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Jobs for Americans in Europe

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Jobs for Americans in Europe

For most people, relocating to a new location seems exciting because of the new culture, lifestyle, food, and other new things they may get to experience. While in the new location, finding a job is paramount, especially when moving from America to Europe. SDC has carried out extensive research and has put together a list of jobs you may easily get when you move from America to Europe. 

Before applying for a job in Europe as an American, you should tailor your CV to suit the European style. In Europe, your resume is referred to as Curriculum Vitae. There are several CV templates you can choose from when preparing your European-themed CV. Once you have that handy, the next thing is to apply for a job. 

  • English Teacher

There are several languages in Europe. However, speaking English is a valued skill in the continent. As an American in Europe, you can get a job as an English language teacher. English language skills are highly demanded, and most Europeans seek ways to improve their level of spoken English especially. 

You can get English language tutor jobs by volunteering at an NGO or a TEFL academy. You can also teach the English language in other formal institutions if you have a TEFL certificate or teaching qualifications. 

  • Healthcare Professionals

People with medical skills are highly sought after globally. Many countries have an aging population which means that the demand for health care providers will be high. Whether you are a trained nurse or a fully qualified medical doctor, your resume needs to emphasize your cross-cultural experiences and language skills that can help you carry out your job effectively. 

  • Customer Service Assistant

Although several different languages are spoken in Europe, English-speaking customer service assistants are in high demand. Therefore, most people who can speak English fluently have an edge when applying for customer service assistant positions in Europe. However, it would be best to emphasize how much you understand American cultural habits because most European call centers deal with the United States market. Therefore, they may be seeking individuals who are familiar with the culture.

  • IT Technician

One of the popular jobs for Americans in Europe is the role of an IT technician. Europe boasts of having some of its largest software manufacturing and IT servicing firms. Most of the codes used in computer languages are written in English-based commands. And a majority of these codes have their origin from the United States software market. 

Currently, there is a shortfall in the number of qualified and skilled IT technicians in the European continent while the need for these services soars every year. As a result, Americans with relevant skills and experience in this sector have an edge to clinch the available tech jobs in Europe.

  • Au Pair

Although this may not be a standard job, most European parents would love to have their children brought up to understand more than one international language. Moreover, since multinational companies widely use English, most parents wouldn’t mind having their kids grow up with someone who can speak it fluently. 

If you want a career in childcare, you can start with au pair jobs. It also allows you to understand and experience other cultures. Getting an AU pair job in Europe may also help you develop other soft skills like management, responsibility, and leadership. 

Why Is Europe A Great Place For Americans To Work?

If you have been to Europe as a tourist, you may have noticed how diverse their culture and people are. Each country is unique in its language, way of life, dressing, food, and more. Working in Europe and living among them helps you understand and experience a new culture, meet with different personalities, experience the beauty of historical landscapes, and share in the continent’s rich history. 

Working abroad also gives you a big career boost since the business world is becoming more global, having an international experience may offer you better career prospects in America. In addition, many multinational companies want multicultural advantages and experience working with different races and regions. With this understanding of the plethora of job opportunities for Americans in Europe, you can start to get the necessary certifications and tailor your resume to suit the European market. It is a whole new adventure that you can enjoy with your family. 

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