Jobs in Australia for Americans

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Jobs in Australia for Americans

If you consider working abroad, you will want to do it right. And where on the globe could there be a more suitable place than another English-speaking country like Australia? Breathtaking sights and landscapes, multicultural cities, and delicious food will be your everyday reassurance that you made the right choice in exploring American jobs in Australia. 

After getting a work visa, Australia makes finding jobs easy, though the priority is always Australians. There are around 300,000 Americans residing in the country and many job openings you can explore online. As of May 23, 2022, Indeed.com has 5,361 jobs for US citizens, so those moving to Australia from the USA will be exposed to various career opportunities where they can earn good money. 

In this article, SDC International Shipping will try to cover some of the important points concerning jobs in Australia for Americans. 

How Hard It Is to Get A Job in Australia as an American

We have just mentioned that as long as you have the proper work visa, landing a job in Australia as an American or expat shouldn’t be a problem. However, getting a visa can be complicated. The most popular way is through the Working Holiday Visa pathway, intended for young US citizens aged 18 to 30. Other than that, to legally work in Australia, you need to prove that you have a specialized skill in the workforce that can’t be replaced easily by locals. 

Once you obtain a visa, there are plenty of online resources to start out. Check out the following websites: 

In a nutshell, there are tons of online resources out there that focus on particular industries.  

Why Australians Hire Americans

Why would Australians hire Americans? After all, it is an English-speaking country, and the competition should be stiff to beat. Then, it would be logical to assume that as a US citizen, you have more chances to secure a high-paying job in a non-Anglophone country where Americans are seemingly more privileged. 

While there’s a kernel of truth in this, another reality is that Australia is on the hunt for American employees. And it is not only because of the workforce shortage in the Australian labor market due to the pandemic. Undoubtedly, given this situation, Australia benefits by getting expats and refugees into the workforce. In fact, their participation means billions of dollars to the Australian economy. But the problem is that most of them are low-skilled employees. And Australia needs more educated and skilled workers who can contribute to developing particular sectors, and US citizens seem to meet this demand. 

Jobs in Sidney, Australia for Americans

We assure you that job prospects for Americans in Australia are good, especially in Sidney, Australia’s largest city and economic capital. Besides, Sydney’s Aussies are very friendly and welcoming. If you are going to work for a big multinational company, it is likely to be headquartered in Sidney. You will enjoy a mild climate and decent salaries. The only disadvantage is high rent prices and frequent traffic jams during peak hours. 

Americans Jobs in Melbourne, Australia 

There are lots of finance and tech jobs for Americans in Melbourne. It is the second major city with less congested traffic and a lower cost of living than Sidney. Some even believe that it is the best and easiest city to be an American expat to find a job in Australia and explore amazing culture and architecture. 

US Government Jobs in Australia for Americans

Do you know that the US government announces many job positions? If you are lucky to get one, they can help you sort out your Australian visa. The US government is constantly looking for US citizens to work for it, so if you are an American, there’s less rivalry in the country than the non-government positions.

All you need to do is apply for jobs in Australia via the US government. Go to USAjobs.gov to find available positions. 

Top Jobs for Americans in Australia

Registered Nurse is the top job to apply for in Australia, according to Occupation Ceilings 2021. This role pays an annual $77,000 on average. 

The data released by the Occupation Ceilings for the Skilled Migration Shortage List showed that the role came top in that year’s rankings. 

The role of a teacher came second in the list, also offering the highest average pay ($52,000). 

Software and Applications Programmer was found by the Occupation Ceilings to be the third-best job for Americans in Australia and other nationalities with a valid work visa. It is the highest paying role in the Australian job market. Foreign professionals can earn up to $105,000 a year.

Middle-skilled jobs in construction and trade, such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and joiners, dominated the Occupation Ceilings’ top 10.

University lecturers and tutors came in tenth place in terms of the volume of invitations. 

Here is a full rundown of the top jobs in Australia for Americans. 

  • Registered nurses
  • School teachers 
  • Software and App Programmers
  • Residential and commercial electricians 
  • Managers in construction 
  • Carpenters and joiners
  • Metal fitters and machinists 
  • All-level plumbers
  • Auto mechanics 
  • University staff positions  

If you are looking for American jobs in Australia, you will be able to choose from many options. From nursing to tech to trade occupations to software programming and IT, you are unlikely to experience a lack across roles that pay attractive earnings. As an American, you’ll discover that you can quickly adjust to Australia’s new and exciting lifestyle and succeed in professional growth.

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Jobs in Australia for Americans

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