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Jobs in Dubai For Americans

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Jobs in Dubai For Americans

In less than 50 years, Dubai has become a cosmopolitan city regarded as the Hong Kong of the Middle East. But the American and Western world discovered the wealth of Dubai only a decade ago. And today, thousands of foreign companies are present in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, with expats working in different industries.

This has created diversity that surpasses the cultural blend of New York City. In fact, over 90 percent of its population is foreign-born. Many Arab-owned companies and educational institutions love hiring Americans for their matured industry experience, high-quality qualifications, strong management skills, and, of course, the English language. So there are plenty of jobs in Dubai for Americans in various fields and categories, so you only have to want it. 

SDC International Shipping tasked itself with finding out about the latest in-demand industries and career opportunities for US citizens in Dubai. Let’s see what we’ve come up with. We have covered only the top five eye-catching industries.   

Popular Jobs in Dubai for Americans 

The choice is really great, and you only have to visit or to see plenty of job openings intended for Americans or citizens from English-speaking countries. Based on our analysis of the leading recruiting sites, we have revealed a few sectors that stand out.


Number one on our list is the educational sector. For example, as of February 28, 2022, out of 15 jobs on the first page of, 8 vacancies were related to teaching. One of the Elementary School Classroom Teacher positions stated a salary of 13,000 AED per month, equivalent to $3,530 US. Consequently, one would expect a higher-paying salary for jobs such as Academic Adviser, Assistant Dean, Asst. Professor, Principal, etc.


While scrolling down through the list of jobs on, we couldn’t help but notice many jobs for Americans who hold educational credentials in healthcare. A Registered Staff Nurse could be eligible for up to 12,000 AED ($3,267). The highest-paid roles are: 

  • Plastic Surgeon 
  • Orthopedic Surgeon 
  • Dietitian 
  • GP Doctor 
  • Pharmacist 


As the construction sector in the United Arab Emirates is surging, engineering professionals are becoming more and more vital. As a result, many attractive engineering jobs are available for Americans in Dubai. From mechanical to chemical to project engineers, these specialists are in great demand. According to ERI, the median salary for a Mechanical Engineer in Dubai is 290,653 AED per year. 

Information Technology

Dubai has been investing millions into IT advancement, so it’s no wonder the city has transformed into a thriving community of start-up incubators. Even more, foreign direct investment is constantly flowing into the AI innovation and robotic sectors. 

Specialists like data architects, big data engineers, DevOps engineers, IT support specialists, software developers, information systems security managers, database managers, data security analysts, network engineers, and software engineers are sought-after by many foreign and domestic companies. For example, the average salary of a data analyst for an American worker per month can range from 8,000 AED to 13,000 AED, which is almost up to $4,000. As a software developer, your monthly wage will be nearly within the same figures. 


Many Americans work in the sales industry in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Although the overall average salary for a Sales Manager isn’t high, 55,000 AED per year, according to Glassdoor, there are plenty of sales jobs that will earn you well over double that. According to Gulf Talent, a median monthly salary is 14,000 AED ($3,811), and the highest can reach 45,000 ($12,251) AED. 

Jobs in Dubai for American Women  

Although women can work in Dubai, the UAE still remains a strict patriarchate society where men rule. It means that local women willing to work have to present permission from their husbands. Despite this, it is possible to find a rewarding job, especially if you are from the US. 

One of our customers we helped move to Dubai works as a dietician, and she makes 42,000 AED per month. This is 11,435 American dollars! 

If you are a seasoned yoga instructor, you can make up to 19,000 AED per month. Skincare specialists, child development specialists, curriculum developers, special education teachers can earn 17,000 AED to 25,000 AED a month. 

How to Find a Job in Dubai?

If you want to find a job in Dubai, you can take advantage of many online resources. Some popular and trusted online sites are Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, Gulf Talent, and LinkedIn.  

If you speak Arabic, you can check job openings in local newspapers or contact the HR department of the organization where you would like to work. Also, look for virtual job affairs to find out more about employment opportunities. 

Finally, you have to keep in mind that many jobs are still hidden despite abundant sources. It means that you won’t be able to find some of them in the advertisement. So you will have to make people know about yourself, that is, attend job fairs, contact employers, meet new people. As a US citizen, you don’t need any visa pre-arrangements. The Dubai border officers issue tourist visas to Americans at the port of arrival. It is valid for six months. So you have enough time to stay in Dubai to expand your network for a new career. 

What Else to Know About Jobs in Dubai for Americans

Some of the base salaries on Glassdoor or Indeed might not impress you. However, you should keep in mind that companies that hire US nationals usually pay other allowances. These are, for instance, family visas and education fees for children. Companies often cover transportation expenses and provide time-off benefits to their employees. 

In your job search, we recommend you do homework about the salaries other companies are paying to US citizens in similar positions. During the interview, as you discuss salary, do not agree with the wage that is lower than in your home state because the cost of living in Dubai is not the cheapest. 

Moving to Dubai from the USA?

If you are moving to Dubai from the USA and looking for an international mover, SDC International Shipping can help. We can move household goods and vehicles to any location in the UAE. We’ll cover anything for you, from logistics to customs documentation. 

You can find out about the shipping cost to Dubai by filling out an online quote form.  

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