. If you wear a bigger size, make sure to bring spare shoes or socks. This also applies to your skiing boots.
  • You need a parking space to register a vehicle.
  • You can left-hand drive in Japan.

How to Move to Japan Checklist

The below checklist will help you prep for moving to Japan from the USA.

  • Non-Japanese residents must obtain a residence visa. Contact the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs site for more information.
  • Renew your American passports before leaving the United States for all family members. If allowed in your state, renew your driver’s license early.
  • Bring with you a police background check.
  • Japan has a semi-private health care system known as SHIS (Statutory Health Insurance System) to cover citizens and legal residents. While most doctors speak some English, do not expect everyone to understand you.
  • It is highly recommended to get vaccinated against MMR and  Japanese Encephalitis before going to Japan.
  • Make copies of your diplomas, certificates, and other educational credentials. Also, don’t forget about copies of all birth certificates, marriage certificates, if applicable, divorce certificates.
  • If you are traveling with your pet like a dog or cat, they may need to go through quarantine in Japan.
  • Bring prescription drugs with you. Also, check the doses of over-the-counter medications like pain killers in Japan, as these might vary from what you are used to in the US.

Shipping to Japan with SDC International Shipping

Our logistics company will serve you in the best way possible. Free yourself from worrying at packaging and assign the job to our agents. They will assist you in:

  • Packing and labeling
  • Customs clearance
  • Necessary documentation
  • Extra services

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