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Best Paying Jobs in Basic Industries

Are you considering relocation to Europe from the USA and looking for the best paying job? As international household movers, we are not surprised! There has been a tendency for American citizens to move to European countries, and we have witnessed that in our business too. 

According to Bloomberg, Americans are fleeing to Europe more than in previous years. So you are not alone. 

One reason for the influx of Americans to Europe is the expensive housing market in the US. The National Association of Realtors reported that the average sale price for a home went up to $146,000 in June 2022. Plus, there’re lots of visa options for those working remotely.  

Interestingly, the most popular countries to move to are Greece, France, Italy, and Portugal. France, for example, has a Passport Talent visa scheme. The UK has a similar incentive for attracting foreign talent. But aside from these talent-driven programs, you should look for the best paying jobs in basic industries. 

Since the need for workers in those sectors has been on the rise, you can have peace of mind that you have plenty of promising career opportunities. 

Best Paying Jobs in Portugal 

Lisbon has gained the fame of a start-up hub. So if you hold a degree in Computer Science, there are many jobs in the IT business for web developers, data analytics specialists, data scientists, software engineers, cloud trainees, and more. The average salary in the IT sector in Portugal is around 2,760 EUR.

Speaking of primary industries, Portugal is among the largest European producers of copper and minerals. So, you can pursue career as a mining engineer (2,380 per month), construction manager (4,190 EUR), geo technician (2,540 EUR), geologist (4,530 EUR), mine manager (2,380 EUR) and metallurgist (4,160 EUR). 

Best Paying Jobs in Basic Industries – France

The top three primary industries in France are manufacturing and technology. Manufacturing generates billions of dollars in the country’s GDP. Particularly, automobile production is the largest, placing France fourth on the world’s list. Everybody knows Peugeot and Renault. The aerospace sector prevailing by Airbus is also pretty prominent. 

Technology is another source feeding the country’s economy. At Sophia Antipolis, you will find the best multinational and international technology companies.  

Such an environment creates many jobs for English-speaking foreign workers in France. We’ll list some of them right here: 

  • Sustainability Project Manager (70,000 EUR)
  • Supply Chain Scientist (60,800 EUR)
  • Senior Fabrication Engineer (63,000 EUR)
  • Supervisor Installation H/F (54,000 EUR)
  • Aeronautical Designer (63,500 EUR)
  • Process Engineer (48,518 EUR)
  • Security Engineer (47,000 EUR-70,000 EUR)
  • Maintenance Manager (46,503 EUR/year) 
  • Customer and Business Analyst (45,000 EUR)
  • Aerospace Project Engineer (44,600 EUR) 
  • Mechanical Assembly Technician (44,000 EUR-67,000 EUR)
  • R&D Technician (42,000 EUR) 

Primary Industry Jobs in Italy

Italy offers a wonderful life for expats who have expertise in working in its primary industries such as machinery, motor vehicles, chemicals, and electronics. And a good-paying job is a gateway to enjoying life by exploring incredible food, wine, and gorgeous countryside. 

If you are considering moving to Italy, check out the following occupations. 

  • Synthetic Chemist (7,000 EUR)
  • Aerodynamics Engineer (5,000 EUR)
  • Forensic Scientist (5,000 EUR)
  • Electromagnetics Engineer (4,770 EUR)
  • Electronic Test Engineer (4,500 EUR)
  • Supply Planner Specialist (3,640 EUR)
  • Drilling Engineer (3,400EUR/month)
  • Materials Associate/Engineer (3,380 EUR)
  • Automotive Technical Writer (3,300 EUR)
  • Automotive Application Engineer (3,000 EUR)
  • Automotive Simulation Expert (2,700 EUR)
  • Horticulturist (2,000 EUR)
  • Electrician (2,000 EUR)
  • Pipe Fitter (1,500 EUR)

Best Paying Jobs for Americans in the UK

Your motivation matters the most when looking for a job in basic industries. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that financial profits are secondary. You don’t want to spend years and efforts in education just to end up with a job that only covers your bills. 

Career opportunities in the UK are abundant, and the wages are high enough to meet your financial goals. If you are wondering which one might be particularly lucrative for you, below are the best paying jobs in basic industries in the UK based on annual salary. 

  • Foundry Engineering Manager (65,000 GBP)
  • HGV Technician (60,000 GB)
  • Lead Maintenance Engineer (50,000 GBP)
  • Product Development Engineer (45,000 GBP)
  • Arborist (45,000 GBP)
  • AV Service Engineer (43,000 GBP)
  • Aircraft Engineer (40,000 GBP)
  • Automotive Engineer (40,000 GBP)
  • Multi-skilled Engineer (41,000 GBP)
  • Electronics Design Engineer (38,550 GBP)
  • Manufacturing Engineer (36,400 GBP)
  • Electrical Service Engineer (34,500 GBP)
  • Agricultural Engineer (34,000 GBP)
  •  Wind Turbine Technician (34,000 GBP)
  • Mechanical Shift Technician (34,000 GBP)
  • Defense Field Service Engineer (33,000 GBP)
  • Service Engineer (32,000 GBP)
  • E&I Technician (30,000 GBP)
  • Grounds Maintenance Operative (30,000 GBP)
  • Horticultural Technologist (27,00 GBP)
  • Malt Plant Operator (26,630 GBP)
  • Dairy Manager (25,000 GBP)

Best Paying Jobs for English Speakers in Greece 

You have very good prospects in terms of jobs in Greece if you hold a degree in the marine. Merchant shipping comes second after tourism. This is one exciting sector that offers adventure and great remuneration. 

Here are unique marine careers and jobs with average salaries per year. 

  • Marine Engineer (42,000 EUR) 
  • Naval Architect (44,300 EUR)
  • Bosun (40,000 EUR)
  • Shipbuilding Engineer (42,000 EUR) 
  • Cruise Ship Designer (35,000 EUR)
  • Shipwright (15,000 EUR)
  • Marine Environmental Manager (36,000 EUR)
  • Barge Engineer (37,000 EUR)
  • Cargo Engineer (43,000 EUR)
  • Gas Engineer (42,000 EUR) 
  • Ship Superintendent (36,200 EUR)
  • Marine Biologist (34,300 EUR)
  • Ocean Engineer (37,000 EUR)
  • Boat Mechanic (20,000 EUR)

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Best Paying Jobs in Basic Industries – Moving Abroad

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