Moving to Portugal from The USA

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You made a decision to move on? We are with you!

Portugal is a popular destination for Americans. Some come as foreign workers; others make a significant investment in real estate and come on a renowned Portuguese Golden Visa. More US citizens choose the county to retire because it is one of the cheapest European capitals in the world with a high quality of life.

If you are moving to Portugal from the USA, you have your reasons for the big move, and we want to be part of it. SDC International Shipping can help you plan and complete your move.

Below you will find our essential information on relocating to Portugal.

Moving Your Household Belongings

Deciding which items to take and which to leave behind might be challenging. Meanwhile, we want to tell you that you can send almost anything to Portugal. This includes furniture, books, clothes, gardening tools, kitchen items, and more. International shipping is possible via ocean freight and sea freight.

SDC is an expert in international household moving, and we have even moved customers as far as Terceira. Once you know exactly what you need to move, we’ll do our best to protect your stuff. Until now, here’s what you need to know about household goods shipping:

  • You must be present in Portugal to receive your shipment;
  • Household items must arrive within 90 days of your arrival;
  • For more than one shipment, you will need a special permit;
  • To import more than one shipment, a detailed inventory must be submitted for each with first shipment;
  • If a shipment comes from more than one place, a separate inventory must be presented for each;
  • Shipments can’t be cleared from different Customs ports.

Cost of Moving to Portugal from the USA

The cost of moving to Portugal from the USA is not the same for every situation. There are many variables in play. These are the shipping method, distance from the shipping origin to destination, type of shipment, etc.

You can contact us directly via phone or fill out a free online quote to know the shipping estimate. You will get an email with an approximate price within 24 hours. 

Moving Your Car or Motorcycle

To move your car or motorcycle to Portugal, we use two shipping options – a 20ft container and the RoRo method. The latter is less expensive, and the delivery is usually faster too.

Vehicle transport in a solo container is the safest and most convenient way, especially if you need to include other household items. Check out the following information for importing your car to Portugal:

  • The auto must be in your possession for at least six months prior to import;
  • The percentage of duties and taxes depends on the car’s type, make, model, and engine size.
  • To import a vehicle, you will need:
  • Registration documentation
  • Title
  • International driver’s license
  • Proof of insurance
  • Purchase invoice
  • Passport and valid visa

Cost of Shipping a Vehicle to Portugal

Most vehicle shipments to Portugal range from $3,000 to $4,500. If we send your car from the east coast, it will cost less than transporting it from the west coast. The price difference is due to distance. The factors like the season, shipping method, and the type of vehicle will also affect the overall cost.

You can estimate the car shipping cost for free by filling out our online quote form. 

SDC Pickup Locations in the USA

After you hire SDC International to take care of your move to Portugal, we will send a crew to pick up your stuff and transport them to our nearest storage facility. If you book a packing service, our professional packers will make sure every item is packed and ready to go. Or, you can pack things yourself and save the ground transport cost by delivering your shipment to one of the warehouses in:

  • California
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Georgia
  • Florida

Other Services for Moving to Portugal from the USA

We also specialize in shipping pianos and artwork pieces. As your guide through the maze of the shipping network, we create a positive moving experience shipping high-value objects, providing complete transit insurance, and helping with import paperwork.

Popular Destinations for Americans in Portugal

The best places to live and work in Portugal for American expats are Lisbon, Braga, Madeira, Ponta Delgada, Aveira, Coimbra, and Portimao.

Most shipments we send via sea freight arrive in one of the main ports: Leixoes, Lisbon, Porto, and Sines.

Clients that wish to send their household items or vehicles via air freight, their belongings will arrive in one of the three airports in Portugal, the one that is the closest to their new home: Lisbon, Faro, or Porto. 

Moving to Portugal from the USA with SDC

We always keep in mind why we do what we do.

We used this removal company twice and every time we were satisfied. They moved our three-bedroom apartment in less than 5 hours. Our items arrived in 5 weeks, and the unpacking team did an amazing job putting things where we wanted them to be. We fully recommend that you use this company.” – Billy F.

SDC International Shipping moved us out of New York to Lisbon. We really appreciate the advice on paperwork for importing our things. We were a bit clingy with asking too many questions, and they were always ready to respond. A crew that came to pack and pick up things was efficient and courteous. Nothing was damaged. Thank you, SDC!.” – Kristina A.

Moving to Portugal from The USA

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