Moving to France from the USA

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Moving to France from the USA

Moving to France from the USA has become very popular these days. In general, Americans are attracted to Europe for a set of reasons. Bloomberg recently reported that more US citizens consider living in Europe because of more affordable house prices and cost of living.  

So whether you are moving permanently to France or got an assignment for a couple of years, you can rely on SDC International Shipping services to move your household goods to any part of this beautiful country. 

On this page, you will find useful resources for moving to France from the USA.  

Shipping Furniture and Household Goods 

You can ship furniture and household goods to France by sea or air. Depending on the size of your move, we’ll ship your items in a shared or single container. Packing services are also available unless you want to wrap and pack your things yourself. 

We also offer storage to all customers shipping household goods, so we can send your items to coincide with your arrival in France. Finally, we can arrange international moving insurance for your peace of mind. 

Piano and Fine Art Moving Services

Piano and artwork pieces are one of the most challenging items to move. If you need to ship a delicate music instrument or an oil painting along with your household goods, our team has the knowledge, skills, and equipment to accomplish the task. 

At SDC International Shipping, we offer international transportation of all possible artwork objects, like sculptures, artificial flowers and plants, collages, and more. We will not only deliver your precious belongings to your destination safely but also go beyond to give you the best moving experience. 

Pet Relocation

When moving abroad, taking your furry friend with you is a realistic option. Make sure to speak with one of our logistics agents about this. There are specific criteria and requirements to import your pet to France. 

Here’s where our pet relocation services come forward. We can arrange travel of your pet to any city in France, including ensuring all forms, health certificates, and vaccination records are submitted before boarding. 

Vehicle Relocation 

Is leaving your car behind out of your question? Then move your car with household items. SDC international movers can arrange shipments in a 20ft container, which can also fit your motorcycle. Or, you can opt for a 40ft container if you need to send a standard size of a car together with your personal belongings. 

We’ll help you with paperwork and inform you of the required modifications for your auto to be in line with European standards. 

International Transit Time to France from the USA

The shipping time to France from the USA is determined by the departure location, final destination, and your chosen services. 

Besides, customs clearance processes will also affect the estimated time of arrival (ETA). Usually, it takes around 4-5 weeks to send your items from the west coast and up to 15 days from the east coast, given that everything goes smoothly. 

Our international household movers will find the best shipping route to ensure you get your household goods safely and as soon as possible. 

What Is the Moving Cost to France?

The moving cost to France from the USA varies. Some factors, such as origin, destination, and shipping container method you chose, will affect the price. For instance, shipping items from NY has a different quote than shipping to France from Los Angeles. 

We’ll go with you over your shipping needs to create a custom quote specific to your situation. 

Top Moving Cities in France

Every country has cities with the most and least expat population. When it comes to France, major destinations are Bordeaux, Nice, Le Havre, Lyon, Paris, and Toulouse. However, we can move to any location in France, like a small town or a remote countryside.  

If you book door-to-door services, we’ll be able to get your household goods from anywhere in the USA to your doorsteps. 

Moving to Europe from the USA

Are you moving to Europe from the USA but haven’t made up your mind about the country yet? You can see how life compares in France vs. Germany. Or, check out the article about the cultural differences between the US and France.  

Other helpful resources: 

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Moving to France from the USA

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