Moving to South Africa from the USA

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Your move of a thousand miles begins with SDC International Shipping.

If you are moving to South Africa from the USA, getting your household goods to your new home is likely on your priority list. Helpfully, SDC International Shipping is an experienced mover in shipping furniture, vehicles, and personal belongings anywhere in the world. We have human and technical resources to make your move unconstrained. 

Handling the Entire Move for You

Handling the entire move for you means that we will take care of everything to free you from a lot of worries, whether you are sending household items, a vehicle, piano, or artwork. Also, we can help you with packing, customs, and filling out your inventories. 

You are welcome to get in touch with us to learn about our services. We’ll give you a clear idea about fixed quotes and costs. Meanwhile, keep reading this guide, and when ready, call us to ask any questions. 

Household Move to South Africa 

We offer three types of services depending on your budget. You can book door-to-port, port-to-door, or door-to-door solutions. The latter option is the most comprehensive. So, whether your new home in South Africa is an apartment, condo, or single-family home, the shipment will be delivered straight to your residence curbside or on the doorsteps. 

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Don’t Overlook Packing 

Most breakages during shipping happen because of poor packing and handling. You can try packing your things yourself, but if you don’t have any experience, and most importantly, time, it’s better to avoid slopwork. 

We are experts in packing. We ship boxes, pallets, and containers internationally and easily arrange your belongings’ smooth packing and shipping. 

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Vehicle Shipping to South Africa

Do you need to ship your car to South Africa? Although possible, it is pretty tricky because of the country’s strict import regulations. But the good news is that you can ship a boat if you have one. In fact, you should bring your recreational boat since South Africa boasts endless shores. So if you lived abroad for five years and owned the boat for at least one year, then it qualifies for import.  

We deliver safe and convenient vehicle shipping. No matter why you need to ship your car, SDC can help.  

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Need To Get Your Things ASAP?

When time is a primary determinator in your move, then air freight is what you need. We provide tailored solutions that suit your shipment needs. And since air freight is the most expensive mode of transportation, we are committed to arranging secure delivery while still remaining affordable. 

Have A Little More Time?

Although the slowest form of transportation, sea freight will save you money. Plus, sending your stuff on the water is also pretty safe. Professional packing will protect your items from damage, and insurance coverage will compensate you for loss and unforeseen damage. 

Our freight services include: 

  • Air import and export
  • Sea import and export
  • Less than Container Load (LCL)
  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Storage
  • Other client-focused services 

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International Transit Insurance 

Even if there’s a slight chance that your personal effects will be lost or damaged, we still recommend getting international moving insurance while your items are being transported and stored. Talk to our logistics agents to find out more about different coverage options. 

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Keep Calm by Letting Us Move Your High-Value Possessions

Best-In-Class Artwork Shipping 

We can ship your paintings, drawings, photography, pottery and ceramics, antiques, and much more. But why trust us with your fragile and precious items? We have experience, expertise, and commitment to go beyond to make sure that delivery brings you a great deal of joy. 

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Stress-Free Piano Shipping

Piano Shipping with SDC International movers is seamless because we are professionals. Like a professional musician who slides over the keys, producing beautiful sounds, we do our job with ease because we have mastered the skill of shipping luxurious items. 

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Customs Clearance 

If you are worried about taxes for your household items, we can understand that. No one wants to end up in a situation where they need to pay huge taxes on some of the stuff. But with SDC, you will know exactly which items are taxable and how to avoid paying taxes at all.  

Popular Destinations to Live in South Africa

Moving to South Africa from the USA for economic or other reasons surely will be a life-changing experience. The country boasts sandy beaches, warm weather, forests, mountains, and expanding metropolitan life. 

Most expats in South Africa prefer to live and work in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and the Pretoria/Jo’Burg metro area.    

Our import services extend to main ports in South Africa, Cape Town, and Durban.

10 Years Building Our Reputation

“The guys from SDC were efficient and amazing. I was very stressing about our move, but when they came and I saw them in action, the worry went away. They took really good care of everything, and no damages occurred. I’d recommend them to anyone.”  

“Such great coordinated work. We had to move to Australia, and the guys did an excellent job moving my bulky furniture through narrow stairs. You guys worked your asses off all day! I cannot thank you enough!”

What’s Special About Our Services

  • Competitive Prices 

Every client gets a custom shipping quote. 

  • Exceptional Service

We strive to give the best customer experience. 

  • Shipping Expertise 

We possess 10 years of experience in shipping. 

  • Ethical Business Conduct

Ethical business conduct means we put customers first.

Moving to South Africa from the USA

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